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Mile High Club

Mile High Club



lots of triangles

lots of triangles


The Art gifs of namae3 aka Yesterday

Eye-Opening Satellite Photos

One of the many phenomena astronauts experience is the Overview Effect, which is a term for the major change in their perspective that occurs after …

Put A Camera On Your Eyeball

Google filed a patent for a camera-containing contact lens.<p>What's cooler than Google Glass? Almost anything, really, but something that is both cooler and smaller and still eyeball-centric is a patent for a camera-containing contact lens, filed by Google in late 2012. The patent was published March …

Why Google Glass Will Make School Easier For Deaf Kids

Meet the researchers developing apps for planetariums, classrooms and more.<p>About seven years ago, a summer camp for deaf kids visited the planetarium at Brigham Young University in Utah. An American Sign Language interpreter sat on the floor with the kids to translate the show’s narration. The kids …

Brother Panic: Drops His 2014 Occult Book List (Part 3)

Brother Panic: Drops His 2014 Occult Book List (Part 2)

Brother Panic: Drops His 2014 Occult Book List (Part 1)

U.S. budget deficit narrows in May

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The U.S. budget deficit shrank in May, the Treasury Department reported Wednesday, and remains on track for a sharp …


This Algae Battery Could Power A Tesla With 200X The Charge

In a small lab, near a lake at the edge of West Berkeley, sits the prototype of what could revolutionize battery power as we know it. The secret to this power? Algae.<p>OK, just hang with me here. Lots of research has already been done on algae’s possible power capabilities. Prototype creator Adam …