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Elodea leaf through a microscope

Photosynthesis simulation: CO2 levels, light intensity, water flow

Light dependent reactions and Calvin Cycle

Benedict’s Solution in hot water bath

This image falls into Macrocolecules.

Chapter 5-1 Notes

This image falls into Scientific Thinking. The Cell Microscope Lab was the first lab that made me think. In middle school, I felt that the labs were pretty boring and that I was just copying things down. This lab made me use my knowledge of cell parts and organelles to observe actual real-life cells and see where they were located. I’ve improved on my scientific thinking and the way I process information from labs now is way different, but better, in terms of learning.

Chapter 7 Study Guide

This image falls into Technology Skills. The projects from bio class like my Canva Cell Analogy helped me learn the different ways I can share and create work online. I have improved on findings ways around technical problems, and I have expanded the number of websites/tools I can use for future projects. The interesting, yet frustrating, websites got me more tech-savvy.

Reflection Collection Intro

Title Picture

This poem is focused on Photosynthesis. Out of all that I learned this year, I feel that photosynthesis was one of the bigger topics. It really connected all my random thoughts like “Why do eat plants? How do plants make oxygen? Why are they so important?”

This image falls into Science and Laboratory Skills in my Achievement section. The Yeast Respiration Lab was one the more complicated experiments in my opinion. It got me more into using my previous knowledge of cellular respiration and pH to solve the question instead of just memorizing. I’m most proud of learning how to analyze data in lab experiments.

This image falls into Summer Reading in my Achievement section. Typically, I never get anything done during the summer, but when I read Rosalind Franklin, something sparked inside me to push through and do it. I’m proud of finishing this long, but interesting, book.

This image falls into Enzymes in my Passion section. Even though I thought the Toothpickase lab was pointless, it really helped me understand the functions of enzymes. I'm passionate about learning more about the chemical reactions inside a cell and I hope we will in the near future.

This image falls into Cell Transport in my Passion section. The diffusion lab got me passionate about learning more about how cells function. When I hypothesized that the iodine would not reach the starch, but it actually did, I was amazed of how a substance could flow through a membrane by squeezing into tiny openings at the surface.

This image falls into Cell Structure and Function in my Passion section. Something I’m interested in is the thought of how every one of us is made of tiny little workers, and that they all have their own specific job to keep us alive. The cheek cell lab I did a couple months ago caught my attention because of how surprised I was when I saw what the cells actually looked like.