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Scientists decode the bedbug's genes to help kill it

Understanding its genome could lead to better pest control.

Just the very thought of bedbugs probably makes your skin crawl, and that's made all the worse by their ability to adapt to new threats. Like it or not, that pesticide you used years ago probably doesn't work any more. What to do? Genetics …

Bed bugs

Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact arrive in the US

Just don't expect a fingerprint reader.

As promised, Sony has brought its latest and greatest smartphones to the US. Both the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact are now on sale in unlocked form through Amazon, Best Buy, B&H and other shops at respective prices of $599 and $499. Both pack a fair punch …


Google is reportedly releasing a VR headset this year

It would build VR support directly into Android, too.

There were hints that Google was interested in making virtual reality hardware, and now some of the first details of that gear seem to be trickling out. Financial Times sources claim that Google's first true VR headset is effectively a more open …


Smart cube lamp shows emoji and sets the mood

Suddenly, the smart light bulbs you bought look downright simple.

LED cube lamps have been around for a while, but they tend to either be make-it-yourself affairs or limited in what they can do. However, Spin-R might finally bring that lighting tech to your living room. It's crowdfunding Tittle …


Ben Heck's Raspberry Pi Bitscope mod

Fun with Autodesk Fusion 360.

If you need to troubleshoot or design electronic hardware, an oscilloscope is a useful bit of kit. This week Ben and Felix put together a Raspberry Pi-based Bitscope Micro Oscilloscope with a 7-inch touchscreen. Using Autodesk Fusion 360 to design a case for 3D printing …

Raspberry Pi

The After Math: The rule of three

Everything's funny until you say it a fourth time.

There's an old rule in comedy writing called the rule of three (no, not "threeves") which dictates that things in sets of three "are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective." What is true for comedy, turns out, is also true for …


Inhabitat's Week in Green: VW's microbus concept, and more!

Hyperloop actually makes the list twice.

Volkswagen is still reeling from the Dieselgate emissions scandal, but it's trying to turn over a new leaf. So far the automaker has announced plans to launch 20 electric vehicles by the year 2020, and this week we learned that the BUDD-e electric microbus …


The new 'Ghostbusters' is getting its own LEGO set

It's heaven for budding spirit catchers.

The Ghostbusters reboot might be a geek's dream in more ways than one. LEGO has offered a peek at a new Ghostbusters set that recreates all the main characters and their gear in glorious detail, including the signature ECTO-1 car and an ECTO-2 motorbike. The …


Samsung Gear VR users can mingle on AltspaceVR

AltspaceVR is a social platform like 'Second Life.'

Samsung Gear VR users can start making friends in a virtual reality world now that AltspaceVR has released its app for the headset to the public. In fact, they can mix and mingle not only with other Gear VR users, but also with people who use the …

Second Life

Here's the view from Blue Origin's rocket as it lands

Watch the last six seconds of its landing.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin proved that its New Shepard rocket is indeed reusable by launching and landing it successfully a second time in January. While you've likely seen a footage or two of the suborbital trip, this one offers something more unique: it was …

Jeff Bezos

Hangouts gives you better call quality by skipping Google

Direct audio and video chats come to Hangouts on Android.

If you don't think Hangouts calls on your phone are passing muster, don't worry -- relief might be in sight. The latest version of Hangouts for Android is telling users that it'll boost audio and video quality on future calls by making …


Yesteryear's malware was gorgeous in its simplicity

The Internet Archive has pacified MS DOS-era viruses and put them into The Malware Museum.

The Internet Archive is apparently devoted to preserving all parts of the web's history and that even extends to malware and viruses from the MS DOS era. The good news is that you can peruse a pretty sizable …


NFL welcomes startup ideas for the future of football

Everything from watching the sport in VR to smart sensors for athletes is fair game.

Tomorrow, the biggest event in football will take place in Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California. But today, a group of technology entrepeneurs gathered in an auditorium at Stanford's Graduate School of Business …


Twitter says your timeline isn't changing (update: details)

The CEO says there's no truth to the rumors of an out-of-order feed.

Were you panicking at the thought of Twitter messing with your timeline order? Were you declaring #RIPTwitter and getting ready to move to Peach? Relax. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has piped up to say that there's no truth to the …


6 gadgets that clean the world's oceans

The weirdest is a bikini that can absorb 25 times its weight in pollutants.

By Cat DiStasio

In grade school, most children learn about the fragility of our ocean ecosystems. Despite this, the world's vast waters have become a de facto dumping ground for toxic chemicals, agricultural runoff and …


Earin's wireless earbuds are ambitious but flawed

$249 gets you lots of style and questionable substance.

For the past year and a half, Swedish startup Earin has been trying to turn a Ryan Gosling-inspired earbud concept into a proper working product. The hook: Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, these $299 earbuds are completely wireless: They sync …


Watch the Engadget staff on: Getting ready for Super Bowl 50

How Engadget plans to celebrate this year's Big Game.

Super Bowl 50 weekend is here, and who is better equipped to talk you through preparation than a squad full of Engadget editors? As the Big Game approaches, some of our staff sat down in the studio to explain what they do (or don't) know about …

Super Bowl

The HTC Vive isn't limited to perfectly square rooms

Not even a slightly trapezoidal space will spoil your VR fun.

I'm not gonna lie: I was jealous when I heard that my colleague Sean Buckley got to play 12 virtual reality games in Seattle last week. (He even moaned about it later.) I got to try "only" four on the Vive Pre at HTC's Taipei headquarters. …

Oculus Rift

Twitter needs searchable GIFs for fun and profit

Its best idea for users could also mean big money.

This week, a group of Android users noticed a new feature in the Twitter app: a GIF button that can be used to search through trending GIFs to drop into status updates. As you'd expect, the internet lost its collective mind. Twitter is the …


Recommended Reading: High-tech sports stadiums of the future

The best long-form writing on technology and more in print and on the web.

Introducing the Stadium of the Future, Where Technology is King
Patrick Sisson,

For sports fans, the experience of attending a game in person is becoming increasingly more high-tech. Levi's Stadium, home of Super Bowl 50 …

Postpartum Depression

ICYMI: VR yourself into a robot, plasma physics and more

Probably the first step into becoming a cyborg.

Today on In Case You Missed It: UC Berkeley is using VR, motion capture and spatial mapping to put a human 'into' the body of a robot with a technique called robotic teleoperation. The video looks like a complicated form of the claw game, but also …


Ohlala's 'paid dates' app debuts in New York City

It's launching just in time for the most romantic day of the year.

Valentine's Day for single folks can be a pretty touchy subject. But New Yorkers who don't have qualms about exchanging money for short-term companionship have an alternative option in Ohlala. It recently launched in Gotham and …

New York City

GoPro and Microsoft ink patent licensing deal

But the details remain confidential.

GoPro and Microsoft have forged a partnership, and it's a very secretive one. The two companies have signed a patent licensing "for certain file storage and other system technologies." That is seriously all they're willing to tell us at this point, as the rest of …


Cops nab man for crashing a drone into the Empire State building

He made his arrest easy by asking for his drone back.

A New Jersey native's drone has recently crashed into the Empire State building, and unlike the person whose machine hit Seattle's Great Wheel, he didn't get away with it. Authorities have arrested the man an NBC affiliate identified as Sean Nivin …

Empire State Building

Twitter's Facebook-style timeline could arrive next week

Buzzfeed claims Twitter will launch an algorithmically-sorted feed very soon.

Completing the process of Facebook and Twitter doing battle by copying all of each other's features, a report by Buzzfeed says that Twitter could debut its "algorithmic" feed as early as next week. Since it launched, the …


Verizon's video service sidesteps Verizon's bandwidth caps

The company once again proves how little it cares about net neutrality.

Engadget's parent company Verizon is taking a page from T-Mobile's playbook and proving that it really doesn't care about net neutrality. The latest update to its Go90 video streaming app makes it so watching the company's …


The first Ultra HD Blu-ray players are already on sale

If you have a 4K TV, $399 and live in SoCal then it may be time to upgrade.

I wasn't expecting to see Samsung's UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player on sale until the end of the month, but it's already available at a few stores. USA Today points out that Video and Audio Center in Santa Monica is kicking …


Google is exploring wireless charging for self-driving cars

IEEE Spectrum found two FCC filings about Google's foray into resonant magnetic induction.

Self-driving cars are poised to be an incredible tool of the future, but they won't be much use if they can't hold a charge. It looks like Google wants to solve this problem via resonant magnetic induction, a …


Tinder bans users for sending pro-Bernie Sanders messages

Do you feel the Bern now?

Campaigning for Bernie Sanders, and presumably any other politician, can get you banned from Tinder. According to a report from Reuters, two users of the dating app learned that the hard way recently, after their accounts were locked for sending private messages about the …

Bernie Sanders

Apple says the iPhone-breaking Error 53 is a security measure

But that probably won't make anyone feel better.

If you're an iPhone owner who hasn't had a run-in with the dreaded Error 53, consider yourself lucky. The error — which usually forces iPhones with replacement screens or home buttons into a boot loop after attempting a software update — was widely …