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17 Fascinating Facts About Starbucks That You'll Drink Right Up

It was almost named Pequod!


Brad Pitt Built a Tiny House in New Orleans That's So Cute It Hurts

<b>Brad Pitt</b> is famous for many things, but here's one tidbit you might have missed: He helped build a tiny house that's so darn adorable, we've gotta …

Brad Pitt

Girl Comes Out to Mormon Church

It's unclear exactly what happened but she didn't deliver the full testimony.<p>One year ago Savannah told her parents that she identifies as a lesbian. While her parents supported her, it seems her church may not have granted her that same understanding.<p>According to <i>CNN,</i> Savannah, a 12-year-old from …


SF Pride Parade To Officially Look More Like A Protest This Year, Will Lead With 'Resistance' Contingent

At least in 2017, the annual Pride parade and Civic Center celebration on Sunday isn't going to be just about straight teens and allies wearing …


Where coming out can get you placed under surveillance or locked away

Taiwan’s legislature recently struck down the definition of marriage as being solely between a man and a woman—a landmark victory for LGBTQ rights in …


Let’s Remember Why Gay Pride Still Matters

<b>To the Editor:</b><p>Re “Is Pride Still for Queer People Like Me?,” by Krista Burton (Sunday Review, June 18): I invite Ms. Burton and others to attend Pride in a small city and to be reminded why Pride still matters<b>.</b><p>My partner of 13 years and wife of almost 10 years and I attended Pride in Lansing, …


This Is What It Looks Like To Celebrate Pride All Around The World

Powerful images of love, celebration, rallies, and protests from the world's 2017 Pride Month gatherings.<p><b>This post will continue to be updated with new images as more cities around the globe host their own Pride celebrations.</b>


Power Of Pride

Four years ago I attended my first Pride as a closeted gay man. I boarded the plane to Portland, Ore., with trepidation and had no idea what to expect. My plan was to return home on a Saturday night red eye so I wouldn’t have to march in the pride parade. Three days later I paid an exuberant amount …

Brave LGBTQ activists in China are demanding acceptance and equal rights

<i>The Naked Truth: China Queer</i> is the culmination of almost two years of reporting that includes exclusive undercover footage from an LGBTQ activist …


YouTube says LGBTQ+ video censorship won't happen again

YouTube has updated its policies to explicitly state that any LGBTQ+-themed video with no graphic/mature language and content is allowed in Restricted Mode. The platform launched Restricted Mode for use by kids and in places of learning, but it didn't quite work as intended. It unfortunately ended …

Russia's "Gay Propaganda" Ban Violates International Law, Top Human Rights Court Rules

"By adopting such laws the Court found that the authorities had reinforced stigma and prejudice and encouraged homophobia," the European Court of Human Rights said.<p>Europe's top human rights court ruled on Tuesday that Russia's so-called "gay propaganda" ban violates international agreements …


29 Clever Ways To Up Your Coffee Game

Oh you know, coffee's nothing really...just my LIFEBLOOD.

Japanese skinny house reaches skyward

The narrow home in Kobe measures just 8 feet wide<p>Like Vietnam’s many skinny houses, this 2.5-meter-wide (that’s approximately 8 feet) house in Kobe, Japan, takes advantage of its narrow site and reaches skyward to maximize livable space—and light.<p>Japanese studio FujiwaraMuro Architects designed the …

How to build your dream tiny house

Five tips both DIY amateurs and pros can use to live the optimal tiny life<p>To get the at-home creature comforts best suited to your preferences, sometimes you’ve got to build your space from the ground up. That’s exactly what Mike Basich, a professional snowboarder and tiny house builder, has been …