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Device Revives Disembodied Hearts That Have Stopped Beating

It could save a lot of lives<p>There are two ways you can die, from a transplant surgeon’s point of view. Your brain could die while your heart continues beating, or your heart could fail, starving the rest of your body of oxygen. It used to be that only the former could donate their organs—because if …

Clinical Trials

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~~~MY FAMILY ~~~ Created by: Elsie Paz Galvez Mayo Baguio City Philippines March 14, 2015 o/a 8am ~ ~ ~ A FAMILY PRAYER ~ ~ ~ ~~~☆♡♡♡ Our Father, we thank you for your love and for the good things you have given en to our family. Help us to show our gratitude by loving each other as you love us. Give us patience and understanding to bear with one another, generosity to share our joys and sorrows, honesty to admit our faults and correct them. We entrust our family to your Fatherly care and protection. Help us to grow daily in wisdom and grace. O dear Jesus, make our home a shrine of PEACE, PURITY, LOVE, LABOR, and FAITH. Bless and protect all of us, absent and present, living and dead. O Mary, loving Mother of Jesus and our Mother, pray to Jesus for our family and for all the families of the World. Blessed Saint Joseph, holy guardian of Jesup and Mary, assist us by your Prayers in all the necessities of life. Ask of Jesup that special grace which he granted to you, to watch over our home at the pillow of the sick and dying, so that with Mary and with you, heaven may find our family u broken in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Amen. ~. . .♡♡♡☆~~~