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5 secrets to surviving (and thriving in) a PhD program

A PhD candidate shares the lessons he’s learned preparing his dissertation and publishing research along the way


Clinical trials for Parkinson’s are saving my life

Even when there’s no cure, participation has its benefits; find out how you can get involved — and check out new research

Clinical Trials

What’s in your wine? Manufacturing matters, say researchers

New study reveals how production methods affect the color and taste of pinot noir


Fracking: Science needs to catch up with public awareness, researchers say

New studies uncover organic compounds in fracking fluid that could contaminate water


Two major cancer therapies may work better together, say researchers at MD Anderson

In “Call to action” in Cell journal, they advocate focusing on the combination of genetically targeted agents with immunotherapy


How an ancient Muslim scientist cast his light into the 21st century

Celebrating optics pioneer Ibn al-Haytham — and promoting intercultural collaboration for the International Year of Light

21st Century

How science is changing our relationship with peanuts

Preventing allergies, detecting peanuts and finding new uses for peanuts in National Peanut Month


Online dating — the psychology (and reality)

A science writer explores dating sites like Match.com, Tinder, eHarmony and Chemistry, interviewing experts along the way

Online Dating

Environmental DNA helps scientists find rare aquatic species

Special issue of Biological Conservation journal focuses on eDNA for the conservation of aquatic species

Biological Species

Supporting data-sharing to speed up innovation in Materials Science

Elsevier’s open data initiative will provide new ways of storing, sharing and accessing research data

Materials Science

Free access to ScienceDirect for postdocs between jobs

Popular program returns to give free online access to Elsevier’s books and journals


Can physics explain the deflation of NFL footballs (aka #DeflateGate)?

A physicist scrutinizes the ideal gas law and the role of atmospheric conditions


Added fructose is 'a principal driver of type 2 diabetes'

In <i>Mayo Clinic Proceedings</i>, experts urge drastic reductions in the consumption of added sugars

Mayo Clinic

Jellyfish are not just drifters ...

"They are incredibly advanced in their orientation abilities," scientists report in Current Biology


Bravo’s #TopChef and Cell Press to highlight Boston’s best food and science in upcoming episode

Episode will feature stars of food and science, including Cell Press CEO Emilie Marcus and authors from its journals – watch the show and join the …

Top Chef