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Elizabeth Patric

Elizabeth Patric is widely known as a bio-field energy practitioner and has been practicing since 1997. She is also sought after for her abilities to evaluate the energetic totality of her clients and prescribe flower essence remedies and other holistic medicines. Elizabeth owns Spiritwater Gardens (www.spiritwatergardens.com) where she co-creates flower and gem essence combinations that address her client’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and transformational challenges. Elizabeth graduated with a degree in Plant Ecology in 1975 and continued with graduate studies in Landscape Architecture. She immersed herself in tantric studies from 1978 – 2008, studying with many renowned teachers from all over the world. She completed the most challenging Yoga Alliance 500 teaching level and started her own Northwood’s Yoga School in 1995, certifying many of her students to teach yoga.