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Pergamon museum - Berlin #analog #staypoorshootfilm

Happy Friday (Yep, #thoseroundbalesagain )

A nice passing thunderstorm cleared the air, much cooler now #ewewithaview

Introduced the boss to some new lady friends today. Their calves will be born at the beginning of May next year, right around the time of my 30th birthday...ekkk.

Getting ready to harvest the oats today

The greens are beginning to turn to browns, Autumn will be good and early this year.

Misty sunrise in the dairy paddock

Butch and the sea

Ploughing up this years crops to make way for next years. #thefunneverstopsonafarm :)

Putting myself up in a JCB bucket twelve foot in the air made for very easy apple picking in the garden today. #howfarmersgoscrumping #discoveryapples

Bringing the last trailer back to the farm, after 39 days of hauling straw. Harvest, Done.

Moo with a view

1425 small bales, loaded, hauled, unloaded and stacked away in the barn today, all by hand. Good honest work and a good team effort. Happy days.

The summer is always a busy time for us here. After hauling in a few thousand of these round bales over the past few weeks, the end is nearly insight. Once we've finished harvest, all the grain is safely in the store and the straw is in the barn, then, I promise I'll sell some yarn! Thanks guys.

Long days and nights hauling in straw bales at the moment, but they'll get our cattle well bedded through the winter.

Just a little update for those who we're asking about how Teds doing. His legs recovered really well, and he's even been back out helping us move cattle again, so he's nearly back on top form. Good old Ted. #farmingwithted

Happy Sleepsgiving, Canada! 🍗

Pretty much stares at me while driving always. 😳

Bonjour, Montréal! 👋