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An Elementary School Shuts Down Every Year For A Mama Duck To Lead Her Ducklings To Safety

These lucky ducks get VIP treatment.<p>However, because Vanessa was setting up her nest in the school courtyard, there was no escape route for the ducklings because they couldn't yet fly, ABC News reported.<p>Her first year, Vanessa had some trouble navigating the hallways.<p>But these days, it takes her an …


Cabbage Plant projects due May 9th.

Seeing the benefits of failure shapes kids' beliefs about intelligence

Parents' beliefs about whether failure is a good or a bad thing guide how their children think about their own intelligence, according to new …

Kitchen Science: gastrophysics brings the universe into your kitchen

This title will probably come as a surprise to you. Astrophysics concerns enormous scales of space, time and energy; kitchens are relatively small, …

Ss created math problems 4 #flyhighfri https://t.co/GeBieYNCXq

How to compare fractions!

How to compare fractions!<p>My BFF is Katie Stoney.<p>Like 6<p>Like<p>6<p>Related ShowMes<p>You must be logged into ShowMe<p>Signup - or - Login<p>Are you sure you want to …

Fraction Game { with connect 4 } – Learning After School

My son as been asking a lot about fractions lately. Since he hasn’t done a whole bunch about fractions in school yet I wanted to keep it simple. The …


End of Grade Testing for our 3rd Graders will be held Thursday, May 26, and Friday, May 27. There will be no school on Monday, May 30th, due to Memorial Day Holiday.

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Reckon you were born without a brain for maths? Highly unlikely

It’s extraordinary what a badge of honour it is in our culture to declare: “I’m terrible at maths. I just don’t have the brain for it.”<p>You’d never get someone in India or China confessing to such a thing. Maths is regarded in such high esteem that admitting you can’t do it is akin to announcing …


Ending our unit on the Wright Brothers with our own "Flyers"!

Science: Our unit will follow the life cycle of a plant using the 'Wisconsin Fast Plants'. We are using Google Classroom to keep track of our cabbage plant data at school.

Wish list: Bright post it's Black Dry Erase Markers Construction Paper

Math: We will continue our work with fractions. Want more practice? Check out the links on the student page.