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Incredible view tonight of the lunar eclipse #supermoon from South Florida. It was cloudy all day, but there was a break in the clouds just long enough to capture a quick photo just after totality. Photo by Mike Theiss @ExtremeNature

These Majestic Photos Will Give You A Spacegasm

The winners of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2015 competition have been announced and they'll make you want to leave planet Earth.

This week's #lpfanphoto comes from @captainmaji who has been in the presence of emperor #penguins in #Antarctica this week! Who'd else would like to jump into their snow gear and tour this corner of the world? 🐧🐧 -- Tag your favourite #travel shots with #lpfanphoto and each week we'll pick one to regram to our friends and followers. Happy travels!

Situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks, Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed lake in Banff National Park, just outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. The silt in the lake makes for beautiful water reflections. An often photographed lake, If you go for sunrise or sunset you will likely find yourself next to other photographers lined up to catch this beautiful view. Photo by @jonathan_irish

Photo by @amivitale #onassignment for @natgeo. This is a rare moment when a panda keeper in costume does a quick two-month health check on a cub at Wolong China Conservation & Research Center for the Giant Panda in Sichuan Province, China. He first must carefully wait for the mother panda to leave while she forages for food and then quickly weigh and check the cub. Because these pandas will be released back into the wild, the interaction with the keepers is very limited and they must wear costumes which are scented so the pandas never get used to humans. The pandas must go through a series of tests over two years to be sure they are ready to live in the wild because after just one generation in captivity, they forget the skills they need to survive in the wild. Follow @amivitale for more adorable pandas. @ipandacam @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #pandas #babypandas #wolong #sichuan #conservation #natureisspeaking #china #animals #wildlife #photooftheday #photography #nature #seetheworld #photojournalism #amivitale

I was in the Bugaboos in British Columbia to go Heli Hiking in a recent summer. But, I am never one to shy away from a beautiful scene to photograph and once I discovered this lake that was just a short walk from the lodge I couldn't stay away. Against better advice, I woke up way before sunrise every single day to come down to this lake and enjoy (and photograph) this amazing view. The spires of the Bugaboo mountains are the first to receive the morning light, and it is a sight to watch it slowly unfold. I actually hate waking up early...I am not a morning person at all. But I love shooting in the morning. There is nothing like it and totally worth the loss of sleep. Besides, I didn't have to hike up the mountain in the day...I was hitching a Helicopter ride! I am not sure I will ever look at regular hiking (or beautiful lake reflections) the same way again. Photo by @jonathan_irish

Photograph by @thomaspeschak Reef mantas feeding at Hanifaru Marine Reserve. A few years of lower ocean productivity and plankton had resulted in less mantas frequenting this feeding site. This year however it seems that the mantas back in full force with over 150 rays participating in mass feeding events. #maldives #hanifaru On expedition in the Maldives with @mantatrust @tbfrost and @fonassociation @natgeo @natgeocreative

As some of you may know, for the last few months Puerto Rico has been getting a bit of a bad reputation in the world media because of our current economic and social crisis. Some have even gone as far as labeling us "the Greece of the Caribbean". It's been frustrating, specially when I've been working so hard to not only promote the beauty of this island, but also being very involved with an entire generation of people who are contributing to getting us out of this situation the goverment's mismanagement has put us in. In a time where positive news and images are crucial, there has been a deafening silence on the part of the establishment. So, being "the generation that cares" and prefering to act rather than complain, a group of local instagrammers and influencers have taken it upon ourselves to start our own campaign, redefinining what living on a "Crisis Island" is and focusing on all the positive things our island and our people have to offer. I invite all of you who either live here of travel here to join us in this grassroots campaign and tag your beautiful pictures of Puerto Rico with #CrisisIsland to flip it's meaning upside down, help change our global image and show the world what truly makes us rich. There are big and exciting plans with this campaign and I'm beyond excited to be a part of it! I invite you all to be a part of it too. Let's do this!

Ora o mai più, ultimo mare: last minute hotel ad ottobre

C’è chi proprio non riesce a smettere e, pur di non pensarci, si butta disperatamente sul lavoro o su hobby improponibili… prova anche coi gruppi di …

photo by @joelsartore | An #endangered Matschie's tree kangaroo at the Lincoln Children's Zoo. #Follow me, @joelsartore, to see more images from the #PhotoArk. #photooftheday #joelsartore #nebraska

Bora Bora is a tropical paradise known for honeymoons, anniversaries and romantic getaways. #BoraBora is in the leeward group of the Society Islands, one of over 130 islands in the French Polynesian island chain in the Pacific Ocean. Photo by Mike Theiss @ExtremeNature

Photo by @jeffmauritzen. I admit it, I have a problem...I'm addicted to photographing clownfish. Here is a magnificent #anemone and false #clownfish photographed while on assignment in the Natuna Archipelago, #Indonesia for #NGExpeditions. #nationalgeographicorion @lindbladexp

Processo Yara, la madre racconta le ultime ore: "Aveva preso voti bellissimi"

ITALIA2015/09/11 11:51<p>Dimensione testo<br>• Invia ad un amico<br>• Stampa l'articolo<p>La deposizione<p>Processo Yara, la madre racconta le ultime ore: "Aveva preso …

Photo by @chien_chi_chang Darkness settles over the Mekong River between Thailand and Laos. #Mekong #cccontheroad #JetLag #Thailand #Laos

Photograph by @stefanounterthiner | Males ibex photographed in the #granparadiso NP (Italy) on assignment for @natgeo. In the past, the ibex was hunted for the meat; by 1821, fewer than 50 were left in the wild. Now the population of ibex in the Gran Paradiso NP is around 2800. @granparadisopark #ibex #mountain #alps

Photograph by @thomaspeschak The Maldives are a indian Ocean nation made up of around 1190 islands. From the air shades of blue (ocean), green ( island vegetation) and yellow (beach ) form a incredibly beautiful tapestry. @natgeo @natgeocreative @saveourseasfoundation @thephotosociety For more aerial views of the Indian Ocean follow natgeo photographer @thomaspeschak

It was early spring, my hands were cold and while attempting to advance the film I dropped my camera which opened the back of the camera, exposing the film, hence, the light leak(a real light leak, not edited in with an iPhone editing app). That's the great thing about film, often, when you mess up you still get a really cool image! This photo of Bridalveil Fall was captured with my old Canon QL17 rangefinder on Ektar 100.

Photograph by @paulnicklen for @natgeo. Young wolf pups use an eagle feather to play tug-of-war in the intertidal zone on the outer islands of #BritishColumbia. In the next couple of weeks, our story on these coastal wolves of BC will be appearing in @natgeo magazine ….please stay tuned. Please #follow me and see a lot more on @paulnicklen. With @cristinamittermeier, @sea_legacy and @oren.lawson. #mpa #nature #wildlife #wolf #bc #britishcolumbia @natgeocreative @thephotosociety

@stevewinterphoto @natgeo Some might call this cute and I do not disagree, but I see emotion. the kind of emotion that we as humans feel. Our animal family is so much like us - they find mates, they have kids, they have to feed themselves and their families, they feed themselves and their families in the same way we as humans used to! If we can find a way to believe they think, feel and have emotions, maybe we can treat them better and find a way to ensure their future on this planet. We do not treat our own human brothers and sisters very well sometimes. Remember just as an example of the importance of their homes - the forests. 50% of our oxygen comes from forest - the other 50% from the oceans. 75% of fresh water comes from forests. So we save their homes - we help save ourselves. This was shot for my upcoming @natgeo Leopard story in the Dec 2015 issue of National Geographic Magazine. One cub is nursing, the other snugging with mom. #follow me @stevewinterphoto to see other images, thanks! @natgeo @thephotosociety @ngcreative #ivoryfree #wildaid #bigcatsforever #beauty #me #follow #love #leopards #photooftheday #5forbigcats @eiainvestigator #rhinoswithoutborders #cute

Photograph by @thomaspeschak Baitballs are my underwater photography holy grail. They hard to predict, hard to find and even harder to photograph well. Over the past decade I have been fortunate enough to document three extraordinary baitball predator events. All of them occurred off South Africa's Wild Coast during the Sardine Run, including this one where common dolphins, bronze whaler and dusky sharks feast on sardines. #sardinerun #southafrica @saveourseasfoundation @thephotosociety @natgeocreative For a different baitball baitball image follow me @thomaspeschak and check my feed tomorrow.

Photo @jasonedwardsng Now that feels good! A Bengal Tiger sinks into a waterhole during the baking heat of the fire-wind season in @Ranthambhore National Park India. Trying to find wild tigers can be thrilling but can also frustrating as they melt into the landscape so perfectly. @ilcp_photographers @natgeocreative @natgeo #India #tigers #bigcat #endangered

I don't think this lake is named but it is beautiful none the less. #iPhone + @moment_lens ❓If could name this little lake in the John Muir Wilderness, what would you name it?

Photo by @ChrisBickford @NatGeoTravel. An aerial view of the Honopu Valley, at the edge of the NaPali Coast on the island of Kaua'i, Hawai’i. Locally this spot is often referred to as “Cathedrals”, after the gothic-spire-like formations of the surrounding cliffs. This is the ultimate “lost valley”. It can only be accessed by swimming around the point (or from an offshore watercraft—no landing is permissible), but once you make it to the beach it is quite possible to live off the abundant fruits that grow wild in the valley. Legends persist of a “Lost Tribe” that vanished from Honopu in the mid-19th century, adding to its mystique. When the north winds blow, the air circulating around the steep arch in the valley makes a deep, haunting. multi-tonal sound, often likened to the sound of being inside a giant conch shell. There’s more “mana” in this mile of coast than you are likely to find anywhere. #hawaii #kauai #napali #honopu #cathedrals #cathedralbeach @natgeocreative

Image by @beverlyjoubert. An #Okavango lioness off to hunt. In this watery landscape these big cats have no option but to get wet. Their largely daytime hunting of buffalo in these conditions has seen these lions develop enormous strength in their forequarters. #bigcats #causeanuproar #botswana #lions #ThisIsMyTrophy

Photo by @jimrichardsonng Scottish Moments: Returning to Loch Eilt and the lovely island with a stand of Scots Pines. Sunrise was glorious. The old Caledonian Forest has shrunk from historic levels but it is still a symbol of Scottish wilderness. Continuing our exploration of the Scottish Moors. @natgeocreative @natgeotravel #scotland

Photo @ladzinski / Pro climber @kjorgeson is most well known for his historic free climb of the #DawnWall in Yosemite earlier in the year with partner @tommycaldwell. In an effort to reset, Kevin has been sampling hawaii's deep water soloing this week, climbing without a rope over the warm blue waters of the pacific. With the hurricane in effect it's been an interesting time on the lava cliffs to say the least. The swell can pick up unpredictably at times and the smashing waves on the cliffs is a pretty unsettling, especially if you're where Kevin is!

While all of little Frankie the King Penguin's friends loved to swim and play in the southern ocean, he preferred to stand on the shore and deeply contemplate the meaning of life. Photo by @jonathan_irish

photo by @joelsartore | These fish need our help now, before it disappears forever. Juvenile pallid sturgeon, photographed at the Gavin's Point National Fish Hatchery in Yankton, South Dakota. These ancient fish could be at serious risk of extinction if the Army Corps of Engineers follows through with their plan to construct a dam on Montana's Yellowstone River. With just 200 or so remaining in the wild, this dam would inhibit the pallid's ability to swim upstream to spawn. Read the Sept. 3rd @NYTimes for an excellent piece on the plight of this fish (article also online). #Follow me, @joelsartore, to learn more about #endangered species through the #PhotoArk. #photooftheday #joelsartore #fish