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Passion- I especially loved comparing all of our filtered water after we created our bottle filters. This helped us see what more we could do to help the filtering process using certain materials like coal, sand, and gravel.

New Learning- a great skill I developed while doing my labs was how to accurately measure. Correct measurements are some of the most important things in labs!

New Learning- I learned how to test pH of water more accurately. I love using the pH paper and see the change in colors for basic or acidic water!

Passion- even from the beginning of the year we stayed focused on what careers we would like to have in the future. Mrs Diver has made sure our curriculum is career centered and will benefit us and our futures. This is a picture of me with my play-doh baby that represents my interest in being an Ob-gyn

Passion- this year I have been given the opportunity to do experiments and labs that actually interest me. More towards the beginning of the year we did a density lab. I was so excited seeing the different densities and colors I just had to pose for a picture!

New Learning- Before this class, I had never really written essays outside of English class. No other teacher had ever given me the opportunity to do one of the things I love most: writing. I also got to write about topics that I usually don't even get to discuss ever.

New Learning- Once again, water tech introduced a whole new way of turning in work to me. At first, it took awhile to get used to it, but after a few weeks I learned how much easier it is to have a classroom account.

New Learning- I have never really been the type of person that writes down what she does or needs to do. Mrs Diver got me into the useful habit of writing down everything I do in class and what is assigned for home

Achievement- before making these filters I was very doubtful about the fact that coal and sand could filter and make clean water. While we were planning I tried to be very strategic when including certain materials. The final result of my filter made me very happy :)

Achievement- I remember around the time we did our thinglinks I got very sick and was home for almost a week. Rather than just sitting around doing nothing, I decided I'd spend the extra time working on it. I tried to make it aesthetically pleasing while incorporating useful links.

Achievement- one of my favorite projects was the dam project. The dam I chose was the three gorges dam. I spent a long time researching it and found such interesting facts. I am very proud of how my slides turned out.

Passion- When we were testing out different water qualities we were given the opportunity to look under a microscope. When looking at runoff I was able to actually see bacteria! This totally sparked my curiosity to the point of me doing my own research on bacteria


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