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11 websites to bookmark if you want to get rich

We've pointed out some of the best personal-finance books to read and podcasts to listen to.<p>If those didn't strike a chord or fit in to your busy schedule, we have a third option for you.<p>To get smarter about investing and psyched about managing money, start by bookmarking these 11 sites:

Personal Finance

7 TED Talks that will make you smarter about your money

We've recommended some of the best personal-finance books to read and podcasts to listen to.<p>If those didn't get the job done, try a 10 to 20 minute TED Talk.<p>Here, we've rounded up seven talks that could alter the way you think about money, and how you choose to save, spend, and earn.


Here's what Warren Buffett said when Tony Robbins asked him how he got so rich

Billionaire Warren Buffett hasn't always been as incredibly rich as he is today. In fact, 99% of his wealth was earned after his 50th birthday.<p>The investing legend has been slowly building his fortune over the years, and today, the 85-year-old billionaire is one of the richest men in the world, …


Want a favorable ruling in court? Catch a judge right after lunch.

This is a good one.<p>If you want a favorable ruling in court, catch a judge after they eat. Or at least, early in the day.<p>The following chart comes to us from Bank of America Merrill Lynch's big report about artificial intelligence — which the firm says will be a $153 billion industry by decade's end …

Artificial Intelligence

Why Hitler was such a successful orator

One of the world's most influential orators created the largest German political party, conquered a dozen nations, and slaughtered as many as 21 million people during his brutal 12-year Third Reich.<p>In more than 5,000 persuasive speeches, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler bewitched his audiences and promised …

German Politics

11 ways rich people think differently from the average person

Mastering your money has a lot more to do with mindset than we might think.<p>Self-made millionaire Steve Siebold has interviewed 1,200 of the world's wealthiest people during the past three decades. As backward as it may sound, getting rich often has less to do with the money than the mentality, he …


The 9 Realities of Working for Yourself | Inc.com

I feel like I've been hired by <i>Dateline</i> to write this exposé (related: if <i>you</i> are a <i>Dateline</i> producer, have your people call my people--we'll do lunch).<p>Time and time again, I hear from folks who are freelance-curious (nothing wrong with exploring new lifestyles) who think working for yourself amounts …


There's a simple 8-step exercise that can help you solve your biggest business problems

That's according to Tom Wujec, a fellow at Autodesk who studies creative thinking and problem-solving and who appeared on the TED stage in 2013.<p>In the TED Talk, Wujec explains that if you can draw out the basic process of making toast, you can also deconstruct your business problems into bite-size …


10 TED Talks that will make you smarter about business

Thought leaders from around the world discuss how to be a more effective leader, how to motivate yourself and your employees, and how to launch a successful business.<p>Each one challenges conventional notions about the way we work.<p>We rounded up 10 talks that will make you a smarter, more curious, and …

TED Talks

How a 29-year-old went from living on welfare to starting a business that earned nearly $1 million in its first year

She and her husband, Seth, and their two young sons were living in California with her in-laws, struggling to make ends meet in a rocky economy.<p>"For four years, we had no steady jobs at all," now 29-year-old Luna tells Business Insider. "We did have a little money we had saved, but we blew through …

Facebook Ads

24 Ways To Influence Even The Most Resistant People

In "The Art of Seduction," popular author Robert Greene explores the ruthless tactics of some of history's greatest seducers, from Cleopatra to Casanova.<p>We've summarized Greene's 24 rules of seduction below, adapting them to situations you may run into in your career:<p>Your target may be a hiring …


This brilliant pyramid outlines the 6 steps to financial success

You've probably heard of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.<p>It's the ranking of primary human needs for psychological well-being as described by American psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow, and is usually illustrated not unlike the old-school food pyramid:<p>The financial blogger known only as Mister …

Personal Finance

12 Dalai Lama Quotes That Will Change The Way You Think About Happiness

He fled his home during the Chinese occupation of Tibet and soon set up a government in exile in India.<p>The monk has been the spiritual leader of his people and his religion since he was 15 years old. He's also one of the foremost authors and philosophers within Tibetan Buddhism, having authored …


7 stupid beliefs even the smartest people have about money

"For some reason or another, these clients aren't as mindful or deliberate as they'd like to be. Some are business owners, lawyers, or in education," Walls tells Business Insider.<p>When these clients started asking Walls to help them master their finances, she got right down to their core beliefs …

Personal Finance

Poor People And Rich People Have A Vastly Different Outlook On Fate

No, this isn't an online dating questionnaire, but your answer might be able to tell you something about your approach to money.<p>Overwhelmingly, rich people view this kind of inevitability in the same way: They don't buy it.<p>Thomas Corley, the author of "Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of …

Online Dating

22 Quotes That Take You Inside Albert Einstein's Revolutionary Mind

You could find him "wheeling a baby carriage on the streets of Bern, Switzerland, halting now and then, unmindful of the traffic around him, to scribble down some mathematical symbols in a notebook that shared the carriage with his infant son, also named Albert," The New York Times wrote in its …

Bill Gates

How To Keep The Spark In A Long-Term Relationship

Esther Perel is a couples therapist based in New York and the author of the international best seller "Mating in Captivity."<p><i>By Alana Kakoyiannis.</i><p><b>Follow BI Video:</b>On Twitter


7 Timeless Lessons From 'Philosopher King' Marcus Aurelius

Marcus has remained relevant for 1,800 years largely due to his writings collected as "Meditations," which President Bill Clinton has said is one of his favorite books.<p>"Meditations" is not a typical philosophical treatise. It's closer to a diary. Marcus wrote the 12 books that make it up sometime …


Here's A Simple, Sneaky Way To Win Any Argument

Brain scans help us see why. In one study of political beliefs during the 2004 election year, participants were shown divisive video clips of George W. Bush or John Kerry.<p>Time magazine reports:<p>As soon as [study subjects] recognized the video clips as being in conflict with their worldview, the …

Immigration Reform

How 14 Things That Happened To You In Childhood Shape You As An Adult

If you're extremely sneaky or suffer from obesity, it's probably an issue you can trace back to your younger days.<p>To help you make connections between now and then, we've compiled 14 childhood experiences that shaped who you are today.<p><i>Vivian Giang contributed research to this story.</i>


23 Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter

In a recent Quora thread, "What would you do to be a little smarter every single day?", readers shared their advice on good habits you can establish.<p>Here are some simple actions that could help you become a smarter person.<p><b>1. Come up with 10 ideas every day.</b> Think about how to reduce poverty, how to …

Google Docs

7 Psychology Tricks To Influence People And Get Exactly What You Want