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Pope Francis bemoans 2017 as a year of war, lies and injustice

Amid tension over North Korea, Pope Francis has warned of the threat of nuclear war during his last service of the year. He complained that 2017 had …

2017 sees highest murder rate ever in shrinking Baltimore

<b>BALTIMORE</b> -- Baltimore has set a new per-capita homicide record as gunmen killed for drugs, cash, payback - or no apparent reason at all.<p>A surge of …


Marcus Raskin, Co-Founder of Liberal Think Tank, Dies at 83

Marcus Raskin, who channeled his discontent as a young aide in the Kennedy administration into helping to found the Institute for Policy Studies, a progressive think tank that became an abundant source of research about nuclear disarmament, the Vietnam War, economic inequality, civil rights and …

Vietnam War

2017 was a year for the ages in games

A year jam-packed with incredible games made it tough to narrow it down to a select few.<p>It's no doubt 2017 will go down in history as one of the best gaming years of all time. It was <i>that</i> good.<p>But with a year filled to the brim with such top-tier offerings, narrowing them down to a reasonably sized …


The NFL player protests, broken down by team and week

The week before President Trump decided to make NFL player protests a federal issue (so to speak), there were players on seven teams who participated in some sort of display during the national anthem.<p>Defining “participated” is tricky; do we count the 10 players on the San Francisco 49ers who, …

Football (U.S.)

Amazon officially owns Whole Foods; here are the products that are getting marked down

Amazon has officially sealed the deal with Whole Foods, and the promised price cuts are already hitting grocery stores.<p>Bananas for 49 cents a pound, …


Nintendo Switch review

The Nintendo Switch is a homerun for Nintendo, and delivers on its innovative premise.<p>The Nintendo Switch is a homerun for Nintendo, and delivers on …

Gear & Gadgets

‘We are all just mind-boggled:’ scenes from the total solar eclipse of 2017

For one brief moment, day became night.<p>And the sun was replaced by a black circle — ringed on all sides with gleaming white fire.<p>As the Great American Eclipse made landfall in the tiny coastal town of Newport, Ore., the rowdy crowd that gathered on its beach was stunned by the sight into an eerie …


Where Harvey Hit Hardest Up and Down the Texas Coast

Over 150,000 properties in Texas have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, based on preliminary estimates by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Hurricane Harvey

Watch: Bills and Bills Fans Go Wild Celebrating Bengals' Game-Winning Score Against Ravens

The Bills had done everything they could to keep their playoff hopes alive when they left the field Sunday.<p>With a 22-16 win over the Dolphins, …

Football (U.S.)