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Repurpose Old Content [Social Media Tip]

Who couldn’t use a content time saver? If you’re stuck in a content rut, want to try ramping up the number of posts you share, need a refresh or just …

11 Marketing Trends To Watch For In 2015

The fundamentals of marketing are always going to be the same, but with the landscape changing at the speed of technology, what matters most now is how one activates the fundamentals. Smart marketers know that they need to get ahead of the trends and anticipate the next big things, or else be …

My first "DhariLo #SocialMedia Tip Tuesday" post is up on my blog! Tip 1: Manage your expectations! Read why here:

DhariLo #SocialMedia Tip Tuesday Tip #2: Define Clear Objectives. How can you get to a destination if you have no idea where you want to end up?

My #SocialMedia Tip Tuesday is up on my blog! This week: Create a Strategy! Read why here:

#SocialMedia Tip Tuesday! Tip 4: Research, Research, Research! ...and then? Read here:

This week for #SocialMedia Sunday: 1. LinkedIn Launches Photo Sharing on Mobile App 2. Pinterest Introduces Guided Search 3. A General Takeaway: This Week I Observed: Social Media is showing up! But not enough… Read more on this week's post where I explain it all: <3 DhariLo

This week's #socialmedia tip: Test! Benjamin Franklin couldn't even get the lightbulb right the first time. You won’t know what will resonate with your audience and network until you try! Read more on why testing is crucial to your social media efforts on my blog: <3 DhariLo

Do you ever wonder when the best times to post on your #socialmedia networks are? Check out this inforgraphic to find out: Do the times in the post coincide with the times you see the most interaction on your social media networks?

We've been moving from our apartment all day! But here's a late DhariLo #SocialMedia Tip Tuesday. This week: #Hashtag Control! Why? "because it's annoying" is only the start. Read a few more reasons on my blog ->

My #socialmedia tip for this week is: Use calls to action! Just, not all the time. The bottom line is we are all looking for traffic and conversions from our social media efforts. Click through to my blog post to see why and how often calls to action are okay:

It’s Tuesday, so that means a new social media tip. This week: Get to Know Your Audience! Misplaced Messaging Never Helps Conversions. Each account or business is different. Learn what kinds of questions you should think about when researching your audience in my latest blog post: #Socialmedia #socialmediatip

My Social Media Tip "Get Your Timing Right, or Risk Missing the Customer Engagement Train" is up on my blog! Your awesome content is missing your target audience if you aren’t posting at your optimal times. Read the rest of my blog post, including an awesome infographic on what times are best to post per network here:

My latest social media tip is: Engage with your network! What do you think of people who only speak about themselves? Probably not such positive things. Remember-we are building relationships here, and an essential part of every relationship at a very basic level is communication and conversation. Read my complete blog entry on why only talking about yourself doesn't work, here:

Social Media Tip 11: Don't Be Afraid to Be Transparent! So many of you out there get scared when a negative comment pops up about your brand, or you make a mistake on social media. Worse still, it deters many from getting on social media in general. Here's why you have nothing to fear:

Have you seen posts in your newsfeed that have nothing to do with the brand you follow? Don't be "that" brand. #Socialmedia tip 12 is: Irrelevant Posts = Useless Engagement. Learn what posts hurt your efforts in my latest blog post:

Are you ready for Social Media Tip 13? Unlink Your Social Media Networks from Each Other! This is one of my biggest pet peeves, and I see it way too often in social media marketing. I am all for saving time, but linking all your accounts is a big no-no! Here's why:

[DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday] If You Made It, Brand It! Why Branding Your Shareable Content Is So Important:

[DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday] Analyze and measure your campaign results, and just about any other measurable component of your campaign or strategy. There is more information to those metrics than you think! Find out what you may be missing out on ->

[DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday] Are you captivating your advocates and influencers?

[DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday] Consistency is always key. Learn how it applies to your branding:

[DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday] Shorten your links! Find out the benefits of getting rid of those long links and my favorite service to do so:

[DhariLo #SocialMedia Tip Tuesday] Don't Be A Robot! Use A Mix Of Scheduled & Live Posts:

[DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday] #Hashtags That Are Too Long, Don't Work. Learn why:

I have a new #socialmedia tip coming tomorrow. Until then, explore some of my previous tips:

[DhariLo Social Media Tip Tuesday] Don't Let Your Social Media Accounts Go Dormant: Learn why letting accounts go inactive is a bad idea:

Sharing Is Caring! Learn Why Sharing External #Content Is A Good Thing! [DhariLo Social Media Tip]

Need more social media engagement? Don't forget about the weekend: [DhariLo Social Media Tip]

Mind Your #Hashtags! Learn To Avoid Trending Topic Trouble: [ DhariLo #SocialMedia Tip]

Don't annoy the fans you have! Learn to determine your ideal post frequency: [ DhariLo #SocialMedia Tip]