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My Name Coulton a 15 soon to 16 yr old student of Master Dyer's at Dakota Dragon Defense. He is always asking us to write about our training. Our last one on one training was this I learned. Emotional Pain is just like physical pain. (mental, physical, spiritual) If you do not know how to swim, do not save a drowning person. It's good to want to save them. In the end, if you don't know how to save someone, you are unable to.  It is up to you to use that as motivation to learn how to save. 1st comes you then comes others for you cannot make a difference, if there is no you. stay humble

on my pilgrimage this morning I was giving a stick. while squeezing it, It broke. the piece inside said thanks for setting me free. the outside said I am damaged. I too have been broken. My pilgrimage reminded me of the tree i was born from. Dr.PaulWSpiritRunningBearDyerPh.D.Grandmaster

My passion is of life. My service is of life. May ypu live a long life through training.

I am Gonna Smile. This year so it was recognized by White America That minorities are being killed on purpose. I am gonna still smile. Churches, Masque, Temples, Sacred Lands, being shot ,burned,destroyed because of.... I am gonna still smile Loved ones Lost, Stolen, Drowed,Raped, Beaten, Tortured,Died or Passed away Etc. I am gonna still smile. I train my Heart ,Spirit, Mind and the physical on all levels. I cry, bleed doing it because I know what it takes for me to smile and have hope,faith, charity. So if you want to to learn how to keep your smile. I wanna show you. Written by : Dr.PaulW Spirit Running Bear Dyer Ph.D.Grandmaster. Dakotadragondefense@gmail.com

You want to go 2 rounds to 10 rounds. Learn how to really throw a damn and get it on at Dakota Dragon Defense.com

Some may practice to get better. I train to live better with every practice

What Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg Can Teach Us About Success

Incorporate these four habits into your daily life to produce better work from a healthier mindset.<p>In my interactions with Steve Jobs, I observed him closely in the hopes of understanding what made his mind so special and unique. Surprisingly, I found that it wasn't just his astounding talents that …

It's not about what happiness is or what fear can be it's about the love you have and may never know, but it's about love which I hope you do. I hope you do

Dr.Paul Dyer says A moment is mine the love I can share. My you all find your practice.

The Common key is frequency,motion,vibration so we train in our 12/60 action at Dakota Dragon Defense to bring out our inner self

While making a distinction between softness and toughness, the exercise of all things aims to achieve a good combination of firmness with gentleness. The movements of the trinity should be appropriately firm and gentle instead of going to extremes. Otherwise, excessive force could lead to stiff and restrained movements, this will affect breathing and all actions. These are just a point of the science taught.

Mindfulness Training At School Could Help At-Risk Kids

We still have to solve the problems that are causing kids trauma in the first place.<p>(Reuters Health) - Middle-school students in urban areas may benefit from in-school mindfulness programs, a new study suggests.<p>Students taking a mindfulness-based stress reduction program during the school day ended …

We hope and live and ask about ideology and reasons for what or whom and yet we still have few or little or no answers to understanding of the the other anD most importantly ourselves. So now what? What the fu.k. How and the what are just puzzles for the slaughter. Be the the importance of important.of the living code not the living gene that was enveloped but the code that was.developed. It takes not just death, but training in life to be. Make your merry or your wishes and I will be training myself and others for the now and the soon to come. That will be peace as code says and promises.

The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy play critical roles in how you think, act, and behave. When both of them are merged together in a harmonious way, they allow you to understand life better. The process of merging both of these two energies eventually allows you to achieve true spiritual enlightenment and intelligence. For these reasons, balancing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy is the key to spiritual growth and ascension. All this can start by releasing and embracing.

As your day moves I hope you find peace in a moment to realize this is life not a holiday. This can be better

Stress Me Out, Hell No.

I was ask yesterday is meditation like praying? No one is for self the next is for the world. They both fill me and leave me in tears of joy

From Dakota Dragon Defense 3DSystem Training may you find your blessings in life

As practioners we live and breath hard work as a team we live and breath and pool skills and resources, to make each other better this is a team. A family, brotherhood.

Many know I teach wholeness and feeling that we are all connected to each other and to the cosmos by more than our eyes and ears. Being your Journey with a practice and training.

Dr.Paul Dyer says The Dragon Flys near. Your abilitiesare not taken lighly. So why not take your training more seriously?Your journey

Hope this helps