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Cute Killers? Gray Seals Maul, Suffocate Seals and Porpoises, Studies Say

Long thought to be fish-eaters, the big-eyed animals have been observed taking on bigger prey in the North Sea.<p>It seemed a heart-warming sight: two seals apparently frolicking in the sea before slipping below the waves off the German island of Helgoland (map) in 2013.<p>Then an ominous sheet of red …

Are sweeteners really bad for us?

The food industry relies on alternatives to sugar for a vast range of diet foods. But are they safe to consume? Claudia Hammond investigates.<p>Many people buy diet drinks and sweeteners in a bid to reduce the amount of sugar they consume. Over the years concerns about their safety have been raised, …


Stars Come Out for SAG Awards

The Most Highly Anticipated Films At The 2015 Sundance Film Festival

There are all kinds of movies for all kinds of people at this year's premier Park City-set independent film fest. Here they are, grouped by recurring themes.

How to Paint a 'Love Letter' to a City

Stephen Powers and ICY Signs resuscitate the art of sign-painting—along with the morale of those in Baltimore's poorest neighborhoods.<p>In the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower in downtown Baltimore, a big, brusque guy runs a pop-up sign-painting studio with a few partners, known collectively as ICY Signs. …

The Language of the State of the Union

An interactive chart reveals how the words presidents use reflect the twists and turns of American history.<p>“He shall from time to time give to the Congress Information of the State of the Union,” stipulates Article Two of the Constitution, “and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he …

Political Science

Apple Pay now supports the cards that make up 90 percent of credit card purchases in the US

Apple announces 'dozens' of new sign-ups for its mobile payment service<p>Apple has signed up a clutch of new banks and financial services for its mobile payment system Apple Pay, giving the company potential coverage of around 90 percent of credit card purchases by volume in the US. Alongside new …

Google Maps for Android has a VR mode, thanks to Google Cardboard

Advertisement<p>2 Comments<p>Credit: Flickr / Sancho McCann<p>Cardboard, Google’s virtual reality hobby that first launched as a kind of gag gift at its …

Google's Search Ad Policies Cost This Company $1 Million

One company, Pubshare, has sued Google for nearly $1 million in revenue it allegedly earned from ads, which Google declined to pass on to the company.<p>The company is owned by Peter Ogtanyan, according to a copy of his lawsuit filed in a California state court. Pubshare published humorous viral …


Cigars, Rum and Credit Cards: What Is in US-Cuba Agreement?

From credit cards to cigars and rum, here is what is covered by the new Cuba deal announced by the White House Wednesday.

Are Kim Jong Un’s Kid Gloves Now Off?

The mourning period for his late father ended today. If this Dear Leader is definitively tied to the Sony hack, we may be at the beginning of an even …



Watch the Victoria's Secret Angels Lip-Sync to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" Before Gracing the Runway

We knew the Victoria's Secret Angels can work a runway, but can they "Shake It Off" like <b>Taylor Swift</b>?<p>In a new video released by the lingerie company, …

Runway to Real Way: Stylish Pyjamas

Take a designer cue and set the stage for sweet zzz’s with a chic pair of pyjamas. The coziest gift to give and receive, stylish sleepwear gives you …


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