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Spiritual hyperplane

How spiritualists of the 19th century forged a lasting association between higher dimensions and the occult world<i>By Paul Halpern</i>Read at Aeon


The Art of Unpacking a Library

I would argue that public libraries, holding both virtual and material texts, are an essential instrument to counter loneliness. I would defend their place as society’s memory and experience. I would say that without public libraries, and without a conscious understanding of their role, a society …

Philip K. Dick and the Fake Humans

Jan 16, 2018<p>9 Min read time<p>We live in Philip K. Dick’s future, not George Orwell’s or Aldous Huxley’s.<p><b>This essay is featured in Global Dystopias.</b> …

The Reality of Color Is Perception - Issue 56: Perspective

Philosophers have a bad reputation for casting unwarranted doubt on established facts. Little could be more certain than your belief that the …

United Nations

Surrounded by Books

Surrounded by books has been a main circumstance of my long life. So it is now, near the end of my 94th year, when I am in my large library of …

Public Theology in Retreat

WHERE IS THE Reinhold Niebuhr for today? What is theology good for? Such questions have become hallmarks in public commentary on the role, past and …

American Philosophy

The Man Who Invented Information Theory

Aug 16, 2017<p>16 Min read time<p>Of the pioneers who drove the information technology revolution, Claude Shannon may have been the most brilliant. A new …

The Soviet InterNyet

Soviet scientists tried for decades to network their nation. What stalemated them is now fracturing the global internet<i>By Benjamin Peters</i> Read at Aeon

Common Sense

When Neurology Becomes Theology - Issue 49: The Absurd

Early in my neurology residency, a 50-year-old woman insisted on being hospitalized for protection from the FBI spying on her via the TV set in her …

The Brain

What lies beneath the ice of our fascination with the North? – E R Truitt

The night sky pulses with colour: streaks of viridian, azure, violet and crimson vivid against the bleached land. Leviathans roam the seas, singing …

Ancient History

Shyness cannot be ‘cured’. It is part of being human – Joe Moran

If I had to describe being shy, I’d say it was like coming late to a party when everyone else is about three glasses in. All human interaction, if it …


Deep time’s uncanny future is full of ghostly human traces

Late one summer night in 1949, the British archaeologist Jacquetta Hawkes went out into her small back garden in north London, and lay down. She …

Earth Science

Minding matter

The closer you look, the more the materialist position in physics appears to rest on shaky metaphysical ground<i>By Adam Frank</i>Read at Aeon

Quantum Mechanics

The Physical Book Will Surely Endure: But Will It Endure for the Right Reason?

<b>1.</b> <b><br>Stefan Zweig</b> — the renowned Viennese writer who, in the 1930s, chose exile over <b>Adolf Hitler —</b> adored his books. As he moved globally among …


Cosmic test confirms quantum weirdness

The spookiness of quantum mechanics has gone cosmic.<p>Physicists have used starlight to perform a “Bell test” to verify the strange nature of quantum …

Quantum Mechanics

Can Quantum Physics Explain Consciousness?

A new approach to a once-farfetched theory is making it plausible that the brain functions like a quantum computer.<p>The mere mention of “quantum consciousness” makes most physicists cringe, as the phrase seems to evoke the vague, insipid musings of a New Age guru. But if a new hypothesis proves to …

Quantum Mechanics

The real problem

It looks like scientists and philosophers might have made consciousness far more mysterious than it needs to be<i>By Anil K Seth</i>Read at Aeon


Quantum Mechanics Is Putting Human Identity on Trial - Issue 30: Identity

“Even in principle, one cannot demand an alibi of an electron!”<br>Hermann Weyl, <i>The Theory of Groups and Quantum Mechanics</i> (1950)<p>Have you ever heard the …

Conscious exotica

From algorithms to aliens, could humans ever understand minds that are radically unlike our own?<i>By Murray Shanahan</i>Read at Aeon


Life at the Nowhere Office

You wake up and wonder: What time is it? Your little touchscreen says 2:54 a.m. Or 7:21 a.m. Or whatever. It is always <i>anytime</i>. And anytime is …

The time is right to reclaim the utopian ideas of Keynes – John Quiggin

I first became an economist in the early 1970s, at a time when revolutionary change still seemed like an imminent possibility and when utopian ideas …


A new ‘Einstein’ equation suggests wormholes hold key to quantum gravity

There’s a new equation floating around the world of physics these days that would make Einstein proud.It’s pretty easy to remember: ER=EPR.You might …

Quantum Mechanics

This Physics Pioneer Walked Away from It All - Issue 38: Noise

Inside the South London offices of Doppel, a wearable technology start-up, sandwiched into a single room on a floor between a Swedish coffee shop and …

Wearable Tech

The kindness paradox: Why be generous?

LIFE isn’t easy as a Maasai herder on the Serengeti plain in eastern Africa. At any moment, disease could sweep through your livestock, the source of …

The Curse of the Ramones

40 years later: The feuds, failures and breakdowns of the band that launched punk rock<p>Onstage, they were the personification of unity – even family. …

Your brain does not process information and it is not a computer – Robert Epstein

No matter how hard they try, brain scientists and cognitive psychologists will never find a copy of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in the brain – or copies …