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On the Fence in Your Marriage? Considering Divorce?

How Can A Divorce Coach Help You In Your Divorce? | Dads Divorce | Divorce Tips

Top Ten Best Practices for “Best for the Kids” Co-Parenting (by: Dr. Lisa Gabardi)

As a divorced parent, it’s easy to get caught up in your own feelings and frustrations. Execution of best parenting practices is hardly easy on a …

Breaking Up The Home: What To Do With The House | Cordell & Cordell

Subscribe: Android | RSS<p>Cordell & Cordell Managing Partner/CEO Scott Trout is joined by Christina Strait, broker/owner of Strait Realty, and Tom …

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2 helpful gifts today if you are contemplating or going through divorce @

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5 Tips for Preparing for Divorce

<b>1. Take Care of Your Kids</b><p>This may not apply to all divorcing couples, but for those with children, a few pointers on what to expect and how to help …

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Emotional Adulthood. One of the topics we explore during coaching.

Your brain always automates to what it knows...break out of the box by imagining a different future outcome.

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Are you on the edge - will I - wont I? Are you having a hard time navigating through your feelings and thoughts about it? This is a great time to work with a Life Coach - a trained neutral listener who can help you come to a decision thats right for you.

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How Yoga Changes Your Brain (It’s a Good Thing!)

Did you ever wonder how yoga changes your brain? As it turns out, that post-session happiness you feel isn’t just in your head. Using brain scans, …


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Self care during divorce. Involves big quantities of rest, due to increased brain activity, creating new neural pathways in every area of life.

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