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6 TED Talks About Illusion That Will Make You Doubt Your Own Brain

How did David Blaine hold his breath for 17 minutes? Answers to this and other magical mysteries.<p>Is seeing really believing? How sure are you that the things you think you see are real? What about the thoughts in your mind? Did you think them up on your own, or could they have been planted there by …

Crossword Puzzles

How to Be the Kind of Influential Leader That You Would Like to Follow

Are you the kind of leader that you would like to follow? If not, then you've got some work to do.<p>Leadership is not about titles. Leadership doesn't necessarily imply having a position at the highest executive level within a company, or being the boss. There are any many types of leadership, and …

Body Language

5 Tips for New Team Leaders

I’ve been a new manager five times in my career: once as a first-time manager at Google going from being a teammate to leading peers, three times as I was promoted within Google, and most recently as the new Chief Revenue Officer for UberConference, a teleconferencing startup in San Francisco. What …

Conquer With Confidence: How Belief in Yourself Will Convince Everyone Else

You are your toughest sell. Once you believe, everyone else will too.<p>You've worked hard. You feel like you've been preparing for this your whole life. And now you're ready.<p>Except...you're not.<p>As nervousness sets in, your feet get chilly. Palms sweaty. "Am I really as ready as I thought?" you ask …


6 of the Best-Kept Secrets of Successful Business People

Successful people can manipulate and influence others without their even knowing it.<p><i>Answer by Dan Deceuster, Founder of TallSlim Tees, on Quora</i><p>I won't cover luck, ambition, common sense and all of that. Here are some things I think very few people know and fewer implement.<p><b>1. The worst-to-best …