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Can we unconsciously 'hear' distance? - Futurity

Humans can unconsciously notice and make use of sound delays as short as 40 milliseconds to estimate distance.

Sea turtle given a 3D-printed jaw implant after boat accident

Human activity almost killed this loggerhead sea turtle in Turkey, but a group of doctors and researchers are looking to right that wrong with a 3D-printed prosthetic. The turtle, which is marked as an endangered species, was struck by a boat propeller while swimming in its natural habitat. The …

Did North Korea Really Launch A Missile From A Sub?

Cold war designs in the hands of a millennial dictator<p>A dictator's smile is never really a good sign. On Saturday, North Korea claimed they launched a ballistic missile from a submarine, and pictures from the launch show 32-year-old Kim Jong-Un beaming as he watches the show. His entire face is lit …

Faster-than-light travel: Are we there yet?

There’s a cosmic speed limit that unfortunately means we won’t be firing up warp drive anytime soon.<p>Long before the Empire struck back, before the …


Pluto flyby this summer will be 'unreal' - Futurity

The Pluto flyby in July, once billed as the "first trip to the last planet," is actually the first visit to an entirely new class of worlds.

Magnetically Levitating Elevators Could Reshape Skylines

They go up, down, and all around<p>With the debut of passenger elevators some 150 years ago, cities were forever changed. Freed from the tyranny of stairwells, architects built as high as they liked. That is, until they ran into another barrier: the weight of steel cables. A new elevator design from …

Giant exoplanet discovered with the help of Perth backyard astronomer

Australian National University researchers enlisted an amateur stargazer to confirm the existence of the planet, which orbits a star 500 light years from Earth<p>A backyard astronomer in Perth has helped to discover an unusually large exoplanet, the existence of which had puzzled scientists.<p>Thiam-Guan …

How This Beetle Creates 500 Explosions Per Second In Its Bum

There are few defences more extreme than that of the bombardier beetles. These insects deliberately engineer explosive chemical reactions inside their own bodies, so they can spray burning, caustic liquid from their backsides. The liquid can reach up to 22 miles per hour, at temperatures of around …


Mars astronauts risk brain damage from cosmic rays, say scientists

US researchers exposing mice to streams of high-energy particles similar to galactic cosmic rays discover damage to nervous system affecting cognition<p>As if boredom, cramped conditions, and limited company were not enough to worry about on a voyage to Mars, future astronauts will face brain damage …

Device measures radiation from 1 electron - Futurity

A new technique measures the frequency of radiation emitted by a single electron. Could neutrinos be next?

Unmanned Russian cargo spacecraft is falling to Earth

Progress M-27M vessel, which was carrying supplies to the International Space Station, is said to be out of control

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