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Challenge move straight from today's class! #aintyourmamabodychallenge 💞

Partner Leg-Core Work, tag your bff to challenge 👯👫// Piernas-abdominales en pareja, menciona a tu amigo/a para retarlos. @willy_beamen @thepartnermethod @mawarriors If leg day can be this cool all the time it would be a dream. Try these two moves 4 sets of 20 reps each. Si los días de piernas fueran tan divertidos pues fuera un sueño. Trata estos dos ejercicios por 4 series de 20 repeticiones. See the entire video on my Facebook

Not just for Yoga. #DharmaYogaWheel Check out @aliciarose6 building her #Handstand & core #Strength with her #DYW #Basic #YogaWheel

#tb YOGA SUNDAYS|| DOMINGOS DE YOGA As some of you guys know from my snapchat, I am in Vegas trying to take a break and relax. I said I was not going to "work" and unplug but 😁 you guys know me! I thought to repost this video as a challenge 🕊 then Tuesday put together a quad opening sequence to be able to do this with ease. Have a beautiful Sunday guys and follow me on Snapchat: MassyFit to see the adventures lol Love you! WWW.MASSYARIAS.COM ------------------------------------------------- Como muchos de ustedes saben yo estoy en Las Vegas tratando de relajarme un poco y divertirme. Dije que no iba a usar mi teléfono pero bueno ustedes me conocen 😅! Pensé en publicar este vídeo de nuevo como un reto 🕊 t este martes hacer una rutina que estire los músculos de los cuadriceps para poder hacer esta pose. Espero que tengan un bello domingo, los quiero mucho! Síganme en Snapchat

Such a bliss to have a few moments before the students come in and class begins. I gave this opportunity to create #MuscleMemory a try for all of my tags to #stopdropandyoga I’m so behind with 🙈 Thank you so much for thinking of me, you awesome ladies @supermomtraci @sportandtravel @rebelyogini @buddhamom76 @ninayogalife and @j.yogini 💞Passing the tag to #sdy and #strikeapose to @alexisr022 @_m.i.k.e.y_ and @the_punisher2004 whenever you feel like it 🙏🏼 . . . PINCHA ⏩ BABY BAKASANA↕ Day.6 of #DevelopingTheNegative ⏬👉🏼for amazing tips and instructions go check the stunning hosts 👊🏼💥 . I had to skip Day.5 because I simply couldn't do it .. my knees were screaming and I want to spare you my pathetic attempts. Good material for bloopers, though. But seriously, Lotus and I will part ways for some time. The knee on my good side is really, really mad at me 🙈 . Have a fun Thursday night, Lovelies ☀ . 🎥 first half is 2x, second half 1.25x sped up (and I swear my feet are off the the wall at the end 😜) 🔸Leggings @dharmabumsactive 🔸mat @liforme . stunning hosts @catbradleyyoga @caitmnolan @pinkchampagne13 @blue_yagoo generous sponsors @infinitystrap & @dharmabumsactive @limitlesswheel (use DEVELOPINGTHENEGATIV for 10%)

Making things a bit more accessible. #DharmaYogaWheel @opaliteyoga getting into chin stand with the help of her #DYW #Basic #YogaWheel

🔥🔥🔥🔥911! 📞 My clients are too hot! Lucky me. Come to class this weekend so I can see you burn it up. Saturday 10am + Sunday 10 and 11am at @thestandard #NWmethod #nicolewinhoffer #standardcures

Terceiro🎥 força aí meninas que jaja acaba 😓😓😓 #nopainnogain 👯👯👯 - 🚫🚫🚫Descrição dos exercícios na foto do desafio do dia 👉👉👉🚫🚫🚫

Who is ready to get down (or UP on the wall) with me at @thestandard tomorrow? Set those alarms ⏰⏰ and see you at 10am and 11am. My moves will empower you AND change your body! 💪🏽🙆🏽 #NWmethod #nicolewinhoffer @c.mcconnell @maryysnyder @dillon_spicer_ @esauceda210 @dmarienyc @alanafuscardo

Day 1 of the #DYWopenyourheart #DharmaYogaWheel challenge by @wildyogagirl she wants to see some king cobra variations with your #YogaWheel Tune in with @lola_beth for tomorrow's pose.

Still time left to get a #DharmaYogaWheel on #SALE for 30% off with the code "openheart" The talented @theyogidr flowing with his #DYW #Plus #YogaWheel

👯 PARTNER REVERSE CRUNCHES!!!! 👯 Kind of important to choose a buddy about the same torso height and arm length as you. 😜 Now tag a partner!!! Today my friend @annarenderer and I played around after our shoot with @popsugarfitness! #blogilates #poppilates

😍😍love this healthy treat option by @laceybaier🍌🍌

🌀#SpinalDreams 🌀 Day.18 is #RecliningFrogPose #SuptaBekhasana ✨ . I can do Frog Pose, I can do Reclined Hero Pose so I thought yeah, this should be doable. Well, it was ... but only with the help of my #DharmaYogaWheel 🔘 Not to save my life I could get my hands under my feet to get into that reclined frog. It was frustrating at one point. I think I just missed a tiny little detail. Would be great if someone can help me with a vid or so. But it truly felt awesome. . Please check the host's post for brilliant instructions 🔅#KeepPracticing with @cyogalab and sponsor @livesankalpa 🔅 . I’m sporting my new outfit by @liquidoactive #OMStars #LiquidoActive #iWearLiquido and I’m honored and grateful that this amazing brand asked me to be their ambassador. I bought my first Liquidos three or four years ago. Yes, around that time my obsession with leggings began 🙈😂. I still wear them sometimes. Even for IG pics and every time I got asked what brand that is. Maybe you can imagine me head over heals when they asked me. Of course I said yes because I truly love the buttery soft fabrics and the almost timeless patterns 💛 . If you like them as much as I do use ASLIQUIDO20 for a 20% discount on their entire website (including sale items). . also my Day 32/365 of #backbends365 #YM365BackBends with the #bendyladies 🌙

Sometimes things just #roll into place. #DharmaYogaWheel Check out @yogi_tay getting her foot to her head with the help of her #DYW #Basic #YogaWheel

I 💜 weekends because I get to spend extra time with my clients in the studio. If you live in NYC, you better come to #NWchurch 🙏🏽 tomorrow: where we praise our bodies, promise to love ourselves, and rise above our problems. Meet me at @thestandard 🌇 High Line at 10am or 11am tomorrow, and I guarantee you'll have an amazing workout 💪🏽 and do something 🆕❕ #NWmethod #nicolewinhoffer #standardcures @andreafpagliai @esauceda210 @briemanakul @bordonez @alimartillotta @givememo @ckdunkle @clauribeiro @alexiapolitis @blairroberts1 @seeduleyrie @lyzolko @nadyalayla @roarkmodern @pippacohen @mollysiems @getfriendly @dmarienyc @ashleysara82 @alanafuscardo @madisonleighkearney @charlielanks @dandeneau @jmargaretbeauty

I got you at every angle ↗️➡️↘️⬇️ and you're going to love the results. We are 3

That moment when your feet finally reach your #DharmaYogaWheel @galaxsee getting practicing her hollow back on her #DYW #Basic #YogaWheel

Your 2 Minute #WorkoutWednesday Challenge via @Ketanga_fitness + @QineticLive ・・・ I am leading a trip to Costa Rica this June with Ketanga Fitness 🙌 Link in my BIO for more info. If you've never worked out with me before, get to know me better on Qinetic. There are tons of tips + full length videos to get you fit for the trip!! Your challenge for the week ⬇️ - 1 min: complete as many reps as possible on the right side - 1 min: repeat on the left. This is a great exercise for shoulder mobility and core strength. Start in downdog, rock forward to plank position, making sure your shoulders are stacked over wrists and bring your right knee to your right elbow. Then return to downdog. #shaykitup

#DharmaYogaWheel there to push you to the next level. @rockin_yogi using her #DYW #Basic #YogaWheel against the wall to help open up.

🍦I've got flavor 🍬 #abs on fleek all week. See ya at 12:30pm for a midday reset. #NWmethod #nicolewinhoffer @suzieta @flannerykk @karafeifer @roarkmodern @andreafpagliai @veenun @amy_fucking_amato @jennelombardo @lindsay.morse @blairroberts1 @madisonleighkearney @kaycrudden @shimritdb

Check out these hardcore moves from #nextfitnessstar @nikkimetzger! The ninja jump to pistol squat tests your flexibility and explosiveness, while the moving wall mountain climbers to builds strength, coordination and balance. If you're not quite pistol squat ready, land on both feet from that ninja jump! #workoutwednesday

Today's #LeagueOfExtraordinaryYogis pose was given to us by the Love QUEEN BEE 🐝 @kateswarm - #TheBeesKnees🐝 - thanks Kate! I wanted to try this with keeping my hips over my knees like I would in puppy pose/ Anahatasana - then bringing the chest to the floor- which is a better stretch for me, the problem is... It looks suuuuper weird now 🙈🙈🙈 oh well. I'm 0 for 2 today. It's that kinda day. So it goes. Check in Sunday night with EL CABELLERO @yo_ches Monday's pose- and remember / you can always check @leagueheadquarters for the pose of the day and posting order!

Feeling all sorts of #StokedPrimal with kick-butt #trainer @rolvera1980 today - traveling frogger #handstand series #springfever #stoked #GETSTOKED #stokedathletes #shockittorockit #getupsidedown #getcreative #primalmovement #bodyweight #instafit #fitspo #fitfam #fitnessfun #movement #meanttomove #strength #conditioning @candacecbure - this one's for you. We miss you!!

I just uploaded a new video called "Happy Hard Core Abs" on YouTube. The title is actually an experiment. I want to see if more people will watch a video to find out how to get "happy abs" versus "sexy abs" or "flat abs." Which title would you HONESTLY click on? (Not what you think you'd like to click on...I mean what would actually intrigue you if you were looking to sculpt a strong core?) Comment below! See full video on 📺 (link in bio).

Who's coming to class tomorrow at @thestandard High Line? Let's pack the house and 💦 sweat in a positive, powerful community! I've got moves to taper your waist ⌛️ I've got moves to lengthen your legs 👖I've got moves to lift your booty 🍑 and I've got tunes to put a smile on your face 🎧😆 TOMORROW 10am+11am MONDAY 9am+12:30pm+7pm TUES 7am+9am WED 12

Improve your #Handstands with your #DharmaYogaWheel @pszeto showing us some of her moves on her #DYW #Basic #YogaWheel

I can do #thecancan upside down! Can-Can you?! 😂😂😂 Thanks @upsidedownmama @yogitales this was a fun one! I tried in handstand but could only do it on one side 🙈🙈. @wildmovementspnw #instastrong #instayogis #headstand #sirsasana #igyoga #instastrong #yogalove #yogafit #strongyogi #igfitness #igyogafam #HollysHandstands

Some #DharmaYogaWheel tricks from one of the #YogaWheel creators @yogivaruna on his #DYW #Basic #DharmaWheel