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Comment on Dream Killers by Sri

Women serve another dimension of life basically. This was once upon a time not a bad thing because it gave man a purpose beyond himself to work …


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Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong - The Huffington Post

Print this story<p><b>From the 16th century to the 19th,</b> scurvy killed around 2 million sailors, more than warfare, shipwrecks and syphilis combined. It was an ugly, smelly death, too, beginning with rattling teeth and ending with a body so rotted out from the inside that its victims could literally be …


Taxation is theft

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Framed by Mother Nature

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Daily reminder

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How to get abundance: stop focusing on women

<b>TLDR</b>: Have a purpose in life. Be focused on your goals, not women. This is how you achieve abundance and happiness.<i>Note: First post here, I don't</i> …


The Inside Story of Jocelyn Flores, the Tragic Teen Who Inspired XXXTentacion’s Hit

At 11:20 p.m. on May 13, 2017, two young men and a girl checked into a Hampton Inn. It was a Saturday night, just before Mother’s Day, and the hotel …


Brexit News

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The secret life-hack - why you should quit feminism


We're Watching an Antidemocratic Coup Unfold

Acts of sabotage against the president are perilous to the American system of government. They're also self-serving.<p>The title of Bob Woodward’s new book, <i>Fear</i>, contains a multitude of meanings. For one thing, it describes the attitude of many of President DonaldTrump’s own aides toward his …

Donald Trump

This Is a Constitutional Crisis

A cowardly coup from within the administration threatens to enflame the president’s paranoia and further endanger American security.<p>Impeachment is a constitutional mechanism. The Twenty-Fifth Amendment is a constitutional mechanism. Mass resignations followed by voluntary testimony to congressional …

Trump Administration

Conscious & subconscious attraction

In the RP circles it's often theorized that, through evolution, women have developed this sexual <i>strategy</i> of seeking an "alpha" to fuck, and a "beta" …


My nephew tried to school me on cultural appropriation. It didn't end well.

They got him. Just as I feared they would.<p>My nephew Kyle came to live with us this summer after his freshman year of college. Apparently he’s now a deputized member of the cultural-appropriation police.<p>He hadn’t even unpacked his massive bag of dirty laundry when he made a snide comment about the …

Cultural Appropriation

Here’s What Happened When I Slept With My Best Friend

By Aidan McAlister,<p>Comment<br>• FlagFlagged<br>• http://tcat.tc/2iqz61u<p>Neither of us intended for it to happen.<p>Katie had been my best friend since childhood. It …

John Coltrane and the End of Jazz

The Renaissance, taking man as the measure of all things, produced music for soloists. The Age of Revolutions, gestating democracy and the nation at …


America Soured on My Multiracial Family

When my wife and I adopted our daughter from Ethiopia in 2010, we did so full of hope. In the years since, we’ve faced ugliness that has robbed us of our optimism—and left us fearful for the future of our country.<p>There are three fundamental, complicating truths about adoption. First, every single …

How To Deal With A Stuck-Up Woman

Men's Advice Uncategorized, Understanding the Opposite Sex<p>By David Wygant December 16, 2011 <b>341</b> Shares<p>Nervous around beautiful women? Download my 10 …


The Sexual Revolution Hits Another Speed Bump

Well, it looks like the sexual revolution has hit another speed bump. As it continues its long press toward completely redefining all we’ve ever …


Which African Nation Enslaved A Million Europeans.

(<b>ThyBlackMan.com</b>) Raiders from what present day <i>African country</i> enslaved more than a million Europeans and US citizens in the 18th and 19th centuries? …

French Government

How to Prove Attractive to Someone on a Date

How to Prove Attractive to Someone on a Date<p>The goal can be stated simply enough: the overwhelming priority, when on a date with someone we like, is …


A Brief History of Dating

A Brief History of Dating<p>Our present dating habits can feel like a natural part of existence, but in reality, they’ve only been around for a very …

The Return of Simone Biles and the Costs of Gymnastics

It can be difficult to describe the experience of watching women’s gymnastics, because it is not like any other sport. Most élite athletes challenge bodily limits, but gymnasts seem to exist in a realm beyond the human body’s horizon. Some have the brawny necks of linebackers, others the knobby …


Paul Singer, Doomsday Investor

The head of Elliott Management has developed a uniquely adversarial, and immensely profitable, way of doing business.<p>On May 18, 2017, Jonathan Bush was standing at the stern of his luxury catamaran, the Zenyatta, named for a champion Thoroughbred racehorse, when he received a text message from a …

Hedge Funds

Tired of Dirty Dishes and ‘Hacker Houses,’ Millennials Revamp Communal Living

‘Co-living’ offers more affordable rent, a cleaning service and even the occasional happy hour. And no more psycho roommates.<p>SAN JOSE—One night in January 2016, Bryan Cannon was searching for an apartment in Silicon Valley, scrolling through an endless sea of Craigslist ads. He wanted a place he …

Home Ownership

Tear Them All Down

In North Carolina last night, a Confederate monument came down. That’s a start.<p>The latest public debate over America’s epidemic of Confederate …

Woman cancels wedding at last minute because fiancé watched porn

A woman has revealed that she canceled her dream wedding just a week before the big day after discovering her fiancé watched porn.<p>Claire Dalton’s ex …

Romans 8:26 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. | King James Version (KJV)

Romans 8:26 KJVLikewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh …

If Eurocentricity Is Wrong How Can Afrocentricity Be Right.

(<b>ThyBlackMan.com</b>) Ponder this for a moment. <i>If Eurocentricity is wrong, how can Afrocentricity be right?</i>Eurocentricity is a form of ethnocentricity …