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How to Avoid Holiday Distress with Your Family

We all know the complaints: family grievances, stressful shopping, never enough time to get everything done, fatigue, and collapse. Therapists brace …

Family Vacations

A 4-Step Prescription for Intentional Living

A 4-Step Prescription for Intentional LivingOur modern society is so focused on working harder and longer, acquiring possessions, and achieving …

7 Ways to Reduce Family Stress During the Holidays

7 Ways to Reduce Family Stress During the HolidaysAre your holidays full of relaxation and quality time with family? If not, you’re not alone. In …


How to Deal with Distractions While Meditating

How to Deal with Distractions While MeditatingMeditation is a skill like learning to ride a bike or drive a car. It takes time, effort, and making …


Dangerous Ideas - Deepak Chopra & Richard Dawkins 2013-11-09

Making a Choice: Is the Universe Mental or Physical?

Richard Dawkins interviews Deepak Chopra (Enemies of Reason Uncut Interviews) is showing you the most important part of the page. See full version.

Richard Dawkins interviews Deepak Chopra (Enemies of Reason Uncut …

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What is your calling? #HigherVision

From my book #SuperGenes with Rudy Tanzi.

Legs: Single Leg Deadlift

Detox Support

The Psychology of Spending and How to Avoid Pressure to Spend

shoppingMany of us would agree we enjoy spending money on things that bring us pleasure. From dinners at a nice restaurant to luxurious vacations, …


Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

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Are Good Doctors Bad for Your Health?

PRETTY regularly, I receive an urgent call from a distraught friend or friend of a brother. “Zeke, Mom was at home and her heart stopped. The E.M.T.s are rushing her to XYZ hospital in Miami. Can you help me find the best cardiologist there for her?”

“Get me the best cardiologist” is our natural …


Quantum Healing (Revised and Updated): Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine Paperback – November 17, 2015

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