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Life isn’t perfect. There are peaks and valleys, successes and failures, love and heartbreak, amazing times and deep ruts. It’s a rollercoaster ride and it gets messy! We are the light-finders for ourselves, for each other, and especially for YOU. Come here to focus on gratitude and everything you have to be thankful for instead of dwelling on what you don’t. The main goal here is to hold both you and ourselves accountable for providing boatloads of happiness in life. We’re here to be real with you, too. It’s often easy to feel like the outsider when things go wrong, as they inevitably do! What we’ve discovered in this process is that when we dig really deep and touch on some raw topics, people often reach out to us and express how they, too, have gone through similar situations and thought they were alone! Even in your darkest times, Blissers, you are not alone. We’re always willing to do our best to cheer you up and bring your focus back to the positive.

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