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楊照:教育不只教孩子「別當壞蛋」,更要教會孩子「別當不懂生命樂趣的笨蛋」 - 商業周刊

13 位攝影師分享心目中最完美的 2015 婚照


如果你自詡為創意人,想必各式獨立出版品也屬於你的關注範疇,也許在你的工作桌上,就有一本獨立雜誌!文創產業近年來在世界各地如雨後春筍般的蓬勃發展,獨立出版也成為許多立志不受廣告商業影響的媒體人能夠維持公正的發聲管道,而獨立雜誌主題廣泛,舉凡藝術、設計、建築到旅行及個人觀點應有盡有,儘管數位時代平面書報 …

到丹麥修課3個月,慶幸沒在台灣讀碩士...一個留學生的觀察:歐洲碩士班教我們工作實務,台灣呢? - 商業周刊

Learn English

FIND A STUDENT TO STUDY TOGETHER<p>FIND A TEACHER<p>Find a Language Exchange Partner<p>This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by …

The Illusion of Inclusion: How We Are Failing Students with Learning Disabilities

The education world is abuzz trying to make sense of disheartening findings that, since 2013, scores in reading and math have gone down or remained stagnant across fourth and eighth grades. What we aren't talking about, however, is the performance of students with disabilities, who continue to lack …


Secret Teacher: I can't bear Ofsted so I'm going back to teach in Australia

I knew moving to the UK wouldn’t be easy, but never imagined it could be so exhausting. I leave with my spirit and confidence crushed<p>Not so long ago, I loved teaching. I was living in Australia, inspiring children’s fascination with the world around them and stretching my own creativity. When I …

Today we are looking at turning nouns into adjectives. Enjoy!!!

Online schools 'worse than traditional teachers'

<b>You can see why online charter schools in the United States were seen as the next big thing.</b><p>Charter schools - publicly funded independent schools - have continued to expand across the US, with supporters seeing them as a way of re-energising standards in state education.<p>And the educational …


Today's management tip: Avoid these writing mistakes if you want to make a good impression

Grammar exercise | Prepositions

Fill in the blanks using appropriate prepositions. 1. This area is backward ……………….. most aspects. a) at b) in c) on d) from 2. I… Continue reading

The best way to learn math is to learn how to fail productively

Singapore, the land of many math geniuses, may have discovered the secret to learning mathematics (pdf). It employs a teaching method called productive failure (pdf), pioneered by Manu Kapur, head of the Learning Sciences Lab at the National Institute of Education of Singapore.<p>Students who are …

17 Small Things To Do Every Day To Be Much Smarter

There’s a dark side to the conveniences of the Digital Age. With smartphones that function like handheld computers, it has become increasingly …

Time Management


What Should Teachers Know?

Reasonable people agree that teachers should know the content of the subject matter they teach -- history, math, literature -- whatever it is.<p>But should they have a good understanding of how children learn? Most people -- including most teachers -- would say yes. And yet solid information about the …


Researchers Solve Longtime Puzzle About How We Learn

<b>More than a century ago, Pavlov figured out that dogs fed after hearing a bell eventually began to salivate when they heard the ring. A Johns Hopkins</b> …

關西限定 ▎Pocky界的LV之稱的Bâton D'or,新口味更美味、更涮嘴好吃

不曉得大家熟不熟悉<b>Bâton D'or</b>這個牌子?如果沒聽過沒關係,因為你一定聽過<b>Pocky</b>!<br>而這個<b>Bâton D'or</b>就是跟<b>Pocky</b>同屬的<b>Glico</b>固力果所推出的貴婦版的<b>Pocky</b><br>會這樣稱呼沒別的原因,因為這<b>Bâton D'or</b>的價格可是比<b>Pocky</b>貴好許多哦 (繼續閱讀...)

#POPBEE 本週語錄 – POPBEE – Popbee

Secret Teacher: I couldn't cope with full-time teaching and fatherhood

Lots of teachers choose the profession to allow for family life. But when you can’t catch up on work in your free time, the job becomes impossible<p>I am currently enjoying my happiest period as a teacher in almost a decade. My lesson plans are detailed and differentiated, my resources are in order, …

有咖啡香的複合式書店,靜謐又充滿活力的奇幻空間 » ㄇㄞˋ點子

一對芬蘭夫婦用貼紙把家裡佈置出了雜誌平面的效果 » ㄇㄞˋ點子

7 Wedding Cards That Are SO Much Better Than Sappy Drugstore Finds

Skip the sappy drugstore stationery! When it comes time to give your best wishes to your college bestie, your big bro, or someone else you're super close to, those cheesy wedding cards just won't cut it.<p>For the lighthearted couple, consider one of these laugh-out-loud choices instead.<p><b>Does it get</b> …

當他四處旅遊時,各地景致都成了他的創意幫手... » ㄇㄞˋ點子

去這 5 間巴黎當紅咖啡館感受一下巴黎獨特的咖啡文化

巴黎是一座浪漫有文化的大都市,其中咖啡館文化頗具特別風格,在那裏有着大大小小近 12,000 家咖啡館。濃黑的咖啡溢出可人的香氣,世界上再沒有哪個城市,會像巴黎的咖啡館那樣,給妳如此悠閑自在的感覺。氣溫暖和時,室外就立刻會擺滿桌子、椅子,甚至是折疊躺椅。事實上,喝過巴黎咖啡的人都知道,其實那裏的咖啡 …