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Spaghetti Toes

Paw-sitively purr-fect: Cats dressing up for all occasions, in pictures - Telegraph

Men Of The Internet Describe The Hardest Part Of Being Male, And You’re Not Ready For This

Several well-known downsides (still) exist to being a woman in society. Sexism can result in unreachable expectations of perfection in beauty, motherhood, and other stereotypes. In many industries, women are still paid lower salaries than their male counterparts, and ladies are expected to “have it …

Here's How 10 People Visualize Their Depression

"Depression feels like a two-sided world."<p>For me depression used to feel like a two-sided world. A world with a light side full of sunlight, flowers, grass, and a bright blue sky. And a dark side with barren, cracked land, dark gloomy skies, thick air that was hard to breathe in, and nothingness. I …

Time I

8 Weird Christmas Song Lyrics That Should Make You Think Twice

Christmas carols have been passed down for generations now without a second thought, and some of them should honestly give people pause. Whether they’re promoting adultery, send a different message they once did, or just never made sense at all, there are some really questionable Christmas songs …

11 People Who Proved The Transformational Power Of Makeup In 2015

It's more than lipstick.

Women of Color

The 10 worst parental crimes on social media

A guide for adults who don’t want to shame teenage family members in front of their friends, or make themselves look stupid<p>1 The ‘talk’<p>Every teenager must endure “the talk” before they are allowed access to the internet: a flow of warnings and cautions, making sure you know that “you mustn’t …

Social Media

Check Out These Cats Destroying Christmas

When it comes to destroying Christmas, The Grinch has nothing on cats. Cats can be evil (don’t argue, here’s proof) every day of the year. But …

This Tattoo Artist Retouched His Wife's Tattoo Of Their Trans Son To Reflect His True Identity

"I think it really reaffirmed, for him, that we believed him."


Riding the subway in Seoul showed me how far behind New York is

As someone who lived in New York City for over a decade, I've relied heavily on the subway system there. But as much as I appreciate the MTA, it's not the most sophisticated or technologically advanced service in the world. A recent trip to South Korea made me realize that it may be time for NYC's …

Cotton Candy

30 Hilarious Christmas Gag Gifts That No One Needs, But Everyone Wants.

Have you reached your limit of things to gift others? Or maybe you seem to always be that one friend who unintentionally duplicates another person’s …


15 Phrases That Are Basically Sex To Socially Anxious People

"We can leave after an hour." OH THANK GOD.


Here's What Happened To Ruby Sue From 'Christmas Vacation'

Ruby Sue, where are you?<p>Get ready to start sh*tting bricks ... oops, sorry ... sh*tting rocks.<p>It's been 26 years since "Christmas Vacation" debuted and gave us the hap-hap-happiest holiday movie ever. Since that time, many of the actors went on to have huge Hollywood careers, including "Big Bang …

Child Actors

Body-Painted Man Hides Perfectly Within Famous Landmarks

Unreal.<p>Well this takes blending in with your surroundings to a whole new level.<p>New York-based artist and photographer Trina Merry's travel photos are unlike anything we've seen. In her new series "Lost in Wonder," Merry explores the relationship between traveling and the "culture of the selfie." …

Body Art

Single Cheese-Like Slices Of Chocolate Are Now A Thing

A grilled-chocolate sandwich? Yes, please.<p>Love chocolate but always longed for it to be sold in a form reminiscent of Kraft Singles? Wish granted.<p>The Japanese candy company Bourbon is now selling individual slices of chocolate wrapped in film.<p>Each pack contains five 2-millimeter (0.08-inch) thick …


Selena Gomez Had a Message for Justin Bieber Last Night

She got very sassy during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.<p>Selena Gomez hasn't been shy about the toll bullying has taken on her. So last night, when the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired her singing (and killing it) in lingerie, she sent a couple special messages via Instagram to the people …

What Your Pet's Name Says About You

Instead of presenting our premise step by step, and then ever-so-gently easing into the conclusion, let's get right to the heart of the matter and say what needs to be said. If your dog is named "Plato," you have a serious self-esteem problem. I say that because I once had a dog named "Plato."<p>The …

This Map Shows the Ultimate U.S. Road Trip

The concept of a road trip is as American as apple pie, and yet, devising the “best” U.S. driving route is a bit of a head scratcher. Much depends on …

Daniel Radcliffe's Harry Potter Audition Tape Is TOO Adorable

This is where it all began. Prepare to get actual goosebumps from this.<p>Today's dose of unfathomable cuteness comes courtesy of Daniel Radcliffe, whose <i>Harry Potter</i> audition tapes and screen tests have just resurfaced.<p>They show a baby-faced Dan Rad chatting to a Hagrid impostor about dragon's eggs …

8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Comic Book Geek

Heads up, comic book geeks! Penny, Bernadette and Amy aren’t the only people who can give you some sweet, sweet loving.<p>So you’re a proud geek and may …

Comic Books

Dad Turns His Daughter's Bag Lunches Into Perfectly Geeky Works of Art

We love how this awesomely geeky dad goes above and beyond when it comes to packing his daughter's lunch every day.<p>I HATE packing my kids' lunches everyday.<p>There. I said it.<p>The monotony of meal prep, the mad scramble for drinks and snacks, the feeling of dread when you realize you forgot to clean …

The best books to read | Cosmopolitan UK book suggestions

Apr 19, 2018<p>Not all of them. Obviously. No room for shoes.<p>Advertisement - Continue Reading Below<p>Apr 13, 2018<p>We totally glossed over the hard hitting …


21 Times All Of Tumblr Was On Drugs

"What if rocks are actually soft but just tense up when we touch them?"


Tumblr the new tool for teenage thieves

Teenage shoplifters are taking to Tumblr to show off their score and share tips with their sticky-fingered friends.<p>While social media has become a …

23 Tumblr Posts About OTPs That Are Accurate AF

"It's all fun and games until it becomes your OTP and takes over your fucking life."