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A look inside the daily lives of women in Morocco

Before my first visit to Morocco, I was curious to find out: How is daily life like for Moroccan women? In what ways do they run businesses and households?<p>With the help of Plan-It Fez Tours, I met women all throughout the country. My Arabic-speaking guide made custom arrangements so that I could …


I worked as a barista and a paralegal — and both my bosses broke the law in the same way

Last fall, I became a barista in a small, "socially responsible" coffee company. A few months later, I got a temporary paralegal position at one of the world's biggest multinational, corporate law firms.<p>The two companies had little in common, but both told me one thing: Don't talk to your coworkers …

The Workplace

France has one of the world's strongest militaries, and can use it to bring the fight to ISIS

Within 48 hours of the November 13 terrorist attacks in Paris, France had already mobilized its air force to strike back at ISIS.<p>French President François Hollande immediately declared the Paris attack "an act of war." French Prime Minister Manuel Valls echoed the sentiment, vowing to "annihilate …


Antarctica gains enough ice each year to bury Rhode Island 85 feet deep

This is strange news to many scientists. Most research to date assumes Antarctica's ice sheet is melting and contributing to global sea level rise.<p>But the authors of the new study, published Oct. 29 in the Journal of Glaciology, found that Antarctica had a net increase of 112 billion tons of ice …

Global Warming

Controversial $9 billion health startup Theranos fires back again at the scathing WSJ report that questioned its technology

The rebuttal is a response to an explosive story published in the Journal last week.<p>The Journal's report alleged that Theranos is struggling to make its 'revolutionary' in-house technology actually work, and reports that only about 10% of Theranos' blood tests use its technology, with the rest of …

Genetic Engineering

These are the dirtiest things in your hotel room

When you check into a hotel room there are certain things inside that are usually dirtier than anything else. Here's a look at what they are and just how dirty a hotel room can be. The results are from a 2012 study conducted by researchers at the University of Houston.<p><i>Produced by Eames Yates</i><p><b>Follow</b> …


One A9 is the start of a fashionable smartphone phase at HTC

A couple of days ago, HTC unveiled its new One A9 smartphone, which marked quite a few changes from the company’s long running One line-up of products. As well as new hardware and software features, the HTC One A9 is also a change in direction from a design standpoint, which sounds like it will …


20 books Mark Zuckerberg thinks everyone should read

He wanted his selections to focus on "different cultures, beliefs, histories, and technologies."<p>"Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today," Zuckerberg wrote on his personal Facebook page. "I'm looking forward to shifting more of my media …


Scotland is acting like a bitter spouse in a marriage of convenience

It comes as no surprise that Scotland is angry about the proposals, If the last two years have proved anything, it's that Scotland's politicians want a lot for very little in return. They don't really like feeling excluded.<p>Meanwhile, Britain's opposition Labour party has jumped to the aid of the …

United Kingdom
Armed Forces

Australia enacted one of the largest gun reforms ever nearly 2 decades ago — and gun deaths plummeted

Forced to react to yet another mass shooting, President Barack Obama reiterated points he's made before: That the US is the "only advanced country in the world that sees these mass shootings every few months" and "this type of mass violence does not happen in other developed countries."<p>That wasn't …


The 18 countries with the lowest tax rates in the world

The World Economic Forum's recent global competitiveness report uses "total tax rate" as one measure of how competitive a country is, with lower figures being better.<p>The total tax rate is actually defined by the World Bank. Here's how it works:<p>The total amount of taxes is the sum of five different …

Burj Khalifa

Enable Multi-Window mode in Android 6.0 Marshmallow with a bit of tinkering

Multi-Window is one of the most awesome features that has blessed larger Android devices. You will never use a smartphone the same way once you try running two apps at once, but sadly this is a feature limited to very few handsets (mostly Samsung ones). This is why the whole Android modding …

Android News

Everything you need to know about the pivotal Max Schrems-Facebook case

Here are the main points:<p>Individual European countries can now set their own regulation for US companies' handling of citizens' data, vastly complicating the regulatory environment in Europe.<br>• Countries can choose to suspend the transfer of data to the US — forcing companies to host user data …


Oxford University offers the 'world's hardest test' — here's how to answer the questions

That's because it's nearly impossible to revise for. The questions are abstract and there are no right or wrong answers.<p>Only a twentieth of the Oxford graduates who take the test are invited to continue the process.<p>The prize is a 7-year fellowship at Oxford University, which typically goes to two …

College & University

The incredible story of the man who volunteered to enter Auschwitz and exposed the horrors of the Holocaust

In the early days of World War II, most of the world was unaware of the horrors occurring inside Nazi Germany's Auschwitz camp — until Polish army captain Witold Pilecki volunteered to figure out the camp's inner workings.<p>On September 19, 1940, German SS troops did exactly what Pilecki was hoping …

World History

George Osborne's radical business rates: 'the devil is in the detail'

Local councils will get control of business rates in a sweeping move that was greeted with a lukewarm response from businesses<p>George Osborne's radical plan to overhaul the UK's £26bn business rate system may not lead to a reduction in the overall cost to industry, despite a cautious welcome from UK …

The surprising things millennials love — and hate

Sometimes, when retailers try so desperately to lure this desirable (albeit generally broke) demographic, they make bizarre mistakes. Other times, they get it right.<p>Here's what retailers do that millennials love — and hate.

Fast Casual

Elon Musk: The Model X is so advanced we probably shouldn't have built it

The launch was a big success, well attended by Tesla owners, fans, and the media.<p>But along the way, Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted that the Model X's advanced technology caused major delays.<p>Musk had already claimed that the Model X was "the most difficult car in the world to build."<p>But at the launch, …

Android News

Why does the Nexus cost more in UK and Europe?

Buying a smartphone free of a contract can often be very expensive and sometimes, the location you’re buying it in can result in you paying even more for that handset.<p>A couple of days ago, Google announced its new Nexus handsets and with it, brought a key issue to the forefront of the market; the …

Mobile Technology

How Playing the Long Game Made Elizabeth Holmes a Billionaire

Inside the 31-year-old's fight to disrupt a $75 billion industry, and grow it by another $125 billion.<p>You'd have to look really hard not to see Steve Jobs in Elizabeth Holmes. Both Holmes and Jobs were loners as kids. As a teenager, Jobs discovered Plato; Holmes favored Roman emperor-philosopher …

Genetic Engineering

Facebook push notifications now available via Chrome, no official app needed

With the introduction of the Chrome Push API, Google made it possible for websites to push notifications through their popular mobile browser. This proves to be a huge step for many web developers and companies, as they no longer have to make users download an app in order to get updates on the …


A man who left his 6-figure job to earn less than half as much describes the moment that made up his mind

"At the last moment, the client decided not to use our services," he says. "I realized at that moment that my income depended so largely on things outside my control."<p>Pisor was earning up to $156,000 a year serving as the director of business solutions, working remotely for the Chicago company from …


Could Xiaomi end up being a victim of its own success?

It is testament to Xiaomi’s success so far that competitors are beginning to emulate its approach. Selling smartphones at near cost direct to consumers with minimal advertising spend has carried Xiaomi to the number one spot in China and it has rarely been out of the top five smartphone …

Cellular Networks

At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves

"Yes," Zonoobi fervently replies. Spreading his hands in blessing, Martens then baptizes the man "in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost."<p>Mohammed is now Martin — no longer Muslim, but Christian.<p>Zonoobi, a carpenter from the Iranian city of Shiraz, arrived in Germany with his wife …

Mobile Technology