SPC Group 1

14 Flips | 1 Magazine | @DarrellNati49d8 | Alonzo Adamos, Charles Suba, Carl Castañeda, Darrell Natividad, Jeremy Domingo, JB Ducusin

A cross is located at the foot of the mountain, reminding hikers that the mountain is a sacred place, and that locals consider it as a church. Mt. Banahaw is believed by locals to be the Calvary of Jesus. Thus leading the followers to devote and to climb the mountain in penance. (Religion, Adamos)

Ilog Lagnas Ilog Lagnas is known to have healing powers as people gather in hopes of getting cured. The clear waters and clean surroundings make the river look excellent and surreal.

Crystal Clear 💎 A student (Maglines) collects water from the falls just beside Ilog Lagnas after wading in the river. (English, Ducusin)

Picture Picture! Mr. Carl Castañeda poses for a picture with nature after passing through the Husgado Cave successfully. (English, Domingo)

The tour guide is explaining the history of Mt. Banahaw while doing hand gestures. The tour guide is motion. Therefore, he is showing kinetic energy. (Physics, Castañeda)

Community Realness 🏡 The sight of laundry hanging by the clotheslines means that a community thrives on Mt. Banahaw. (English, Ducusin)

By The Mountain🍃

2017 Mega Project

The students are climbing Mt.Banahaw. They moving towards the top by using kinetic energy. There is displacement and force shown. Therefore, work is done. (Physics, Castañeda)

This is a bell from the church at Mt.Banahaw. The bell was able to create sounds and noises. The study of production and propagation of sound waves is acoustics which is a branch of physics. (Physics, Castañeda)

This route map shows the checkpoints along the journey and the steps it took to get there. (Trigonometry, Suba)

The jeepney is parked at the side of the mountain. The jeepney is not in motion at the moment but it can move if a person was to drive it. Therefore, the jeepney has potential energy.

The students are staying still for the photo. The are in a state of rest and the velocity is constant. Therefore, they are in a state of equilibrium.