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Try to make there work or school work more fun or less boring dyslexics have a gift they also have s bigger brain then people with no dyslexia people with dysgraphia dyslexia dyscallicua have bigger brains

Dyslexic hand writing

I think it's a good idea :D

People should love who they want to love not who they are forced to love

The same sex marriage have been legal in all 50 state people have been fighting for it and they got it the gay chart have changed since 1997 in 1997 some were gay but not in 2015 the charts are growing some people should support the gays and here is a good reason why to support the gays you can not force love on. The opposite gender people love who they want to love

Sia doesn't do tour anymore for some reason sia has many hits she even wrote songs for other artists like Rihanna- Diamonds wrote by sia fun fact sia wrote the song diamonds in 15 minutes. cannon ball by Lia Michelle sia also wrote nios song let me love you until you learn to love your self. She also wrote a song for Britney Spears called perfume she also wrote a song for Rita Ora called radio active not the one by imagine dragons she also wrote the song we are one for the 2014 world cap by Pitbull she also wrote pretty hurts by Katy perry the seven people/songwriters are not my info. I got it from clever music all rights go to them

Sias last hit album called some people have real problems this is also when she was showing her face since she doesn't show her face she gets a 12 year old girl to do coryagrophy and do her videos for sia maddie has been in 3 videos chandelier,Elastic heart,big girls cry

Sias latest album and of her #1 hit albums

Sia this is sia before she decided to stop showing her face

Apple Music changes policy after Taylor Swift stand

<b>Apple Music has reversed its payment policy, a day after the singer Taylor Swift said she was refusing to allow the company to stream her album 1989.</b><p>In an open letter to Apple, Swift said she was withholding the record as she was unhappy with the three-month free trial offered to subscribers.<p>Now …

Apple Music

#7 last but not least rap music it's a very popular Trend on radio and many other places as spotify and iTunes

#5 this is one of the things that boys like it's called call of dudy a very popular game #videogames

#4 hair dye one of the popular trends that turn your hair a different color