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10 Most Common Body Parts People Hide

If you think your ankles are actually cankles or your ears are a little Dumboesque for that short haircut, don't feel too bad. You're in the …

Mental Health

Is what's in my belly button really lint?

The term "belly button lint" is a catchall. And, as it turns out, so is the belly button itself. What we think of as lint in our navels is really a …

North Carolina State University

How Anesthesia Works

The use of general anesthesia is less than 200 years old. Before doctors were able to cause unconsciousness in patients, surgery was brutal for all …

Why does marijuana give users the munchies?

Whether you're a wake-in-bake aficionado or merely enjoy a good stoner comedy, you've probably come across the undeniable link between cannabis …

Do plants feel pain?

Few moments evoke a sense of summer like catching a whiff of freshly cut grass. For many people, it's a pleasant sign that warmer temperatures are …


Earwax: Live With It

Despite tons of people using cotton swabs each day to clean the earwax from their ears, cerumen (as earwax is clinically known) is actually quite …

How the Apple Watch Works

Smartwatches are not a new concept. The idea goes back at least to the 1940s with the introduction of Dick Tracy's communicator watch. It's taken …

Apple Watch

10 Things You Didn't Know About Einstein

Everyone knows Albert Einstein as a wild-haired, violin-playing genius who revolutionized physics, and many have heard how he arrived at his …

Albert Einstein

How does Google Maps predict traffic?

The green, yellow and red routes that Google Maps uses to indicate clear, slow-moving, or heavily congested traffic are a great help when you're …


10 Embarrassing Problems You Don't Want to Discuss with Your Doctor

Visiting the doctor can be embarrassing, even under the best of circumstances. After all the poking and prodding that goes on and the probing …


Is chocolate addictive?

Are you one of the millions of people who call themselves a chocoholic? Do you get weak in the knees when you walk past a chocolate shop? Keep …


10 Tax Exemptions You Should Know

Tax-exempt — is there a more beautiful hyphenated adjective in the English language? Since the very first income tax was collected in 1913, the U.S. …


How to File Taxes for the First Time

Forget about getting a driver's license, growing hair in strange places or moving out of your parents' home. The first real sign that you're well on …


How Hardship Exemption Works

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act made sweeping changes to the U.S. health care system. Signed into law in 2010, its intent is to …

Health Care

How Debit Cards Work

There is nothing mysterious about debit cards. With their Visa and MasterCard logos, they may look like they're masquerading as credit cards, but …


How to Cash Out Your 401(k)

Since 1982, American workers have been saving for retirement by contributing to <b>401(k) plans</b>. A type of defined contribution plan offered by many …


How much money should you have in your savings account?

Most banks offer a savings account automatically when you open a checking account. Unfortunately, most of us don't use that savings account as much …

Personal Finance

How much does it cost to have a baby?

Having kids is expensive. And since you've probably already purchased things like a changing table, a crib, clothing and those first few batches of …


The Secret of Hot Sauce | FoodStuff


How to Prepare Fruit

Even highly original and visionary artists use the same simple techniques to prepare their canvases or achieve basic visual effects. It's the same in …


Can water go bad?

Many people store water for emergencies like hurricanes and power failures. This is especially true in rural areas where drinking water comes from …

Tap Water

10 Mind-blowing Alcohol Facts

Drinking has been so widespread throughout history that Patrick McGovern, an archaeological chemist at the University of Pennsylvania, called it "a …


The Science of Ice Cream | FoodStuff


Why do things taste sour? - Science on the Web #97


Milk Chocolate: Where did it come from? | Stuff of Genius


How WiFi Works

If you've been in an airport, coffee shop, library or hotel recently, chances are you've been right in the middle of a wireless network. Many people …


Why Is Bacon Considered A Breakfast Food?


Can you make a living on YouTube?

YouTube took in around $5.6 billion in advertising revenue in 2013 — not too shabby for a website less than a decade old. Even with the company …


How Poison Ivy Works

Poison ivy, oak and sumac are all variations of the same plant and they all can make you itch... if you're susceptible that is. In this episode, …


10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

It's the Monday morning fantasy of every working stiff on the planet. Instead of crawling out of bed at an ungodly hour, showering and getting …