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She's not saying you have to stop eating it. But eating a little less meat lets 3 great things happen.

This video is about 3 things:<p>1. Being healthier.<p>2. Messing up the world less.<p>3. Being a little kinder.<p>Sorry, 4 things:<p>4. Mondays.<p>Americans eat more …

I've decided that THIS is going to be my logo. the reason why I have the ACE of heart behind the ACE of spade because everything I do with the name BiG $PAiD in it my hearts behind it! #CanYouDigIt

The Layman’s Guide To Virtual Reality

So many companies, so many technologies. Who can keep it all straight? We can! Here’s a plainspeak FAQ to get you up to speed.<p>Oculus. Facebook. Samsung. Microsoft. Sony. Google. Viewmaster. Virtual reality is coming, but it’s a remarkably confusing market, filled with dozens of players, all …


augur - Word of the Day

• to conjecture from signs or omens; predict.<br>• to be a sign; bode: <i>The movement of troops augurs ill for the peace of the area</i>.<br>• to divine or predict, as …


I like this word of the day! #CanYouDigIt

Mila chicken fried rice! #CBBL

Mila pancakes hash Brown aaaaaand BACON! #FoodPorn #ThanxMom

Thanx Amy for this. I'm going to get started TODAY! #PreciateYa

the color of LOVE! #CanYouDigIt


hair DONE!

Get it? #TruthFully


I'll be glad when I can start working out again! time to get FIT for '15! #CanYouDigIt





THIS is so true on so many levels ANY relationship! #TruthFully


if I can make you laugh through my jokes, make you feel good through my music, or inspire you to want to better then YES! #ImSuccessful


Real Eyes! #CanYouDigIt


PoloDaze & KingKg - FlyyAwayy - Mixtape:Untitled