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Here's what happened when I left Android and switched to an iPhone 7

Over a million Google accounts compromised by malware

Apple plans to use drones to improve its Maps app

Apple Maps has come a very long way from its error-riddled beginnings. In fact, with iOS 10, the app is downright useful—and looks good, too. …


Airbnb introduces 90 day a year limit for London hosts

Accommodation website bans hosts in UK capital from renting out entire home for more than 90 days without consent from council<p>Airbnb, the booming accommodation website that has been criticised for exacerbating the housing crisis, has announced it is banning hosts in London from renting out entire …


What does the future of Android look like in a world with the Pixel?

Google’s decision to make its own smartphone for the mass market could change the way Android is built<p>Android, the world’s most used mobile operating system, is going through a step change. For years, its creator, Google, only made a small number of own-brand devices running it for developers and …


Nokia smartphones to return in 2017

Group of former Nokia executives licenses the brand name from Microsoft and Nokia to make Android smartphones<p>Do you pine for the days of your Nokia 3210? When phones were simple and the Finish company was cutting edge?<p>That’s the kind of nostalgia that the Nokia brand will be banking on when it …


Is NS&I set to launch a raft of new bumper savings rates?

Savers could be in line for a wave of top new National Savings & Investment deals.<p>Chancellor Philip Hammond has already announced a three-year bond …

Personal Finance (UK)

Oil price soars as Opec agrees historic cuts to production

Oil shares soared after an historic deal to cap production was hammered out.<p>Opec, the cartel of oil-producing countries which controls about …


Facebook shuts down Live Video API access for Prisma

In an apparent attempt to shut down the competition, Facebook has now cut off access to its Live Video API for the popular Prisma image and video filters app. This move comes as both companies released ways to include stylized art filters to Facebook Live videos.<p>According to <i>TechCrunch</i>, Facebook …


Email from Apple CEO reportedly details long-awaited 'AirPod' ship date

It’s been 75 days since Apple first announced the iPhone 7. That’s 75 days where customers were promised the solution to all of our headphone jack-less iPhone’s would soon come to an end. 75 days where iPhone owners were required to either purchase a third-party solution or use an adapter to …


Durex wants you to use the umbrella emoji to talk about safe sex

The world’s biggest condom brand seems to be obsessed with emoji. Durex is on a very serious mission to get a condom emoji on your phone, as only three months ago it promoted a fictional eggplant flavor to bring attention to its cause.<p>Unfortunately, the Unicode consortium has denied its request — …


Why Facebook Messenger wants to be the only app on your phone

Since the launch of the App Store in 2008, it’s been possible to develop and sell apps for iOS devices, and it was one of the defining moments for the iPhone. Within a few years, it created a vibrant ecosystem with millions of great apps and some healthy competition to Apple’s stock apps.<p>That’s why …


Netflix to allow TV and movie downloads

<b>Netflix is allowing some of its shows and films to be downloaded and watched offline, the company has announced.</b><p>It had previously said letting people download shows added too much "complexity" to its experience.<p>Other video apps such as BBC iPlayer, All 4 and Amazon Prime Video already let viewers …


The best email app on iOS just got a desktop version

Spark, which I humbly believe to be the best email client on iOS, is now available for your Mac. The free app supports most email services, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, iCloud, and Exchange (among others) and brings some of your favorite features form other email apps into one really attractive …


Sweden is giving away free wearables to help fathers connect to pregnancy

Sweden has a long tradition of supporting parents, from education to allocating parents 480 parental leave days that can be used by either parent …


BlackBerry DTEK60 review

Netflix finds even more ways to waste our time. (3:59, Ep. 146)

Download Netflix shows to watch offline

Why you can never buy a ticket online for that hot show

Sitting with his laptop at the kitchen table, Nigel Adams gave a cheer.<p>Within two minutes of tickets going on sale for a Green Day concert in Leeds, …

Personal Finance (UK)

Banks act to stop transfer scams and errors

‘Confirmation of payee’ system matches account number to holder’s name, so users will know cash is going to right recipient<p>Britain’s banks and building societies are promising a radical change to the way account holders send money to other people in a bid to tackle ballooning fraud and “fat finger” …


Amazon's next Echo said to come with a screen (CNET Update)

Android 7.1.1 is coming for the 5X and 6P on December 6 (Googlicious)

DirecTV Now: $35 a month for 100 live TV channels and a lot of fine print

Google Hangouts adds GIF keyboard for Android 7.1 Nougat users

Fans of Google’s Hangouts chat client can expect to see a new 15.0 version of the app to roll out this week. The new version’s major addition is just for the very few smartphone owners who have Android 7.1 Nougat installed, as it adds the GIF keyboard to the app.<p>The GIF keyboard made its debut in …


Google Earth Timelapse lets you see climate change clearer than ever

Want to see climate change happening before your very eyes? Just take a look at the updated imagery on Google Earth Timelapse.<p>Google first launched Earth Timelapse in 2013, covering a span of imagery since 1984 to 2012. The company has now updated the tool with images up to 2016, and older imagery …


Outfit your phone with one-touch hotkeys using this Dimple 4-Button NFC Sticker

A home button just isn’t enough anymore. As with your keyboard shortcuts, you need hotkeys on your smartphone to instantly parachute you into the app or other phone features you use regularly. And they naturally need to work with one-touch functionality — like with this wickedly innovative Dimple …


How to Create a Playlist of Your Favorite Podcasts

The Podcasts app on iPhone allows you to listen to all of your favorite podcasts in one simple app. There are podcasts on literally every topic imaginable, from creativity to tech and beyond. But those podcasts pile up if you aren’t an avid weekly listener. One way to make sure you don’t miss …


Fake news and a 400-year-old problem: how can we end the ‘post-truth’ crisis?

The internet echo chamber satiates our appetite for pleasant lies and reassuring falsehoods and has become the defining challenge of the 21st century<p>The internet age made big promises to us: a new period of hope and opportunity, connection and empathy, expression and democracy. Yet the digital …


New five pound note: Not suitable for vegetarians

<b>The UK's new fiver has won many fans since it was launched in September.</b><p>It's tough. It doesn't tear. You can spill beer on it, put it through the washing machine and it will survive to buy another round.<p>But one thing it turns out it's not, is fat-free.<p>Because it turns out the plastic polymer it's …

United Kingdom

How to get rid of Apple Calendar spam

iCloud users have experienced a surge in Calendar spam – in which spam emails offering cheap Ray-Bans Ugg Boots or Pandora bracelets contain calendar invitations to make them even more irritating.<p>Apple's operating systems – iOS and MacOS – scan email inboxes for messages that contain calendar …