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Cristian Raiac

Hey, I’m Cristian, a 26 y/o dude from Romania that loves Digital Marketing. I started reading and learning about SEO in 2011 by browsing forums and blogs on the subject. I have been optimizing websites ever since for a variety of startups, my projects or even as a manager for one of the biggest e-commerce websites in Europe. Even though SEO is what I’m best at, I have expanded from that into social media, playing with ad campaigns, doing marketing plans, etc. I have constantly been learning more about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing / Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Growth Hacking and so on. The point is my passion is Online Marketing, I freaking love it, and I’ll probably follow this career until I close my eyes for the last time! That’s why I’m here to keep up to date on my knowledge in this art of economics and share my knowledge with every aspiring entrepreneur or marketer out there.

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