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One Bowl Caffeinated Coffee Brownies Recipe

1/3 cup dark chocolate cocoa powder<p>1/3 cup cocoa powder (regular)<p>1/2 cup sugar<p>1/2 cup powdered sugar<p>3/4 teaspoon salt<p>1 cup all-purpose flour<p>2 …

9 Motivational Videos to Help You Succeed in Business and Life

Can a few minutes of watching change your life? These deeply inspirational videos just might.<p>There are videos that energize us, inspire us, and motivate us to do great things. Then there are the very few that do all of that--and touch us so deeply that we wind up watching them over and over. We …


10 Saucy and Flavorful Ways to Cook Tofu - One Green Planet

Tofu and I have a special relationship. In the time of a year or so, I went from someone who demanded no tofu ever touch my plate to someone who has …

7 Habits of Remarkably Effective Leaders |

Most business leaders have more than enough to do: capital to secure, products to develop, websites to design, marketing campaigns to roll out. It's no wonder that managing employees often gets put on the back burner--something to be handled when there's nothing else to do. And, of course, there's …


5 Podcasts That Will Give You a Leadership Edge |

Ever since NPR's <i>Serial</i> broke the internet last year, it seems like we've been in the middle of a podcast boom. But while podcasts like <i>Serial</i> can be fun and fascinating to listen to, there are some podcasts that are about more than just smart storytelling. These gems can actually teach you to be …


18 things you should do immediately to best prepare for the next five years

<i>This question originally appeared on Quora: What Can People Start Doing Now That Will Help Them A Lot In About Five Years?</i> <i>Answer by David Cannon, Founder,</i><p>There’s already a lot out there, but I couldn’t resist writing a note to my 23-year-old self:<p>If you do anything, do this first …


8 TED talks that can help you become insanely productive

Reaching optimal productivity is about working smarter, not harder, and making the most of each day.<p>The following TED talks offer valuable lessons in doing just that.

TED Talks