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How brain scans can read your mind to reconstruct the face you're thinking of

It's frustrating to have a clear mental image of something but not be able to exactly get it across in words or a drawing. Now, a team of …

The Brain

Animated Gif

2 day trip to top 5 sights in Fuji 5 lakes - Day 1 - www.couchflyer.com

Old man in handpicked rickshaw - tile art on wall, central Tokyo www.couchflyer.com

Autumn in Kyoto - Part-I

Kyoto<p>Kyoto. The old capital of the land of rising sun. A center for culture and arts unchanged for more than a millennium. A world heritage so unique …

2 day trip top 5 sights in Fuji Five Lakes area Japan

A weekend family trip to Mt Fuji Lake Kawaguchiko Lake Saiko Asama Shrine Wind Cave and Yoshino Sato<p>The weather this year has been rather unusual. No …

My village



Silhouette in Kamakura

Tea room in Bamboo grove

A day at Yokohama Chinatown Cosmoworld and Yamashita park

A day at Yokohama Chinatown Cosmo world and Yamashita park<p>During the early part of last century Japan was rapidly evolving into an industrial nation. …

Hikawa Maru and Marine Day Celebrations at Yokohama Harbor

On this Marine day we walked up the bridge to Hikawa Maru, a storied ship anchored at Yokoyama harbor. Ships lately have rather gone into the …

Fresh and juicy Mediterranean @ Tokyo

Fresh seafood @ Tokyo

Hike onto Mt. Mitake

Mt. Mitake

Mt Mitake a day trip from Tokyo

Mt. Mitake is one of the two well known hill spots around Tokyo, the other being Mt. Takao. Both are in the west of Tokyo, connected by JR Chuo line …

Inokashira park

Inokashira park

Inokashira park

Kodomo no Kuni Yokohama

Kodomo no Kuni Yokohama

Kodomo no Kuni Yokohama

Kodomo no Kuni Yokohama

Kodomo no Kuni Yokohama

Kodomo no Kuni Yokohama

Kodomo no kuni Tokyo Childrens Park

Kodomo no Kuni in Japanese means Childrens Park. It’s really for Kodomos. And their parents who are keen to guard their children all the way to every …