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The spacecraft that found for the first time where life could exist now

<i>Jonathan Lunine is the David C. Duncan Professor in the Physical Sciences and director of Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science at Cornell University.</i><p>Cassini — the robotic spacecraft orbiting Saturn — will meet its end Friday when it enters the atmosphere of Saturn after a 13-year …


A new kind of influenza vaccine: One shot might do the trick

Flu Vaccine

Metastatic breast cancer affects bone mineral before spreading

‹ › ×<p>When breast cancer metastasizes, or spreads, one of its most likely destinations is bone. In fact, four in five metastatic breast cancer …

Breast Cancer

Beneficial soil bacteria face a weed-killing threat from above


Asteroid that killed dinosaurs may have sped up bird evolution

‹ › ×<p>Human activities could trigger an altered pattern of evolution similar to what occurred 66 million years ago, when a giant asteroid wiped out …


Sea salts bring potentially harmful mold to the table, researchers find

‹ › ×<p>Like fine wines, sea salts are artisanal products that inspire talk of terroir, texture and provenance. Now there’s evidence that they can also …


BioBlitz highlights the species diversity of Ithaca region

‹ › ×<p>Biodiversity is not just a feature of the Amazon rainforest or other exotic locales. Hidden multitudes of species inhabit the Ithaca region, as …

Biological Species

Scientists Can Now Repaint Butterfly Wings

Thanks to CRISPR, scientists are studying animal evolution in ways that were previously thought to be impossible.<p>When the butterfly emerged from its pupa, Robert Reed was stunned. It was a Gulf fritillary—a bright-orange species with a few tigerlike stripes. But this butterfly had no trace of …


Our Bodies, Our Health, Our Gut Bacteria

• Show All Stories<p>20170817-100850_edit.jpg<p>Why are gut microbes so important to our health? What is their function in our bodies?<p>Dave Burbank<p>Dave Burbank<p>…


Study: Binge drinking cuts chance of landing a job by 10 percent

Binge Drinking

‘Revolutionary’ Cornell Tech campus in NYC dedicated | Cornell Chronicle

‹ › ×<p>Cornell has been called the first truly American university by virtue of founder Ezra Cornell’s vision of “an institution where any person,” …


The last days of Saturn's admirer

Cassini has buzzed around Saturn's planetary namesake for the past 13 years and, in the process, utterly transformed scientists' understanding of the solar system's most visually spectacular world . Its mission comes to an end this week<p>In ancient tradition, Saturn was the god of time, an …


Rebecca Schneider discusses anti-desertification efforts in China and globally


Cornell Tech will help make computers ‘accountable’

Deer eating habits have lasting damage on forests

‹ › ×<p>When rampant white-tailed deer graze in forests, they prefer to eat native plants over certain unpalatable invasive plants, such as garlic …


Veterinary cardiologists calm horses’ fluttering hearts with new treatment

High Tech and High Design, Cornell’s Roosevelt Island Campus Opens

Roosevelt Island, the skinny, two-mile-long strip of land between Manhattan and Queens in the East River, has been home to a prison, a lunatic asylum, a smallpox hospital and a workhouse, among other institutions.<p>It now adds high-tech university to that list, as the Cornell Tech campus is set to be …


New study reveals flower color, fragrance coordination | Cornell Chronicle

Who knew that it’s possible to predict the fragrance of a flower by looking at its color?<p>This is true for many of the 41 insect-pollinated plant …


Today’s school failures have Reconstruction roots

‹ › ×<p>Why are public schools failing? Why is school segregation higher than it’s been since the mid-20th century? To answer these questions, Noliwe …


Weill Cornell Medicine awarded $11.3M grant for prostate cancer research

Prostate Cancer

The worst feel? Science knows which type of breakup hurts the most

The sting of rejection doesn't just linger, it leaves us writhing emotionally - often as we challenge the healthy upper human limits of carb loading. …


Sexism and Shopping: Female Players Get Most of the Odd Questions at the U.S. Open

The tennis finals of the United States Open are Saturday for the women and Sunday for the men. On the court, except for the number of sets, they all face the same rules. When they walk off the court, though, the game changes.<p>Two years ago, Serena Williams was asked why she wasn’t smiling — a …

Artificial Intelligence

Nathan Peck Sr., professor emeritus of plant and soil science, dies at 94

Earth Science

Geologists to deploy seismometers along Alaskan Peninsula

‹ › ×<p>Using a fleet of airplanes, ships and intrepid scientists, Cornell is leading the largest single deployment of seismometers along the Alaskan …

Cornell played large scientific role on Cassini mission | Cornell Chronicle

‹ › ×<p>NASA is calling the Cassini mission’s last hurrah the Grand Finale. After cruising seven years to Saturn and spending 13 years strolling its …

Scientific Research

This Is the Meanest Reason to Break Up With Someone

Rejection hurts. But it stings even more when you're turned down for another person: dumped because your partner found someone better, for example, …


Before trying robot judges, let's learn from robot referees

Automated rulings in sports can help inform the development of criminal justice tech<p>In 2012, the International Football Association Board—the 131 year old rulemaking organization for soccer around the world—said it would allow use of goal-line technology. The decision came after nearly a decade of …

Sports Law

Cassini Researchers Say Spacecraft's Saturn Death Finale Is Bittersweet

After decades of planning and analysis, NASA’s Cassini mission is nearing its end. The spacecraft itself has been traveling space for nearly 20 …

Space Exploration

If Consumer Privacy Isn't Already Dead, IoT Could Kill It

When Google bought smart thermostat provider Nest, almost immediately the first reaction from consumers was negative. They assumed that Google would be able to use Nest’s data to suss out consumers’ in-home activities, presumably to better target advertising to you based on whether you were home or …

Internet of Things

Caffeine Alters Sweet Taste Perception And Makes You Crave For Sweets: Study

Caffeine can alter the way we taste food for a period afterward. Although a temporary effect, this means that the taste perception of food or …