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Campus collaboration reveals bloody truth of a 16th-century text

Following a rumor that a 16th-century document, part of the Witchcraft Collection in Cornell University Library, was written in blood, a father and …


After sunflower sea star demise, marine tragedy mounts

Cornell and UC Davis researchers have begun to reckon the marine ecosystem devastation of the Salish Sea – north of Seattle – caused by a disease …


New model suggests scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere

New Cornell research suggests an economically viable model to scrub carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to thwart runaway, point-of-no-return global …

Climate Change

Smaller Nuclear Weapons And Power Plants Under Development Hold Promise And Peril

Nuclear technologies have long evoked grand images—from billowing mushroom clouds to massive concrete cooling towers looming above nuclear power plants. This bigness has been engrained in our very language. A person can, for example, take the “nuclear option” – the most extreme course of action – …

Nuclear Power

'NutriPhone' startup joins Cornell's McGovern incubator

Put healthful eating in the palm of your hand: VitaMe Technologies – the Cornell start-up group that makes NutriPhone for personal nutrition testing …


Steen, Louge to launch NSF-funded space experiments

Engineering professors Paul Steen and Michel Louge have both received funding from the National Science Foundation and NASA's CASIS program to send …


Cornell leads effort to train farmers on new produce safety rules

Cornell is leading a national alliance aimed at improving the safety of fresh produce and helping fruit and vegetable growers meet new regulatory …


Computer scientist Ross Tate working to tame Java 'wildcards'

Ross Tate, an expert on programming languages, will work on a team to fix a security problem in the widely used Java language.


Steen, Louge to launch NSF-funded space experiments

For two Cornell engineering professors, the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory is basically a high-powered microscope attached to a …

Into the Streets celebrates 25 years of community service

Nearly 500 Cornell students will go Into the Streets (ITS) for the 25th annual Day of Service, Oct. 21 and 22, to help local nonprofit agencies and …


Researchers, alums receive NIH New Innovator Awards

Two Cornell researchers and two alumni were among 48 scientists nationwide who received $1.5 million awards from the National Institutes of Health.

Life Sciences

$2M gift to drive Weill Cornell advances in immunotherapy | Cornell Chronicle

To advance a powerful cancer treatment strategy that uses immune cells to fight the disease, Ellen and Gary Davis ’76 have made a $2 million gift to …

Evidence-Based Medicine

Cornell Prof Communicates Beauty of Math to the Public

Earth Source Heat project could heat campus, pioneer new energy frontier

Hearing in a jumping spider

How Do We Improve Future Computing Power?

Moore’s Law, which observes that computer power doubles every two years, is under threat. As scientists continue to improve the semiconductors at the …

The Future

Inequality, Education, Mass Incarceration

In teaching the capstone course for Cornell University’s minor in Inequality Studies—Controversies about Inequality—Anna R. Haskins, Sociology, …

Soft, Safe Robots with Daring Abilities

C3PO and R2D2 are not the robots we are looking for. In the movie <i>Star Wars,</i> the two work side by side with their human companions, giving them …

Border Analysis

Every day Mexican migrants illegally cross the border into the United States. Many more are prevented from crossing, only to try again another day. …


Cars, Robots, Intelligent Systems

Imagine you’re in the distant future with an age-old problem: you can’t find your keys. Mark Campbell, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace …


The Space between Stars and Galaxies

Mystery shrouds the birth of our universe. In a fraction of a second, the universe transformed from a size smaller than a subatomic proton through …


By nixing coal, Iceland grabs green with geothermal heat

As Cornell considers geothermal heat to warm campus, an Icelandic engineer told a green backstory for how his country abandoned coal and then set …


Cornell Dairy to launch campus co-op

The Cornell Dairy Cooperative provides a new way to buy ice cream, milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products made on campus at wholesale prices.

Food & Dining

3 grad students win Fulbright-Hays fellowships

Three graduate students have received Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad fellowships from the U.S. Department of Education to …


Three faculty elected fellows of American Physical Society

Three professors – representing the departments of Astronomy, Physics, and Biological and Environmental Engineering – have been elected fellows by …


Essential Tremor Treatment: Charlie Rose

Essential Tremor is a nerve disorder that causes involuntary shaking and affects an estimated 10 million people. A new treatment was recently …

Charlie Rose

Research project to combat 'superbugs,' antibiotic resistance

Researchers from the Meinig School of Biomedical Engineering and Weill Cornell Medicine are teaming up to learn more about antibiotic resistance in …

Soil Health Trailer extends Cornell's reach | Cornell Chronicle

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s (CCE) Fay Benson and his colleagues in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) can talk all day with …


$1.2M grant to help Cornell eradicate potato pest | Cornell Chronicle

Cornell’s longstanding battle against a major potato pest is getting a $1.2 million boost in new state funding.<p>The destructiveness of the golden …


The Positives and Negatives of China's Economy

Eswar Prasad, senior professor at Cornell University, discusses the weakening Chinese yuan, 3Q GDP figures and the positives and negative aspects of …