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Cornell study finds half empty water troughs conduit for E. coli

Cattle producers may want to top off their water troughs after this study from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Researchers have …


New obesity solutions may be on the tip of your tongue

Cornell University food scientists have discovered that when mice are fed a high-fat diet and become obese, they lose nearly 25 percent of their …

Holistic Medicine

With Medicare Support, Genetic Cancer Testing Goes Mainstream

This year, nearly 1.7 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. Most will find out in the usual way; after having tiny blobs of tissue slurped …


Taste Buds Dull As People Gain Weight. Now Scientists Think They Know Why

In Robin Dando's lab, several mice chowed down on a specialized diet designed to make them as fat as possible. "I can say the mice are happy. They love this unhealthy diet, and pretty fast they get pretty overweight," says Dando, an assistant professor of food science at Cornell University.<p>But the …

Stanford University

Study showing power of single butterfly gene earns Cornell team top prize

Robert Reed won the 2017 Cozzarelli Prize for scientific excellence and originality for proving that butterfly wing color and iridescence are …


Future of Work, Peace and Justice

• Read more about Future of Work, Peace and Justice

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Crops hold harmful mutations that reduce productivity

New research reveals that even the highest performing maize crops contain rare harmful mutations that limit crop productivity.


Fear, fun or facts? Researchers look at what drives climate action | Reuters

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - What more effectively drives young people to act on climate change – humor, fear or clear facts? The answer might be a combination of all of them, researchers say.<p>Young Americans are often less politically active on climate issues, either because of a general …


Unlock the Learning Power of Baby Babbling

At around six months, infants aren't making sense yet—but they're incredibly receptive to how parents respond to their vocalizations


No one is 100% straight: Study says sexuality is a 'spectrum'

While most societies promote heterosexuality as the 'norm', a researcher at Cornell University has found we all get aroused by both genders - and he …

Why your work life is so much harder than everyone else’s

“There’s this unbelievable bias and prejudice against quote-unquote good-looking people,” the actor Rob Lowe told the New York Times a few years ago. Directors wouldn’t give Lowe complicated male roles when he was younger, he said, because he was too attractive to be taken seriously.<p>“Oh, please,” …

New York City

House finches with pink eye reveal the secrets of disease virulence

A new study outlines a pathogen strategy to overcome the immune systems of house finches with conjunctivitis infections.


New technique simplifies creation of nanoparticle 'magic-sized clusters'

A collaboration of two Cornell research groups has proposed a novel method for producing groups of same-sized nanoparticles, known as 'magic-sized …

National Science Foundation

For Materials with Innovative Properties

“Everything you see around you, the computer, the table, textiles—the reason they’re useful is because of their properties,” says Fernando A. …


Viruses, Known and Unknown

Year after year, new strains of influenza evolve. The past year’s immunization becomes useless against the current year’s virus, and scientists must …

Immune System

Undergrad researcher helps combat antibiotic resistance in cholera

Andrew Rosenblatt ’20, student in the lab of Tobias Doerr, assistant professor of microbiology, is working to make cholera less resistant to …


Scientists unravel complex factors of starfish diseases

Cornell University scientists are beginning to unravel the complicated connections between viruses, the environment and wasting diseases among sea …


Dire levels of CO2 will decimate oceans in 200 years

Sustained climate warming will drive the ocean’s fishery yields into steep decline 200 years from now and that trend could last at least a …

Climate Change

Researchers sew atomic lattices seamlessly together

Joining different kinds of materials can lead to all kinds of breakthroughs. It’s an essential skill that allowed humans to make everything from …


Cornell to lead applied learning initiative in clinical reasoning

The College of Veterinary Medicine is spearheading a project that will assess and improve experiential and applied learning in veterinary education.

Cognitive Computing

Novel semiconductor-superconductor structure features versatile gallium nitride

A research group led by Debdeep Jena of electrical and chemical engineering has successfully constructed a semiconductor-superconductor …


Monarch butterfly research takes flight

New Yorkers witness the monarch butterfly’s epic migration to Mexico every September – but these days, fewer of the colorful travelers pass through. …


Watch a Man Swim Through an Ocean of Trash Off the Coast of Bali

A startling reminder that humans have a huge impact on the ocean.<p>On March 3, YouTube user cheeseandjamsandwich posted a two and a half minute video of himself swimming through an ocean of plastic. Every frame has some scrap of plastic, dotted with some brief sightings of the reef fish, jellyfish, …

Asia Pacific

Enrichment program boosts STEM for black students but leaves Latinos behind

An analysis by Cornell sociologist Steven Alvarado found that a major STEM enrichment program increases black students' high school STEM engagement …

High School

Teaching online sharpens instruction in the classroom

Faculty members who have created online courses with eCornell say the process improved the way they think about and organize material in their …


Humor, fear inspire young to engage in climate activism

A new study from the College of Life Sciences and Agriculture finds humor and fear motivates young people to pursue climate change activism.

Amy Poehler

NYC high schoolers explore STEM fields at Weill Cornell Medicine

On Feb. 27, 90 students from public high schools across New York City participated in Big Red STEM Day, designed to inspire high school students to …

College & University

Hundreds of Skulls Discovered in South America Show Widespread Practice of Infant Head Shaping

<i>Updated |</i> Binding infant skulls to alter their shape was practiced among wealthy Peruvians nearly 1,000 years ago. But as the Incas spread across …

Congressional Oversight, Faltering?

Although Claire Leavitt has always held a keen interest in politics, it was only toward the end of her undergraduate degree that she began …

U.S. House of Representatives

NASA-Cornell collaboration will study desert dust's impact on climate from space

A $60 million collaboration between NASA and Cornell University will examine deserts' impact on climate change from space.