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Gardening 101: Raspberry

Raspberry, <i>Rubus strigosus:</i> “The Welcome Rambler”<p>Raspberries should be re-classified as one of the seven wonders of the world. Native species of the …


Gardening 101: How to Use Eggshells in the Garden

Last fall I started collecting eggshells after I read an article on Real Farmacy that touted their usefulness in the garden for everything from …


How to Make Jalapeno Popper Dip | Party Recipes |


How to Make Spinach Artichoke Potatoes | Side Dish Recipes |


How to Make Greek Zoodle Salad | Vegetarian Side Dish Recipes |

Lemon Juice

The Right Way to Work Your Glutes and Get a Stronger, Leaner Butt

The glutes are the engines of the human body. Ignoring them leads to more than just a saggy bottom. Weak glutes mean less power, speed, calorie burn, and strength. Plus, the weaker they are, the older you'll feel. A bum backside stalls results and can hinder your hard work at the gym.<p>Now, if your …

Salt Lake City

Weekend Challenge: All-or-Nothing Workout

Here's how it works: You'll perform three rounds of 10 deadlifts, 10 rolling thunder pushups, and five 10-yard lateral shuffles with no rest in between. Your goal: Finish in less than <b>five minutes.</b><p>Watch the video above to see how to do each move with perfect form. Even though you're racing the …


Sexy Arms in Seven Moves

Triangle Push-Up<p>Chair Dip<p>Classic Kickback<p>Fly Bridge<p>Curl 'n' Press<p>Windmill<p>Double Raise

The 20-Minute Fat-Burning Kettlebell Complex

Mike Simone

The Plank Workout That Will Tone Your Abs, Sculpt Your Tush, and Strengthen Your Arms

Exercise 1 Plank Row and Kickback<p>Start in a plank position with your right hand resting on a dumbbell <b>(A)</b>. Row the weight to your chest <b>(B)</b>; pause, then straighten your elbow until your forearm is parallel to the floor <b>(C)</b>. Pause, then reverse the movement to return to start. That's one rep. Complete …

Bodyweight Exercise

The 20-Rep Core Torcher

So while you need upper- and lower-body strength to perform all of the moves, you won't be able to make it through this challenge if your core can't keep pace.<p>Here's how it works. Grab a 16-kilogram (kg) kettlebell and perform 20 reps each of the following exercises without resting: pushup, goblet …

Kettlebell Exercises

12 podcasts that will tell you a fantastic story

It's official — the popular podcast <i>Serial</i> has surpassed 5 million downloads, making it the fastest podcast of all time to reach this milestone.<p>This …

20 Books You Should Have on Your Survival Bookshelf

There is something about a book. The smell of the pages. The weight of it in your hand. With tablets for reading, books on tape, and ebooks that you …

Exercise of the Week: Kettlebell Over-Under pass

The Lower-Body Move That Blasts Your Abs<p>Combine an isometric exercise with a dynamic weight to build strength and incinerate calories<p>The isometric split squat is a simple technique to build serious lower-body muscle. It increases the time your glutes, hamstrings, and quads are under tension at the …

Kettlebell Exercises

Fitness Expert Says That the Best Workouts Are Simple and Free. Here's Why.

After lifting, I go outside and play catch with a football, Frisbee, or medicine ball. Jogging back and forth while yelling, “I’m open, I’m open” is just fun. Training outside gets you some sunshine, some extra cardio, and makes you feel like an athlete. <br>I also like to mix body-weight exercises …


The Bodyweight 300 Challenge

Perform 100 reps of each exercise in any order as quickly as you can without rest. You don’t have to do all 100 reps in a row—you might do 20 squats, move on to 10 pushups, do 30 situps, do another 20 squats, and so on.<p>Watch the video above to see how to perform the exercises. Durkin completed this …


Ditch Your Dad Belly

The key: packing more work into less time. If you target as many muscles as possible, as hard as possible, you'll boost your metabolism for hours after you've stopped sweating, says Mack, who created the quick total-body routine below. And the benefits go beyond ditching your belly, too. Mack's …


3 Genius Ways to Use a Medicine Ball

The ball should hit a wall or the floor on every rep. " Be explosive," says Sean De Wispelaere, an elite coach for Thrive Training Systems. But don't start at full throttle. Instead, gradually add force to each throw to prime your muscles and reach max power.<p><b>Attack with Your Abs</b><p>Many guys throw …

Medicine Ball Exercises

I Heart My National Park: Yosemite

Both the solitude of the alpine ridge and the throngs of the valley are part of the experience when you visit <b>Yosemite National Park</b>. “No temple made with human hands can compare with Yosemite,” wrote John Muir, whose crusading led to the creation of the park.<p><b>Kari Cobb</b> has been a ranger at the …

11 Financial Books Every Young Person Should Read

Those of you who are seeking investing enlightenment are not going to find much of it on the web.<p>I suggest you log off, power down your computer, and read some books. Take your time. The months you spend perusing this list will be well spent.<p>I'd recommend reading at least the first four books …


Best Pre-Race Warmup

Here’s what’s going on. Just like stretching out a spring, stretching a muscle impairs its ability to store energy. When you run, a large part of the force of impact is absorbed and recycled to help propel you forward on your next step. Though not every study that the researchers reviewed found a …


The 25 Recipes You Need For A Delicious Easter

Egg hunts and chocolate bunnies are great and all, but what we really want on Easter Sunday is a beautiful meal to sit down to with our family and friends. A gorgeous, well-thought out meal is the best way to celebrate any holiday. And when it comes to Easter, the recipes couldn't be better because …

Want Success? Surround Yourself With People Who Challenge Your Thinking

Are you feeling uninspired and stuck? Perhaps it's the people around you. Here are five ways to get people to challenge and inspire you to success.<p>It's nice to have people around who support you and are of like mind. Agreeable people boost your confidence and allow a certain level of relaxation. …