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Idea to Innovation in 84 Days on the Mainframe!

On July 8, a Compuware software architect named Gary Michalek walked into my office and described a brilliant product idea he’d come up with over the …


The Difference Between Agile and Waterfall: Movement and Inertia

Once people commit to change and work through the process of detaching from old constraints, with patience the benefits of Agile will unfurl for an …

Project Management

Enterprise Executive Sept-Oct 2015 Page 18

Enterprise Executive Sept-Oct 2015 : Page 18<p>BEsT OF TImEs, wORsT OF TImEs FOR THE maInFRamE By CHRIs O’maLLEy 18 | E nt e rp r i s e E xe c u t i ve …

Digital Economy

Enterprise Executive 2016: Issue 2 Page 16

Overcoming Digital Denial: Accepting and Planning for the of the Mainframe FUTURE By Chris O’Malley reinvestment are not necessary. These mainframe …


Enterprise Executive Mar-Apr 2015 Page 14

Enterprise Executive Mar-Apr 2015 : Page 14<p>MAINFRAME DECISIONPOINT: Aggressive Leverage or Toxic Disinvestment? It 14 | is always important for …


Ptak Associates: Compuware Topaz - Mainframe Software for the 21st Century

Mainframe Excellence 2025: A Call for Stewardship

Risk UK: Preparing to meet the EU's 'Data Privacy Act'

Ptak Report: Compuware Topaz - Mainframe Software for the 21st Century

Ptak Report: Compuware's Topaz for Java Performance enhances mainframe productivity!

The Technology Economics of the Mainframe, Part 3: New Metrics and Insights for a Mobile World

Technology Economics of Mainframe vs. Distributed Server Intensity

The Surprising Technology Economics of Mainframe vs. Distributed Servers

Q&A: The Mainframe Goes Millennial ... and Mobile

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La Repubblica: Privacy, due terzi di tutti i siti italiani non rispettano ancora la normativa

Ptak Report: Compuware's Topaz Runtime Visualizer - on the way to DevOps Nirvana

The New World of Mainframes CIO Survey

Test Data Privacy

Enterprise Executive July-August 2015 Page 56

Enterprise Executive July-August 2015 : Page 56<p>PE A K | P ER F OR M A NC E DAVID RIZZO gile development has been a hot topic for some time. But it …

Project Management

Apathy Virus

Five EU Data Protection Rights That Will Affect Your Company

Recently, the EU Parliament adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation. Apart from losing credibility, companies failing to …


Mainframe Development 2015 and Beyond: Enabling Your Business to Compete in the Digital Economy

Alert: Apathy Virus Threatens World’s Mainframes

“Apathy can be overcome by enthusiasm, and enthusiasm can only be aroused by two things: first, an ideal, with takes the imagination by storm, and …


The Apathy Virus

Most people believe the mainframe is immune from viruses. But, an extremely dangerous virus seriously threatens both the mainframe and the …


What’s Wrong With the Mainframe?

<b>Something is wrong with the mainframe. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize what it is.</b><p>One piece of evidence that something is wrong with the …


The Apathy Virus Presentation at SHARE in Orlando