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What It's Like Being An Adult Getting a Credit Card For the First Time

I Used A Robot To Write A Comic And It Got Very Weird

The Botnik Predictive Writer is a web app that lets you load in a large volume of content (for example, every Seinfeld script ever written) and then, …


Stop Telling Kids How Easy They Have It


Living On Campus vs. Living Off Campus

The Worst Part About Working in an Office

Owning A Home: Expectations VS Reality

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The 5 Stages Getting Naked In A Relationship (NSFW)

Nudity serves a utilitarian purpose, but it also exposes all of your secrets that are normally kept hidden by your clothes. You're caught in a weird …


5 Actual Rules of Driving You Don't Learn in Drivers Ed


How Waking Up in a Bad Mood Ruins Your Whole Day

The 6 Bosses You'll Have in Your Lifetime

The 6 Stages of Making Plans With Someone

6 Truths About Being Obsessed With Reality TV

Reality TV

If Other Jobs Were Like Stand-Up Comedy

Sponsored by HBO<p>Reality is harsh, but it's also hilarious. Watch it play out on Crashing, Sundays at 10:30 PM on HBO.


The Hardest Part About Calling Customer Support to Complain

Filed Under:<p>Comics<br>• IRL<br>• fails<br>• customer support<br>• calls<p>We like you. Do you like us too?<p>en_US<p>CollegeHumor<p>Time to RAISE SOME …

Customer Support

The 10 Objectively Worst Feelings in the World

The Fine Line Between Laid Back and Lazy

Middle East

6 Truths About Being A Non-Confrontational Person

Filed Under:<p>Comics<br>• IRL<br>• guide<br>• truths<br>• confrontation<p>We like you. Do you like us too?<p>en_US<p>CollegeHumor<p>Heeeeeeey, can we …

What It Feels Like To Have Imposter Syndrome

Filed Under:<p>Comics<br>• fails<br>• imposter<br>• imposter syndrome<p>We like you. Do you like us too?<p>en_US<p>CollegeHumor<p>I have no idea what I'm …

Why Your Brain SUCKS When You're Trying to Sleep

Action Movies vs Real Life


What the World Looks Like Without Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality

6 Stages of Meeting New People When You're Gay

1. Meet a new person, in a context where your sexuality never comes up:<br>2. Develop a closer relationship to the point where you weirdly start feeling …


Week 1 vs. Year 1: Living In New York

The 10 Objectively Best Feelings in the World

If Dr. Seuss Wrote 2017

What It Feels Like When The Holidays Are Over

Filed Under:<p>new year's eve<br>• Comics<br>• Holidays<br>• IRL<br>• new year<br>• january<p>We like you. Do you like us too?<p>en_US<p>CollegeHumor<p>Winter is …

Wedding Night: Expectations vs. Reality


Moving from A Place Where It Doesn't Snow To A Place Where It Does

Filed Under:<p>snow<br>• home<br>• winter<br>• Comics<br>• moving<br>• IRL<br>• versus<br>• this vs that<p>We like you. Do you like us too?<p>en_US<p>CollegeHumor<p>This is not how I imagined it would …