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Support Women (If You Know One)

Just think about what your sister and mom have to deal with. They don't deserve that. Other people might. I don't know them. Whatever. That's their …

Reddit Just Banded Together to Save Its Longest Pokemon Meme

Since its introduction in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the Alolan Exeggutor quickly became an obssessive cultural touchstone online. Without busting out my …


The 4 Best Feelings of the Week (8/16/18)

Are you tired of scrolling through social media only to find an endless parade of misery and hardship? Well YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! Welcome …

Social Media

BJ Birdie vs. Philly Phanatic ROM [US]

In case you missed it, Dorkly recently started up a podcast! The aptly-named Dorkly Podcast is a weekly wrap-up of events, news stories and other …


What Thanos Is Doing During His Retirement

Justin Hall/Dorkly<p>Follow Justin on <b>Twitter</b> and <b>Facebook</b>


5 Doctor Strange Comics Darker Than Infinity War

As Sorceror Supreme, Doctor Strange's job consists of protecting Earth from all offenders of a supernatural or mystical variety. Dealing with messed …


The Most Perfectly Balanced Tumblr Posts About Thanos

Is there any site as perfect to interpret and understand a thicc purple daddy like Thanos better than Tumblr? Thanos was practically INVENTED for …


The 6 Types of People That Say "I'm Just Gonna Leave This Here" in Movies

I'm just gonna leave this article here, okay? You let me know when you're done with it and I'll come pick it up.1. Waitress With Dessert Menu Backing …

Key Lime Pie

Colin Hanks Is The Better Hanks, Fight Me

I know, I know. You're all immediately angry at the thought of America's Dad, Tom Hanks, being compared unfavorably to another human being, let alone …

Tom Hanks

8 Stages Of Deciding Dinner With Your Significant Other

Collegehumor / Shutterstock1. Ask Your Significant Other What They WantYou're hungry so you need to figure this out before you cross that line into …


Diversity Is So IN

Black Panther really started a hip new trend!


Why Player Characters are the Worst in MMOs

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12 Funny Steam Reviews That Will Hit You Right in the Backlog

Gaming Reviews

Movie Theater Employees Share Their Most F*cked Up Experiences

Going out to the movies is beginning to feel a little antiquated these days isn't it? In a world where everything is getting more isolated and …


The Problem With Doing What You Love For A Living


Why Mayonnaise Is The Grossest Condiment Of All

Something I've contended with all of my life is that <b>mayonnaise sucks</b>. It's a weird, gross condiment - egg yolk plus oil plus vinegar (or lemon juice) …


Why The Nintendo Switch "Drought" Doesn't Make Any Sense

Justin Hall/Dorkly

Nintendo Switch

Why Okoye Is The Best Character in Infinity War

<i>Marvel Studios</i><p>Avengers: Infinity War is a very special movie - it has about 20 main characters, who originate from a dozen or so separate franchises, …

Marvel Universe

Gamers Share Their Most Harrowing (and Hilarious) Online Experiences

The internet provides us with no shortage of<p>opprtunitiesto make new experiences with strangers over headsets. Redditors plunged back into their …

Dark Souls

'Better Call Saul's Latest Episode Shows Why It's TV's Best Show

<i>AMC Networks</i><p>Two episodes into its fourth season, and <b>Better Call Saul has quickly reminded us why it's the best show on TV</b> - despite EVERYTHING it had …


Why Porn Isn't Embarassing

Friends (The Show) vs. Your Actual Friends

<i>There's a reason the show Friends has endured on as a pop culture phenomenon so long after it left the airwaves - there's something about having a</i> …

Warner Bros

5 Comics About Farts You'll 100% Relate To (Because Everyone Farts)

We all fart - it's okay to admit that. We've all got gas building up in our butts (I'm pretty sure that's what's happening, in scientific terms) and …


Boring Beer for Boring People


Why RPG Economies Don't Work


How Marvel Tricked The Entire Internet To Make 'Infinity War' Even Better

<i>Marvel Studios</i><p>I think it goes without saying at this point, but I still feel like it needs to be said over and over because of how goddamn impressive …

Marvel Universe

The Root'nest Toot'nest Red Ded Redemption Memes on the Internet

Hard to imagine now that the multi-billion dollar Rockstar Games machine was born from the acquisition of Lemmings creators DMA Designs in 2002, an …

Red Dead Redemption

The 5 Best Feelings of the Week (8/10/2018)

Are you tired of scrolling through social media only to find an endless parade of misery and hardship? Well YOU'VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! Welcome …

Social Media

Originals / If PokeDex Entries Were Literal

Original<p>Every entry should actually end with "and they super want to die."

Venture Bros. Season 7 Recap: "The Curse of The Haunted Problem" & "The Rorqual Affair"

It's 2018 and the television gods have decided to bless the world with a new season of The Venture Bros. The show - which just recently became Adult …

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