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Jürgen Klopp: We're only thinking about Chelsea tie

Jürgen Klopp insists Liverpool will take to the field against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday evening with 'all focus' on trying to progress …

West Ham United

The Coolest Things We Saw at World Maker Faire

Once a year, thousands of artists and makers descend upon New York City for Maker Faire, a celebration of all things DIY.<p>Over the weekend, thousands of artists, makers, and tinkerers from around the world descended upon the New York City Hall of Science for Maker Faire, an annual celebration of all …

Maker Faire

Google Chrome Made a Small UI Tweak, and People Are Freaking Out

A new feature on the latest version of the Chrome browser led some security and privacy experts to think Google is now secretly logging users into Chrome to surreptitiously track their browsing habits.<p>The latest major update to Chrome, the most popular internet browser in the world, added a small …

Google Chrome

The Tiger Population in Nepal Has Nearly Doubled Since 2009 Because Conservation Efforts Work

Nepal is one of 13 tiger-range countries striving to double the world’s tiger population by 2022.<p>The number of wild tigers in Nepal has nearly doubled since 2009 to 235, according to the government’s latest survey.<p>In 2009, there were just 121 tigers in the Terai Arc Landscape (TAL), a range that …

National Parks

These Amazing Photos Show the First Rover Landing on an Asteroid

Hayabusa2 is the first mission to deploy mobile robots onto an asteroid.<p>On Friday, a Japanese spacecraft successfully deployed two rovers to the surface of asteroid 162173 Ryugu, located 200 million miles from Earth, marking the first time in history that mobile robots have touched down on an …


Content Moderator Sues Facebook, Says Job Gave Her PTSD

In the class action lawsuit, the woman says that thousands of content moderators are subjected to "highly toxic" content as part of the job.<p>A woman in California sued Facebook Friday for being “exposed to highly toxic, unsafe, and injurious content during her employment as a content moderator at …

Zaha Hadid’s Private Miami Home Sells for Over $5 Million

Legendary architect Zaha Hadid has forever left a mark on the world. While it’s easy to study her signature aesthetics via the public buildings she designed, have you ever wondered how she’d design her own home? While working on One Thousand Museum in Miami—her first and only residential project in …

South Beach

Sculptural Desert Home in Joshua Tree Is a Masterful Display of Organic Forms

As much a sculpture as it is a residence, Kendrick Bangs Kellogg's High Desert House is an incredible achievement in organic architecture. Its concrete pillars rise from the sands of Joshua Tree, overlapping to form a canopy. Given complete carte-blanche by artist Bev Doolittle and her husband to …


8 Facts About Picasso‘s Groundbreaking Painting ‘Les Demoiselles d‘Avignon‘

Throughout the course of art history, certain works have come to define movements. The <i>Mona Lisa</i>, for example, is the face of the Italian Renaissance. <i>The</i> <i>Starry Night</i> symbolizes Post-Impressionism. And <b>Les Demoiselles d'Avignon</b>, a painting by modernist master <b>Pablo Picasso</b>, epitomizes Cubism.<p>Today, …

Pablo Picasso

Airstream Launches Ultra-Luxury Camper Van That Fits Into a Parking Space

The legendary company Airstream might be known for their quirky 1950s-era trailers, but they’ve continued to reinvent themselves over their long tenure. They’ve since created contemporary mobile homes that can trek off-road or depart on spontaneous adventures—and beyond. But not everyone wants to …


This Korean Café Makes Visitors Feel Like They’ve Stepped Into a Cartoon

Most cafe owners know it takes more than just great coffee to create a successful business. From an Instagram-worthy Wes Anderson-esque cafe in the Philippines to a coffee shop shaped like a Rolleiflex camera in South Korea, a space’s design is key to drawing in customers. One cafe to have recently …

Comic Books

Traveling Photographer Captures Dreamy Landscapes Around the World

Photographer and filmmaker Ravi Vora specializes in storytelling. The Los Angeles-based creative's interest in crafting a visual narrative is evident in his entire portfolio, which comprises commercial shoots, unique portraits, and dreamy travel photography.<p>Vora's collection of landscape photos …

Abu Dhabi

Architects Unveil Designs for Europe’s Network of Hyperloop Stations

Hot off the heels of winning a commission for Melbourne's $1.4 billion Southbank skyscraper, Dutch architecture firm UNStudio has unveiled designs for a new transportation hub that takes advantage of cutting-edge technology. Pairing with technology firm Hardt, UNStudio has designed a modular …


Corbyn cufflinks and a bare-handed winner: Monday's top photos

The Guardian’s picture editors bring you photo highlights from around the world

Newly discovered photographs reveal family life of the Romanovs - in pictures

Photographs of Tsar Nicholas II and family go on show at Science Museum in London. The images were captured by Herbert Galloway Stuart, an English tutor to the nephews of Tsar Nicholas II, between 1908 and 1916. They were unearthed by chance at the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford

Science Museums

Get some perspective: Hong Kong high-rises – in pictures

Photographer Peter Stewart has always felt drawn to the urban density and scale of big cities, and it’s a common theme through much his photography. ‘I like to create images that often lack a single point of interest, with the visual hook, so to speak being the repetition of patterns or shapes, …

Hong Kong

Royal Navy photographic competition winners – in pictures

The winners of the Royal Navy photographic competition, the Peregrine trophy awards, have been announced. Royal Navy photographers are tasked with telling the stories of sailors and Royal Marines around the world. In the past year, their images have covered everything from submarine operations in …

Royal Navy

The stars come out for the Fifa football awards 2018 in London – in pictures

Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Marta, Mbappé, Noel Gallagher and many more put on their best for the awards ceremony in London


Ebb and flow: Britain's tidal coastline – in pictures

The tide is a long wave. The vertical movement of water pulled by a constellation of air pressure, wind, topography, the sun and the elliptical orbit of the moon is rarely visible to the naked eye. Instead we see the impact of this irrepressible force on our coastline roughly every six hours, when …


Drifters and dreamers along the muddy Bristol Channel – in pictures

Love Bites is a solo exhibition by British photographer Tim Richmond, at the Francesca Maffeo Gallery, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex until 20 October


'Abiy Ahmed is our miracle': Ethiopia's democratic awakening | Tom Gardner and Charlie Rosser

Under the transformative regime of prime minister Abiy Ahmed, a reformist from Oromia, exiled dissidents are being welcomed home. Yet the loosening of state control has also sparked an upsurge in violence<p>Something extraordinary is happening in Ethiopia. Under new prime minister Abiy Ahmed, …

Abiy Ahmed

Instagram co-founders resign to explore 'creativity again'

Instagram co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, have announced their resignation from the company, which is owned by Facebook Inc, saying that they are leaving to “explore our curiosity and creativity again”.<p>Systrom and Krieger did not say why they were leaving their positions as chief …

Photo Sharing

'The people’s yogi': how Adriene Mishler became a YouTube phenomenon

There are more than 2,400 people in the main hall of Alexandra Palace in north London, breathing in unison. “Take the deepest breath you’ve taken all day,” says the woman at the front, “and let it out through the mouth.” Lungs empty en masse. It feels like we’re in the belly of a beast.<p>The woman is …


Belgium could build island over abandoned poison gas grenades

For almost 100 years 35,000 tonnes of poison gas grenades, abandoned by the fleeing Germans around first world war battlefields, have lain in steel barrels on the seabed less than a kilometre from the Belgian coastline.<p>A convoy of small boats dumped the cargo into the North Sea over a period of six …

North Sea

Photobox Instagram photography awards shortlist – in pictures

Shortlisted images in the running to be crowned Photobox Instagram photograph of the year range from furry friends to the Holi festival to the meaning of love. Judges, including the Guardian’s former picture editor Eamonn McCabe, have whittled down 180,000 submissions to unearth a shortlist that …

Social Media

David Luiz discusses why we didn’t win | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club

That was the verdict of David Luiz following the letting slip of points for the first time this season. Our experienced defender came back into the …

Chelsea FC

Hazard: Time to shine | Official Site | Chelsea Football Club

The Belgian has been in sparkling form recently but by his own admission didn’t reach those heights at the London Stadium where we were held to a …

Chelsea FC

Thailand: three men arrested over murder of British millionaire and wife

Police in northern Thailand have arrested three men who allege they were paid to carry out the murder of a British millionaire and his wife.<p>Alan Hogg, 64, from Edinburgh, and his Thai wife, Nod Suddaen, 61, were reported missing from their home in Phrae province on Thursday after they failed to …

Swimming Pools

Can you solve it? The language of the lake puzzle

Hi guzzlers,<p>Today’s puzzle concerns the South American language Aymara. It’s testing you on the sort of linguistics skills that might help you get you a job at Google, according today’s article in which a Google exec says that an understanding of language is the key to the next giant leap in …

About time: why western philosophy can only teach us so much

By gaining greater knowledge of how others think, we can become less certain of the knowledge we think we have, which is always the first step to greater understanding. By Julian Baggini<p>One of the great unexplained wonders of human history is that written philosophy first flowered entirely …

Western Philosophy