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10 Clever Lifehacks You'll Wish You Thought Of

Never do battle with a jar again<p>No matter what you're doing, there is usually a better way to do it. And to that end, here are 10 lifehacking GIFs that will show you clever, better ways of accomplishing tricky things around your house. That plus a few that are just silly fun.<p>You can find all these …


Behind the scenes: Furious 7's $3.4 million skyscraper hypercar

The Lykan Hypersport is a $3.4 million beast. There are only 7 in the world. Dom Toretto crashes one through two skyscrapers.<p>We've told you before about the Lykan Hypersport, the $3.4 million hypercar with diamond-and-gold headlights that plays prominently in the upcoming <i>Furious 7</i> movie.<p>And we've …

Classic Cars

This Augmented Reality Demo Looks Impressive, But Do You Buy It?

Magic Leap, a company that has been working on augmented reality, has released the video above, which it says is a fair representation of the kind of technology it will eventually release.<p>The video is in the first-person perspective, and shows a user doing a variety of mundane things you do on your …

Augmented Reality

Marvel is killing 33 comics to end the universe

To hasten the death of the entire universe, Marvel Comics will end 33 comic books, according to David Gabriel, Marvel's SVP of sales and marketing.<p>The casualties will amass as a result of the Secret Wars storyline, which will begin in May. By the time Secret Wars wraps up, the Marvel Universe and …

Spectacular Places

Monster catfish which looks big enough to swallow a man whole caught in Italy

The giant fish, which weighed 20 stone, was caught by twin brothers Dino and Dario Ferrari in northern Italy<p>With its huge, gaping mouth, it looks big enough to swallow a person whole.<p>This giant catfish, which weighed 20 stone (127kg) was caught by twin brothers Dino and Dario Ferrari in the Po …


A Cosmic Quest for Dark Matter

Scientists are hunting one of the biggest prizes in physics: tiny particles called wimps that could unlock some of the universe’s oldest secrets<p>By<p>Gautam Naik<p>Gautam Naik<p>The Wall Street Journal<p>Biography<p><p>A mile under Italy’s Gran Sasso mountain, scientists are seeking one of the …

Dark Matter

Seven unknown architectural wonders

Forget the Taj Mahal and the Colosseum – some of the world’s most impressive structures remain out of the public eye.<p>We’ve all heard of the Colosseum, the Great Wall of China, and the Taj Mahal. But what about the world’s undiscovered architectural wonders: the man-made marvels where most crowds …

European Travel

Incredible Designer Suites at the Ice Hotel

This is literally the coolest hotel ever.<p>Every year, 50,000 plus visitors flock to ICEHOTEL, a hotel in Jukkasjärvi, a small village in Northern …


Deadly sea snail uses weaponised insulin to make its prey sluggish

A tropical sea snail uses a potent form of insulin to subdue its fish prey, scientists have discovered.<p>The geographic cone snail (<i>Conus geographus</i>) uses the chemical to cause a plunge in the fish’s blood sugar, leaving it sluggish and unable to escape. The snail can entrap whole schools of small …


Our All-Time Favorite Volcano Pictures

National Geographic digs into its archives to find the most stunning and surprising photographs of volcanoes around the world.

Colliding black holes could warp space-time itself

If the two black holes meet, they could release as much energy as 100 million supernova explosions as they shatter their galaxy, a new study finds.<p>A team of prominent researchers has discovered what appears to be the start of two massive black holes at the centers of their own galaxies beginning to …


Goldilocks planet: Deep in space, we may have found our 'twin’

The discovery of an Earth-like planet raises the question: are aliens also looking at us?<p>The starry sky is now far more fascinating to us than it ever was to our forebears. Stars may seem just points of light, but we’ve learnt recently that most are orbited by retinues of planets, just as our Sun …


Eight habitable planets found orbiting distant suns in 'Goldilocks zone'

Astrophysicists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics in Cambridge, US, have found eight new planets which could support life<p>Eight new ‘Earths’ which may hold liquid water and could sustain life has been spotted orbiting a distant sun in our galaxy.<p>The new worlds double the number of …





Stunning Time-Lapse Reveals Auroras and Earth From Space

Astronaut Alexander Gerst made the video from International Space Station.<p>As if Santa attached a GoPro camera to his sleigh, a new video reveals the Earth as few have seen it.<p>Published this week, the time-lapse shows stunning views of the Earth, sunrises, clouds, lightning, auroras, stars, and the …

Orbital Objects

Learn more about satellites, space junk, and other objects floating in orbits.<p>The skies above Earth are teeming with more than 8,000 manmade objects, large and small. The U.S. Space Surveillance Network uses radar to track more than 13,000 such items that are larger than four inches (ten …


This was probably the greatest thing I’ve seen all day!!!

10 Epic GIFs That Will Have You Yelling F**K Yeah

Sometimes we all need a lift, something to help snap us out of the daily grind and remind us what it's like to be awesome. Spontaneity and …