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Scientists planting 400 acres of Minnesota pines to survive climate change

Scientists are identifying planting spots that will be strongholds against climate change


Do Not Eat, Touch, Or Even Inhale the Air Around the Manchineel Tree

Meet America’s deadliest tree. Found in Florida, of course.<p>The fruit of the Manchineel tree. (Photo: Hans Hillewaert/CC BY-SA 3.0)<p>Throughout the …

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A Bioengineered Tree Could Revive America's Once-Vast Chestnut Forests

A century ago, towering forests of chestnut trees blanketed the East Coast of the United States. Then a fungus that hitched a ride on imported Asian …


Silver maple removal with crane, 3/25/2011

Dreadful, dead, red oak

Red Oak Dismantle, Minnesota

Climbing/Throwing Hook Action - DMM Captain

Can lasers help treat diseased Florida orange trees?

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Jan. 13 (UPI) -- Citrus greening is a bacterial disease that affects citrus trees all over the world. Once infected, the pathogen …

University of Florida

Indian state decides coconut trees are no longer trees but palms

Goan authorities remove the coconut from their official list of trees to make it easier for them to be cut down by farmers<p>Coconut trees are no longer considered trees in the tropical Indian state of Goa, where authorities have reclassified them as palms to allow farmers to cut them down more easily.<p>…


Scientists Rediscover a Tree Frog Thought to Be Extinct for Over a Century

For almost 150 years, the only known samples Jerdon’s tree frog were two specimens housed in the Natural History Museum in London. British Naturalist …

Battle of the Bugs: Saving the Hemlocks

SCRANTON -- There is a battle underway to fight a quickly spreading insect that's damaging and destroying Pennsylvania's state tree, the hemlock.<p>A …

The Physics of a Wind-Shattered Tree

French physicists offer cautionary calculations.<p>I live at the base of Wind Mountain in Washington state, which is also a quarter mile from its companion Wind River, and would you even believe that it is windy as shit here nearly all of the time? It's true!<p>Shredded trees are just a fact of life in …


Fixed Power ScopesGuns | Guns

Might Be All You Need.<p>Like most rifle shooters, I’ve gone through more than one evolution regarding equipment — especially rifles and scopes. I …

Czech Republic

A benefit of increased Carbon Dioxide: increased efficiency in tree growth, no “Mike’s Nature trick” needed

Gosh, whouda thunk it? There goes Mann’s hockey stick. No wonder he had to truncate all the data after 1960 and splice on the instrumental record. Of …

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