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Banjo-Kazooie's musical magic recreated by one man band

<i>Banjo-Kazooie</i> was one of the Nintendo 64 era's best games; a colorful world crammed with great characters and tons of stuff to explore.<p>And that soundtrack! Developer Rare married a wacky set of tunes with goofy sound effects to bring zany cartoon magic to 3D roaming and puzzle-solving.<p>Here's …

The New 'Star Wars' Movies Won't Be Connected to the Expanded Universe

"Star Wars" isn't just the six existing movies; the space saga has branched out to comics, novels, animated series, and video games.<p>But when it comes to "canon," the six movies and "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" is it. Lucasfilm announced today the new sequels and standalone movies will have no …

The iPhone 6’s exact shape and size seemingly revealed in leaked renders

Just as in previous years, it doesn’t look like there will be much mystery about the iPhone 6 once it finally gets released this fall. <i>UkrainianiPhone</i> …

13 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Kids Movies

We're fairly positive you've seen every single one of the films on this list ... more than once. But even with a keen eye (or ear) we wouldn't be surprised if the movie facts we have to share are brand-new to you. Enjoy, trivia fans!<p>categories Movies, Best Movies Ever, Trivia

New Japanese Trailer for X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST

FRIDAY THE 13TH getting New Hourlong Series

iPhone 6 concept w/ 5.7″ screen, 3D stereo camera, new features

Yet another iPhone 6 concept. This one, posted by Mindspi Vision, imagines an illuminated bezel, home button, and Apple logo on the back, a 3D stereo camera with optical zoom, an all aluminum body, and a 5.7-inch display. A full video of the renders below:

Mobile Technology

The gadgets that changed your life

When we asked you to tell us which gadgets changed your life, our goal was to arrive at a simple list of important devices. Instead, we learned how some of the products we talk about on Engadget every day make such a profound impact on your life.<p>Remember when Facebook bought Oculus VR a few weeks …

Farewell Nokia: The rise and fall of a mobile pioneer

Nokia was once a dominant force in the wireless world. CNET takes a look at its successes -- and what went wrong.<p>You never forget your first cellphone.<p>Mine was the Nokia 5190. By today's standards, it was bulky and embarrassingly lacking in features. It made phone calls and played the game "Snake." …


New Galaxy S5 video continues "the next big thing is here" theme

Samsung has uploaded a new video to YouTube highlighting the features of the Galaxy S5, while taking a gentle poke at the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced back in February and became available this month. Following its “the next big thing is here” theme, the new S5 video highlights the …

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Netflix Roulette: This App Will Randomly Select A Movie For You

Fortunately there are such things as the shuffle feature on iPods and whole services like Pandora to give me randomly selected songs, so I don't have to pick (and I can shuffle between stations there, too, so I don't even have to choose a genre). It's much better than when I was a kid and would …

Beautiful Watch_Dogs Screenshots Show Hacking; New Info Detail Stealing, Sex and More

<i>Watch_Dogs</i> is only about a month away, but there’s still a lot to reveal about Ubisoft’s upcoming open world hacking-centric game. Today Creative …