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Know thy impact: 4 questions to help you pin down what children are really learning | Visible Learning

You might think you know everything that happens in your classroom, but the research says otherwise. Deb Masters has four questions that will help …


What is a Good Teacher?

So, what is good? And what are the key characteristics of a good teacher? On Friday, December 4th 2015, I delivered a keynote

Using Google Hangouts for Teacher Development

A Tool for Collaboration<p>We are blessed in Southside High School that every teacher in my school has an iPad. While care has been taken to group …

Education Technology

The Mirage

Do we know how to help teachers improve?<p><i>The Mirage</i> challenges the widely held perception among education leaders that we know what works when it …


Professional development for teachers: New study questions value of teacher training.

A study raising a lot of eyebrows in the education world this week suggests that, despite the billions of dollars we are pouring into teacher …


Stop The Presses! Report Finds Most Professional Development Waste Of Time

TNTP has just come out with a big report announcing what every teacher who has had to go to a district-mandated professional development session …

New report reveals that teacher professional development is costly and ineffective

<b>­</b><p>WASHINGTON—Only 30 percent of teachers improve substantially with the help of district-led professional development, even though districts spend an …