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What it's Like to Win the Daytona 500

Austin Dillon, who won the Daytona 500 race over the weekend, says this win will add to his grandfather's legacy.

Daytona 500

How to Fill Your Time in the City That Never Sleeps

Broadway star Arielle Tepper Madover, founder and CEO of "What Should We Do?!", launched a concierge service that is curated by New York City …

New York City

David Arquette on America's Prison System

The actor and producer's new documentary "The Survivors Guide To Prison" looks at the system through the eyes of wrongly-convicted prisoners. …

David Arquette

The RNC's Kayleigh McEnany on Parkland: The GOP Can Make Change

The RNC spokeswoman says that the GOP is willing to look into tighter regulations and says that even politicians who receive donations from the NRA …


The Winner in the Albertsons-Rite Aid Deal

The Wall Street Journal's Heather Haddon and Bold Media's David Grasso talk about the impact this deal could have if it gets regulators' blessing. …


The Winner in the Albertsons/Rite Aid Deal

Grocery chain Albertsons is looking to buy a major part of Rite Aid pharmacies in the latest bid to compete with online giant Amazon.<p>And Wall Street …

Rite Aid

Why California Weed Growers Have a Hard Time With Licensing

It's been almost two months since recreational marijuana became legal in California, but less than 1 percent of growers have the appropriate …


LitePay CEO Says We Might Be Thinking About Crypto All Wrong

Kenneth Asare, the head of the soon-to-be-launched payment processor, says that cryptocurrency is not something to invest in and suggests that …


Shay Mitchell Goes "Off The Menu" to Fight Childhood Hunger

Shay Mitchell, actress and Creative Director of the "Off the Menu" app, and Lawrence Longo, CEO of "Off the Menu", joined Cheddar to discuss the new …


Making Progress for Muslim Women in the Workforce

Saadia Zahidi, author of "Fifty Million Rising", says Saudi Arabia now has about half a million women in the workforce, which is a big shift for the …

Saudi Arabia

The Companies Trying to Turn Harlem Into the New Silicon Valley

Clayton Banks, CEO of Silicon Harlem, and Jessica Matthews, CEO of Uncharted Power, are teaching the community how to build, grow, and scale their …

Silicon Valley

Is it Too Early to Discuss a "Black Panther" Sequel?

Emily Longeretta, TV editor at Us Weekly, says it's safe to assume another "Black Panther" movie is coming. She says the film's political nuance and …

Black Panther

Dwayne Wade Reflects on the Power of Mentoring

The NBA star says, "Anytime I can give any word of advice, anytime I can be a role model to anybody, I try to be there because I know who I was, and …


Dwyane Wade Reflects on the Power of Mentoring

If it hadn’t been for his mentors, the world may never have known about Dwyane Wade.<p>So now the Miami Heat shooting guard wants to give others the …


Tom Steyer Wants Young Voters Active During Midterm Elections

The founder of "Need to Impeach" says that he is campaigning against the Republican party, which is putting the American democracy at risk.

Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer on Russia: Why Is Trump Not Protecting the American People?

The billionaire and former hedge fund manager questions the president's response to news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian …

Tom Steyer

"Black Panther" Is Going to Have a Huge Opening Weekend

The long-awaited “Black Panther” movie was smashing records long before its release, and it’s premiere weekend is expected to be no …

Black Panther

Digital Technology Boosts the Real Estate Market

Zillow CMO Jeremy Wacksman says that homes with a 3D tour and A.I. integration get more than double the traffic and engagement than traditional homes …

Real Estate

Why the "Petya" Virus Spread So Far

UK officials now say Russia was behind last year's "Petya" cyberattack. But they think the virus was targetted just at Ukraine and was never supposed …


What Google Learned From Facebook's Dealings With Publishers

Publishers seem to be flocking to Google's new AMP product as strategy changes at Facebook have left some in the dust. Axios media reporter Sara …


LEGO Tries to Crack the Chinese Market

Skip Kodak, senior vice president at the toymaker, discussed with Cheddar the opportunity and challenges of a business trying to scale in the Chinese …


Will SpaceX's Internet Satellite Change the Broadband Game? associate editor Sarah Lewin says that the initiative, if and when launched, can provide more than rural users the opportunity to ditch …


Measuring Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Erica Buxton, CEO of Q Wunder, and Sofia Dickens, the company's chief creative officer, explain how they developed tools to improve emotional …

Emotional Intelligence

This Biotech Company Is Closing Gender Gap

Shirley Wu, director of product science at 23andMe, says that her company disproves the industry stigma that tech is a male-dominated sector. She …


Parkland, Fla. Teacher: I'm Saddened to Call Myself a Republican

Ashley Kurth, a teacher at Stoneman Douglas High School, says nobody should have to go through the events that transpired Wednesday in Parkland, …

Stoneman Douglas H.S. Shooting

Reince Priebus' Time in the White House Was Crazier Than You Think

Chris Whipple, author of "The Gatekeepers", told Cheddar that the former White House chief of staff says that, for every botched immigration order, …

Donald Trump

Mark Zuckerberg's "Social Good" Efforts

Facebook wants to make a social impact and is asking itself, “What are we able to do for the world?”<p>Asha Sharma, the product lead for social good at …

Mark Zuckerberg

Florida Rep. Darren Soto on the Loophole that Led to the Parkland Shooting

The prevalence of gun violence in the U.S., especially at its schools, has turned even some moderate legislators into staunch supporters of stricter …


When Elite Sports Foster Eating Disorders

The enormous pressure on elite athletes to maintain a lean figure could ultimately change the demographics of who can compete at the Olympics.<p>That’s …

Adam Rippon

Celebrity Cruises' CEO Helps Break Barriers for Women

Lisa Lutoff-Perlo says that helping other women become "firsts" in their positions is her way of paying forward her accomplishments.