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Put Your Keys in The Fridge to Ward Off Thieves - Cheap Car Key Scotland

For the first time in 20 years, car crime is on the rise. As the manufacturers of luxury vehicles address one weakness in their latest technology, …

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What Are the Different Kinds of Car Keys?

Replacing a car key can be a bit of a nightmare – especially if you do not know what kind of car key you need. Here is a quick overview of the …

What You Need to Know About Key Jammers - Cheap Car Key Scotland

Key jamming crime is on the increase. Deputy Chief Constable Matt Jukesfrom the National Police Chiefs’ Council recently said, <i>“The Vehicle Crime</i> …

Should You Avoid Locking Your Car in Glasgow?

Admit it. There are some of you who avoid locking your car so that you can guarantee you do not accidentally lock the keys inside. But is that a wise …

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Customer: Does Insurance Cover Lost Car Keys in Stirling?

We once had a customer in Stirling who was convinced that he had lost his car keys for good. He called us for emergency service but also asked if his …

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Cheap Car Key Scotland — How to Choose An Auto Locksmith in Glasgow

Choosing an auto locksmith can often be made on a very quick impulse. If you’ve lost or need a car key cut urgently, then a lot of people simply …

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Cheap Car Key Scotland — What to Do if You Lose Your Car Keys in Edinburgh

Auto Locksmiths The Unsung Heroes of Lost Car Keys

Somewhere in Hamilton, someone will lose their car keys tonight. But that person will not be alone. There will be lost car keys in Paisley, …

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