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100 books everyone should read Amazon Goodreads

To celebrate, start working your way through this list of 100 Books To Read in a Lifetime, as voted on and ranked by users of Goodreads, the largest book recommendation site on the web.<p>Amazon, which owns Goodreads, had its editors agonize over their own list, but the two turned out very …


How to Master the Female Orgasm in 15 Minutes | Amuse

If you’ve ever wondered if you could be having better sex, or dream of a polysexual utopia, this is a story for you.<p>The story is about a practice called Orgasmic Meditation [OM] that besides providing key words for some top-grade clickbait, has the answers to all of your questions.<p>OK, not all of …

16 Best Zombie Movies of All Time

The zombie movie is a genre unlike any other in film. It can be a complete exploitation vehicle replete with buxom babes and crazy flesh eaters. It …


Super size me: giant street art around the world – in pictures

German graffiti artist Claudia Walde, aka MadC, is famous for her giant murals. Her new book Mural XXL showcases the best large-scale graffiti around the globe, from a building-high portrait of architect Oscar Niemeyer in São Paulo to a huge upside-down alligator in Atlanta


18 amusing examples of London's subversive graffiti

Much graffiti serves no purpose other than to promote the tagger who's defacing the property, much like a dog marking his territory.<p>But there are a few street artists — Banksy is one — whose works arguably enhance their environment.<p>An anonymous London photographer who goes by the name Mobstr takes …

This illustrator is raising mental health awareness by drawing conditions as monsters

LONDON – A UK-based illustrator is creating a series of drawings that aim to raise mental health awareness – by depicting different disorders and …

The 9 Most Talked-About Books of 2015 (So Far)

Originally published on Kirkus. For more from Kirkus, click here.<p>PHOTO GALLERY<p>The 9 Most Talked-About Books of 2015 (So Far)<p>Follow Kirkus on Twitter:

Photographer fights ginger discrimination with vivid portraits of redheads

Photographer Gabrielė Gurčiūtė is trying to fight the bullying of redheads by celebrating them in a series of portraits, reclaiming the word ‘ginger’ …

Hair Color

HITNRUN: Behind the scenes of Prince's new album

<b>Prince's producer Joshua Welton reveals the studio secrets behind the musician's new album, HITNRUN.</b><p>For years, Prince's albums came emblazoned with the legend "produced, arranged, composed and performed by Prince".<p>But that all changed with last year's Art Official Age, where an unknown musician …

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16 Stairs Around the World That Are Giant Pieces of Art

If there’s one thing our color- and pattern-lovin’ minds can’t get enough of, it’s street art and stunning staircases. Put the two together and we go into a major visual coma. We’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the most artistic staircases from around the globe. With everything from rainbow …

The Color of Your Marketing Matters [Infographic]

The science behind colors can help you attract more customersThere are thousands of stats that point to the importance of using visual content in …


Articles about 5 modern frame houses we love on - Dwell

This San Francisco storefront presents modern design from a roster of independent makers and locally-based talents.<p>Now that it's been decided that Munich–based firm Nimmrichter CDA won the grand prize of our Houses We Love competition, the time...<p>Dwell editor-in-chief Amanda Dameron talks us …

San Francisco

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Banksy meets Run The Jewels: ‘The bravest artists have always been graf artists’

<b>BANKSY: Thanks for agreeing to play my theme park. Have you ever played in a theme park before?</b><p><b>EL-P</b> I have not yet had the pleasure of playing in a theme park, or enjoying one for that matter.<p><b>KILLER MIKE</b> I have not played a theme park. My dream is to play [US theme park] Six Flags Over Georgia …


This Body Painting Artist Combines Nude Models And Your Favourite Foods

Can you spot human in these pancakes?


30 places in Europe you must see in your lifetime

Interview: Photographer Builds Elaborate Sets to Capture Surreal Portraits In-Camera

Even as a child, Lara Zankoul was interested in photography, finding inspiration in the photos she came across in fashion magazines. Despite her fascination, she opted to study economics for a more secure career. At 21 years old, Zankoul couldn't deny creative yearning and made a life-changing …

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Artist Banksy opens derelict 'Dismaland' theme park

LONDON (AP) — The elusive British graffiti artist Banksy has unveiled his latest project — a parody of a seaside theme park called "Dismaland" …


19 Vicious Lies Your Drunk Brain Tells You

"Behind that trash can is a great place to pee!"

Universal Pictures

Artist Recreates Objects as Remarkably Realistic 3D Drawings on Flat Surfaces

Artist Stefan Pabst skillfully creates the illusion of three-dimensionality. His phenomenal pieces, which appear to be 3D objects and people, are actually anamorphic illustrations. The designer started out by painting portraits in 2007, but yearned to do something different from his usual work. …


35 Killer Ways to Use Your Empty Vertical Space

You probably don't even realize how much untapped vertical space you've got in your home and garden. Think about those empty corners, the space above your stove or toilet, the exterior walls behind your flower beds, even the half-an-inch behind your furniture -- all of that space can be used to add …

The 100 best novels written in English: the full list

<b>1. The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan (1678)</b><p>A story of a man in search of truth told with the simple clarity and beauty of Bunyan’s prose make this the ultimate English classic.<p><b>2. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (1719)</b><p>By the end of the 19th century, no book in English literary history had …


The 100 best novels: from Bunyan’s pilgrim to Carey’s Ned Kelly

In the parlour game called “Humiliation”, in David Lodge’s 70s campus novel <i>Changing Places</i>, the players score points by confessing the famous works of literature they have never read. In a memorable comic climax, ambitious academic Howard Ringbaum admits he has never read <i>Hamlet</i>, instantly wrecking …


Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, 2nd Edition by David Airey

Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities. The second edition of the popular book by graphic designer and author David Airey.<p>This …

Graphic Design

Space Babies and Ice Tigers Roam This Stunning Instagram Account

Nevan Doyle's photo manipulations are sensuous feasts for the eyeballs.<p>Graphic designer Nevan Doyle takes the music he hears and turns it into stunning, vibrant illustrations. Working as a music industry designer at Oregon State University, Doyle discovered his passion for visual arts when he …

Gallery: 13 images that helped define the look of the electronic age

Cory Doctorow

People Love Art Museums — But Has The Art Itself Become Irrelevant?

How much is a visible work of genius worth? In May, a 1955 painting by Pablo Picasso was sold at auction for more than $179 million, the highest price at auction ever. And attendance at major art museums is booming.<p>"The art world has never been healthier, if you measure the intensity of the human …


The Science of Melting Cheese

More<p>All About Cheese<p>Everything you need to know about eating and cooking with curds<p>Have you ever gotten all excited to make a grilled cheese and then...your cheese just doesn't melt? Or maybe it breaks, separating into a tough, stringy mass surrounded by a pool of oil? Yup, it's a crappy feeling. …