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Trump then and now: How the President-elect has changed since his election

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> President-elect Donald Trump is sounding a different tune as he prepares to take on the mantle of the presidency.<p>The brash businessman has already begun to step away from some of his rhetoric and promises he made during the presidential campaign -- ranging from how he'll treat …

Donald Trump

How You Can Help Save The Bees -- Even In Winter

America’s bees haven’t had the best year.<p>Last month, seven species of Hawaiian bees were declared endangered in the United States — a first for the insect. There are fears that the rusty-patched bumble bee, endemic to North America, is also nearing extinction.<p>Researchers discovered earlier this …


‘If we find ET, don’t talk to it’, says the man who wants to find ET

<b>The question of whether there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe has been asked by people for many years.</b><p><i>By Charley Lineweaver, ANU</i><p>But if …

What If We Do Find Aliens?

Time to talk about my favorite topic: aliens.<p>We’ve covered the Fermi Paradox many times over several articles on Universe Today. This is the idea …


The 17 Most Influential Science Fiction Books

Science fiction can be influential in different ways. Maybe the story is a political allegory that made people think. Maybe it was a cautionary tale …

PC Gaming

Reader Discussion – What Is The Most Innovative Game Of The Generation Thus Far?

by Buswaxer25 Thursday, November 24, 2016 at 10:06 AM<p>Titanfall innovated FPS mobility in a meaningful way. Overwatch innovated on team play. This …

Titan Fall

Captain America Civil War: Paul Bettany on Vision's love for Scarlet Witch

Quantum Mechanics

Are we more than molecules?

Novelists, poets and artists can help us to piece together the mystery of human consciousness, says Mark Haddon<p>My son’s nine-year-old friend Yahya said it most succinctly. Why is life in the first person?<p>We think. We feel. We are aware of ourselves and the world around us. We have consciousness. We …


Why top scientists are so worried about intelligent machines

The world's spookiest philosopher is Nick Bostrom, a thin, soft-spoken Swede. Of all the people worried about runaway artificial intelligence, killer …

In a future brave new world will it be possible to live forever?

New technology gradually freeing us from societal and even biological constraints<p>Mon, Jan 18, 2016, 08:00<p>It is an exciting time for robotics, …

Eighth Amendment

An economist told us 5 huge changes that could happen when robots take over the economy

That's what George Mason University Robin D. Hanson theorizes about in his upcoming "The Age of Em: Work, Love and Life when Robots Rule the Earth."<p>At the center of Hanson's theory is "emulated mind," or "em" for short. Basically, he says that one day — in 400 to 600 years, by his estimation — …


Machines Are Going to Take Over the World, Countdown To Singularity Tells Us How They Do It – BOOOOOOOM! – CREATE * INSPIRE * COMMUNITY * ART * DESIGN * MUSIC * FILM * PHOTO * PROJECTS


Exploring the puzzle of consciousness

The Wellcome Collection’s new exhibition States of Minduses science and art to unravel mysteries from memory loss to sleepwalking<p>On a crumpled sheet of tin foil in the Wellcome Collection’s conservation studio lies an odd assortment of plasticine forms. One looks suspiciously like the footprint of …


Free love or genocide? The trouble with Utopias

Ever since Thomas More wrote Utopia 500 years ago, visionaries from William Morris to Ursula K Le Guin have dreamed of ideal worlds. But beneath the fig-leaf of fiction, the results are often bland – or bloody<p>A quarter of a century ago, the whole idea of utopia seemed irredeemably sullied. At the …


This "Harry Potter" Theory Reveals One Thing You Never Noticed About The Dursleys

Who knew a tissue could be so symbolic?

Best Comic Book Covers This Week

Every Wednesday is new comic book day and hundreds of comic books hit local comic shops and the digital market. While many readers pick books based on the creative teams involved or the stories and characters contained within, each comic is trying its best to grasp the consumer's attention with its …

Graphic Novels

Check Out These Suicide Squad Statues

The latest Suicide Squad trailer gave us a closer look at villains like The Joker, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang. They'll be getting the spotlight when the movie comes out in August, but they'll also be getting their own statues.<p>Statues featuring Suicide Squad members Deadshot, Harley Quinn, …

Comic Books

Things That Will Definitely Happen in Games in 2016 (Maybe)

Little known fact: the editors and producers at GameSpot have the ability to predict the future. Well, not really. But we <i>do</i> play a lot of video games, so we pooled our collective knowledge to predict the biggest gaming news coming up in the next year. This list below is a mix of thoughtful …

Metal Gear
The Big Short

The Big Short review – life with the Wall Street sharks

A dramatic retelling of the 2007-8 financial crisis reveals a riveting world of chaos, corruption and misfits<p>Unlike the slick suits and killer sheen of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street, this is a world of chaos and disorder<p>One of the strangest elements of <i>Anchorman</i> director Adam McKay’s goofy 2010 comedy</i> …

Wall Street

Are we products of nature or nurture? Science answers age-old question

Twin studies collated over the past 50 years reveal human traits and disease are almost equally determined by genetic and environmental factors<p>The age-old question of whether human traits are determined by nature or nurture has been answered, a team of researchers say. Their conclusion? It’s a draw.<p>…


A Witcher virgin’s impressions of Wild Hunt

I did not review The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. We already have a review. You can read that here. Our reviewer has played every game in the series.<p>I, however, know nothing about Witchers and their witching ways. Well, at least until a few days ago, when I got an early code for Witcher III: Wild Hunt …