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Bell Labs Testing 10 Gigabits Over DSL

I'm stuck with legacy ADSL, and it's getting worse...<p>As somebody who has been stuck with old legacy DSL for a long time now, this is really a slap in …

Nokia agrees to acquire Alcatel-Lucent for $16.6 billion

Nokia's acquisition of the French telecommunications equipment company for $16.6 billion is now confirmed, following reports from earlier this …

Elon Musk's Tesla Battery + SolarCity's Solar Systems = Clean Energy Future

Following months of anticipation, Tesla founder Elon Musk last week unveiled a suite of batteries for homes and businesses that he says will …

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Las Vegas

So long, transistor: How the 'memristor' could revolutionize electronics

<b>(CNN) —</b> In 1971, a physicist conceptualized the existence of a fourth fundamental element in the electronic circuit, besides the three that were already in use at the time.<p>His name was Leon Chua and he believed -- for reasons of symmetry -- that an extra component could one day be constructed to …

Quantum Computing

IBM Watson Group Buys AlchemyAPI To Enhance Machine Learning Capabilities

IBM Watson, the artificial intelligence platform made famous by beating the three best <i>Jeopardy!</i> champions ever several years ago, bought Denver-based AlchemyAPI today. It did not reveal the purchase price.<p>The acquisition gives Watson a key piece of machine learning technology. The deal also gives …

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