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How Do You Find Creative Solutions? Hire People Who Disagree With You

Your company needs these four personalities to create more creative solutions through constructive conflict.<p>There are many misconceptions about innovation. While some people believe collaboration is key, others possess the innovation-killing idea that creativity is the sole responsibility of the …


The Truest Test of Moral Character Is How Thoroughly You Rinse Your Recycling

How we treat our trash reveals the state of our souls<p>Any time we make a choice we face an ethical dilemma. Drive to work or bike? Buy a new stereo or …

The moral dimensions of liberty; Why goodness requires freedom

What is the role of human freedom in morality? It’s a question I’ve been pondering and researching since graduate school. C.S. Lewis once explained …


Gut check: Researchers develop measures to capture moral judgments and empathy

Imagine picking up the morning newspaper and feeling moral outrage at the latest action taken by the opposing political party. Or turning the page …


Tests Can Help Quantify Automatic Empathy and Moral Intuitions

<i>Summary: Researchers have developed new tests and math models to help quantify automatic moral and empathetic judgement.</i><p>Source: Penn State.<p><b>When</b> …

All Moral Disagreement Comes Down to These 5 Principles

The field of moral psychology is the study of how people think through moral decisions. It goes back all the way to Plato and Aristotle, but today, …

Our Morality Rulebook Gathers Dust in Today's Culture

Last month, thousands of people gathered in Raleigh, North Carolina, for a civil rights demonstration called a “Moral March.” As someone who has …

Moral Philosophy Needs a Moral License to Offend

Peter Singer and Jeff McMahan, two of the most prominent moral theorists alive, published a column at the <i>New York Times</i> about the Anna Stubblefield …

Political Science

How Science Can Tell Whether You're a Good Person

Imagine picking up the morning newspaper and feeling moral outrage at the latest action taken by the opposing political party. Or turning the page …

Are Moral Judgments Good or Bad Things?

We often view moral judgments with suspicion and fear. And perhaps it’s little wonder. Every day our social media feeds overflow with criticism and …


United Airlines has exposed the moral dilemma behind rewarding customer loyalty

A few years ago I was booked on a flight from Kansas City to Newark that was running a few hours late. Shortly before we boarded, the reason for the delay trickled out: Our plane was leaking fuel. All requests to switch flights were denied.<p>But then several passengers’ names were called, mine …

United Airlines

I Did the Best Thing I Could. So Why Do I Feel Bad?

Moral values come in many different kinds, and they can come into conflict with each other, sometimes creating situations in which anything we do …

Big Ideas

Why do some of us find it easier to forgive? Neuroscience sheds light

Whether we condemn the villain in a movie or feel that somebody has wronged us personally, many of us make moral judgments on a daily basis. From a …


There's nothing moral about a morality pill

We can’t even agree on what morality requires, so designing a morality pill is a conceptually impossible task, writes ethicist Daniel Munro<p>If there …

American Philosophy

Milgram Experiment - Big History NL, threshold 6

"You poked my heart......" © all rights reserved


Movie Speech from Judgment at Nuremberg - Hans Rolfe Delivers Closing Argument

<b>A</b>merican <b>R</b>hetoric: Movie Speech<p>"Judgment at Nuremberg" (1961)<p><b>Hans Rolfe Delivers Closing Argument for the Defense</b><p><b>Rolfe:</b> Your Honor, it is my duty to …

Adolf Hitler

16 Trial Presentation Tips You Can Learn from Hollywood

Lawyers can learn a lot about trial presentation from actors in movies/TV. This article lays out 16 great trial presentation lessons for litigators


Movie Speech: To Kill A Mockingbird - Atticus Finch Delivers Closing Argument in Robinson Trial

<b>A</b>merican <b>R</b>hetoric: Movie Speech<p>"To Kill A Mockingbird" (1962)<p><b>Atticus Finch delivers his Closing Argument at the Trial of Tom Robinson</b><p><b>Finch</b><b>:</b> To begin …


Movie Speech from The Fountain Head - Howard Roark Addresses His Jury

<b>A</b>merican <b>R</b>hetoric: Movie Speech<p>"The Fountainhead" (1949)<p><b>Howard Roark's Address to the Jury</b><p>Judge: The defense may proceed.<p><b>Roark:</b> Your Honor, I shall …

How to Deliver a Closing Argument | Closing Argument with Mock Trial University


Law and Order Season 16: Magnet: Closing Arguments


JFK (7/7) Movie CLIP - The Truth (1991) HD

Kevin Costner

Movie Speech from Tucker: The Man and His Dream - Tucker Presents His Closing Argument

<b>A</b>merican <b>R</b>hetoric: Movie Speech<p>"Tucker: The Man and His Dream" (1988)<p><b>Preston Thomas Tucker Presents Closing Argument</b><p><b>Tucker:</b> When I was a boy, I used …

World Politics

America Is NOT The Greatest Country Anymore! - Jeff Daniels/HBO Newsroom [edited/clean version]


Movie Speech from The Verdict - Frank Galvin's Closing Argument

<b>A</b>merican <b>R</b>hetoric: Movie Speech<p>"The Verdict" (1982)<p><b>Frank Galvin's Closing Argument</b><p>Judge Hoyle: Summation?<p>Galvin: Well...You know, so much of the time …


Why Metaphors Beat The Snot Out Of Facts When It Comes To Motivating Action

Douglas Van Praet returns to tackle the magic of metaphors, and explain why they beat facts when it comes to creative persuasion.<p>Metaphors have long permeated creative expression from cave paintings to commercials. And there’s a good reason that Geico is “So easy, a cavemen can do it,” Prudential …


What is Creativity?

There are many ways to think of creativity. There are many different definitions and interpretations. Which is fitting, isn’t it? After all, …